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The Color Trends Set to Rule the Fashion World

Even with the ongoing pandemic, the warmer weather managed to put us in a better mood. Spring is just a few days away but we’re already too excited to hop on all the gorgeous new trends. The fashion world embraced our hopeful feelings and is giving us the most spectacular seasonal wardrobe yet. Vibrant hues are taking over the industry and it seems that they won’t be going away anytime soon. Keep scrolling to discover the 2021 spring color trends and all the wonderful ways you can include them in your outfits.

Striking Silver

the color trends set to rule the fashion world in 2021
Photo By @codrina.apostol/Instagram

Although metallic pieces are considered little edgy, silver outfits are made for elegant ladies. Chic silver skirts, shirts, and dresses are the hit of the season that will make you stand out.

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