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What is the most popular dog breed in the US?

What are the most dog breed in the US? Depends who you inquire! From Retrievers to German Shepherds, there are many fan top picks that ring a bell. However, such an inquiry can be very abstract — how might a well known pet affect you? Great looks, appeal or teachability maybe?

The all-American canine doesn’t need to be ones you find in the films. Those attributes can cover a wide assortment of breed. So how would you locate the correct four-legged companion? Consider the accompanying extra factors as you research family canine varieties, and remember that the best family canines are genuinely exceptional to you and your requirements.

Some famous types of dogs love to run outside and can be autonomous; others are totally content cuddling inside. The best canine for you will change contingent upon your requirements, so think about whether you and your family are searching for a fiery climbing mate or a warm more settled character.

Wondering what the top 10 dog breed are?


We’d recognize those wrinkles anywhere! Often favored for their stout frame and flatter faces, the Bulldog is often a fan favorite. Bulldogs are lovable and loyal companions. They have a positive disposition and welcome affection.

Resolute and courageous, the breed is an excellent family companion. Be sure to provide extra care when exercising in warm weather because their short noses make them prone to overheating. Luckily the Bulldog requires minimal grooming and exercise.

Yorkshire Terrier

They say big things come in small packages, which rings true for the Yorkshire Terrier. Oblivious of their small stature, these dogs are always eager for adventure. Yorkies are busy and very inquisitive. Yorkies can achieve adequate exercise within the home but also require stimulation through games or some personal interaction. They appreciate short walks outdoors and enjoy the chance to safely explore.

Labrador Retriever

Playful companions, excellent service dogs and intelligent to boot—is there anything a Labrador Retriever can’t do? Widely known as one of the best family dogs, these amiable pups are among the most popular in the United States. Labs need daily exercise, and love to retrieve and swim so they’d make a great companion for someone leading an active lifestyle.


Boxers are one of America’s favorite breeds and our top 10 list wouldn’t be complete without them. Patient and kind, Boxers love human interaction and are known as one of the best dogs protectors of family members, especially children. They’re also well-mannered with other household pets. Boxers like to run, so they’re great companions for jogs or long walks.


Known for their intelligence, Poodles are attentive and adept at learning tricks and have a dignified demeanor. Poodles thrive on lots of mental stimulation. These kid-friendly dogs have hypoallergenic coats and love spending time in the water, making them excellent companions.


Friendly, calm and gentle – great qualities in friend of the human or animal kind, but we’re describing the beautiful Beagle. Their cheerful nature is part of the reason this pup tops the list, often making great family pets.

They are moderately energetic, enjoying a long walk or games with the kids. Beagles are patient. Originally bred as hunters, they are known to enjoy a trail and might bark or howl when overly excited. Also might have the insight to dig up holes in the backyard!

Golden Retriever

There’s a reason they make incredible service dogs. Goldens are gentle, smart and enthusiastic, and their playful side makes them great with kids too. Golden Retrievers are strong and athletic, and they have an active nature, so make sure they get plenty of exercise.


Staunchly silly and easily trainable, Pugs have earned a reputation as one of the best small dogs for kids. They’re patient and steady but never take themselves too seriously. Because of their short noses, care should be taken with Pugs in the heat. They may also generally wheeze and snore but that just enhances their cuteness factor.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

King Charles loves companionship and shows it with an eager-to-please attitude. He’s good with other pets and friendly to anyone he meets. These family-friendly dogs don’t need extensive exercise, but they do love to sniff, explore and play outside from time to time.

French Bulldog

This intelligent, well-behaved, playful breed first became known in France. Lucky for us, this affectionate, loveable breed grew in popularity across the globe. The French Bulldog is an active and alert, they also require minimal exercise.

Known for their signature button noses and exaggerated ears, the French Bulldog is a fan favorite and lots of fun to be around. They are known for playful personalities and adorable snoring – which only adds to their charm, who doesn’t love a good nap?

Grooming needs are minimal, due to their fine, smooth coat. But don’t forget French Bulldogs will need their adorable facial wrinkles cleaned regularly with a damp cloth.

Top dog breed based on characteristics

Temperament Does the idea of hiking a trail excite you? Or do you lead a more relaxed lifestyle, perhaps nestled in a book? Different dogs have unique personalities, just like you. Consider a pet whose personality and temperament will blend well with your family’s. The best dogs for families—naturally—will vary depending on the family, so consider whether your crew is looking for a hiking buddy or a furry snuggle bug.
Size Tiny dogs, like Yorkshire Terriers are energetic but typically require less exercise than larger dogs, like Labrador Retrievers. Small dogs might be satisfied with playtime around the house. Whereas, large dogs require regular walks or even jogs over a longer distance, at the very least a big backyard. Consider your preferable level of activity when deciding on the size of your potential new pet.
Care Requirements Have you thought about grooming? Who will take the dog for walks? Consider your potential pet’s needs and whether or not your family can meet them before committing to that adorable furry face.

Check out a few breeds that could make the perfect companion, big or small, energetic or calm, they are considered the most popular dog breeds in America.

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