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Thyroid problems and A Woman’s Guide to Thyroid Health

One out of every eight women around us suffers from some form of thyroid problem. The effects of thyroid hormones are widespread in many important events and times in a woman’s life. If these hormonal problems occur during these times, it has an adverse effect on a woman’s life. Nowadays it is said that thyroid hormone test should be brought under the routine test of women. Especially at some important times in life.

Women’s Menstrual life

At any time from puberty and menopause to menopause or menopause, various imbalances in thyroid hormones can disrupt a woman’s menstrual cycle. Symptoms of thyroid problems may include irregular menstruation, excessive bleeding during menstruation, and sometimes menstrual cramps. Adolescent menstruation starts too late or prematurely at a very young age, and middle-aged women go through menopause prematurely or have extra menstrual periods until they are older — any type of noise is found to be due to thyroid hormone imbalance. Therefore, it is important to have a thyroid test if there are any irregularities at any stage of menstruation.

Fertility of Women

The most important thing about thyroid hormone is fertility in a woman’s life. Infertility, recurrent miscarriages, fetal deaths, problems with fetal growth and development, premature childbirth, gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, etc. complicate a woman’s life.

Hypo and hyperthyroidism are two problems that can cause problems in childbearing. Medical experts say that every woman should have a thyroid test once she plans to have a child because her reproductive life has such a huge impact on her life. Problems with childbearing or repeated miscarriages are inevitable.

Even if it is a little higher than normal or at the borderline (subclinical), he should be brought under treatment. If you have thyroid problems, you should be tested every 4 to 6 weeks during pregnancy and the dose should be adjusted repeatedly as per the advice of a specialist. Not only the disease but also various thyroid treatments (such as ant thyroid drugs, radioiodine therapy) can harm the fetus, even the baby in the womb or the suckling baby. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor in case of any thyroid problem or pregnancy.

Women’s Child Rearing

Just as thyroid problems can complicate the situation during childbirth and delivery, so can new problems after childbirth. Postpartum thyroiditis can occur any time between 6 months and 1 year after birth. Rising thyroxine levels during pregnancy need to be gradually reduced again after childbirth. Radioiodine ablation therapy is strictly prohibited during intercourse with young children.

If the mother has thyroid problems, the unborn baby also needs a thyroid test. Even if a seemingly healthy child is born, a slight thyroid hormone imbalance in the pregnant mother can lead to developmental problems later in life. Delays in speaking or standing a child, cognitive development, improper development of talent and growth, poor school results or lagging behind in mental and physical growth can be caught too late.

Women’s Physical and Mental Well-being

Unnecessarily irritable mood, depression, emotional behavior কোনো at some point in life these things complicate a woman’s personal life. What many do not know is that thyroid hormones may be behind it. Thyroid problems can be caused by annoying problems such as fatness, rough or dry skin, hair loss, cracked hands and feet.

Even if you never pay attention to things like fatigue, not feeling well, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of stamina, these little things can be a sign of thyroid problems. It is associated with anemia, high blood cholesterol, increased heart rate, and even constipation or diarrhea. This thyroid hormone can also affect a woman’s sex life.

Problems with thyroid hormones occur with various symptoms at different stages of a woman’s physical, mental, reproductive and sexual life. The effect of this gland in the life of women is wide and far-reaching. Very slight or minor, almost insignificant symptoms should be taken into account. Thyroid hormonal diseases and complications in women are increasing day by day.

Every year on May 25, World Thyroid Day celebrated to raise awareness about this issue. Every woman should understand her thyroid, know when to have a thyroid test for any symptoms, and pay special attention to the thyroid when planning to have children.


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