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The Best Flower Subscriptions of 2021

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Best Flower Subscriptions

Photo: depositphotos.com

Fresh flowers not only boost your mood, they also can make a universally appealing gift for your loved ones. For those who don’t have time to head to the florist or farmers’ market, subscription services deliver beautiful bouquets and healthy houseplants right to the door on a weekly or monthly basis.

Different types of floral subscription boxes are available in a variety of specialties and price ranges, making it a challenge to choose one. Keep reading to learn about the key features to keep in mind when shopping for the best flower subscription. Then explore our picks for the best options currently available.

  1. BEST OVERALL: UrbanStems
  2. RUNNER-UP: BloomsyBox
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: The Bouqs Co.
  4. BEST VARIETY: 1-800-Flowers.com
  5. BEST SUSTAINABLE: Farmgirl Flowers
  6. BEST HIGH-END: Flower Girl
  10. BEST SINGLE-FLOWER: Flowerbx

Tips on Choosing the Best Flower Subscription

While it may seem that all floral subscriptions are similar, they differ in significant ways.

  • Consider the frequency of delivery. While some companies offer flexibility, others offer only monthly delivery.
  • Floral subscriptions vary widely in the types of flowers they offer. While some feature single-bloom bouquets composed of roses, lilies, or peonies, others offer mixed flowers that change from month to month. Pet owners may wish to consider the potential for toxicity of the flowers if consumed by their cat or dog and choose a company with pet-friendly options.

Our Top Picks

It’s time to start shopping. These recommendations for the best flower delivery subscriptions were selected for their quality blooms, customization options, and plan flexibility. Whether you’re looking for an affordable monthly pick-me-up or a luxurious gift for a friend, there’s sure to be a good option here.

Best Flower Subscription Option: UrbanStems

Photo: urbanstems.com

Currently one of the most popular floral delivery services, UrbanStems consistently offers lovely bouquets with a wide variety of subscription options. The three tiers of subscriptions are: Classic, Seasonal, and Luxe—each can be delivered on a weekly, monthly, or biweekly basis. The Classic and Seasonal plans provide a glass vase upon first delivery, while the flowers in the Luxe plan come in a unique vase every time. If sustainability is a priority, UrbanStems works only with Rainforest Alliance–certified farms to ensure that all their flowers are responsibly sourced.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $55, $85, and $105
  • Delivery intervals: Weekly, monthly, and bimonthly
  • Delivery: Nationwide


  • Three price tiers
  • Choice of delivery intervals
  • Ethically sourced


best flower subscriptions option: BloomsyBox

Photo: bloomsybox.com

BloomsyBox works with Rainforest Alliance–certified farms for a farm-to-table floral delivery service that’s not only eco-friendly but sustainable. Many of the flowers are shipped in bud form to ensure they’re as fresh as possible when they arrive. Weekly, biweekly, and monthly plans are available, with three different bouquet categories: The Bloomsy Original box features 22 to 24 stems, while the Bloomsy Deluxe box contains 25 to 27 stems. The Bloomsy Premium box includes 27 to 32 stems.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $44.99, $49.99, and $54.99
  • Delivery intervals: Monthly, weekly, and biweekly
  • Delivery: Nationwide except for Hawaii


  • Fairly affordable
  • Various delivery intervals are available
  • Ethically sourced


  • No large bouquets are available
best flower subscriptions option: The Bouqs Co.

Photo: bouqs.com

Regular flower delivery can be quite expensive, but The Bouqs Co. offers plans at different price points. Their three subscription box tiers are based on the size of the bouquet. The Original plan provides 10 to 16 stems for just $36, the Deluxe plan offers 20 to 32 stems at $48, and the Grand plan’s 30 to 45 stems run $60 per delivery. As a convenient bonus, delivery details can be altered each time, so subscribers can choose a larger bouquet for special occasions or even send one as a gift instead. Blooms are ethically sourced.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $36, $48, and $60
  • Delivery intervals: Weekly, monthly, biweekly, and bimonthly
  • Delivery: Nationwide except Alaska


  • Affordable
  • Each bouquet can be customized
  • Ethically sourced


  • Delivery options limited in some areas
best flower subscriptions option: 1800flowers

Photo: 1800flowers.com

While most floral delivery services offer only limited options for standard subscriptions, 1-800-Flowers.com boasts more than a dozen bouquets for delivery at regular intervals. Ranging widely in price, they include options like the Farm Fresh Bouquet, One Dozen Red Roses, and a Lavender Medley. Those who sign up for a recurring subscription save between 15 and 25 percent on each bouquet. Delivery intervals are customizable, with options to deliver a bouquet every week or at 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks. There’s an option to add a clear vase for an additional cost, and the company offers the same service for sweet treats like chocolate-covered strawberries.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $34.99 to $209
  • Delivery intervals: 1 week to 8 weeks
  • Delivery: International


  • Wide variety of options
  • Subscribers can choose specific bouquets
  • Delivery intervals of up to 8 weeks


best flower subscriptions option: Farmgirl Flowers

Photo: farmgirlflowers.com

To feel extra good about enjoying flowers, consider the San Francisco–based flower delivery service Farmgirl Flowers. This sustainability-focused firm sources blooms only from domestic flower farms, and all of their subscription bouquets come wrapped in upcycled burlap sacks from the city’s coffee roasters. Bouquets have a casual feel, as though they were just picked from a backyard garden. Farmgirl Flowers also offers a unique option with their Market Box, aimed at those who prefer to arrange their own flowers. It includes 25 stems (for $72) for aspiring floral designers to play around with.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $59, $72, $79, and $99
  • Delivery Intervals: Weekly, monthly, and biweekly
  • Delivery: Lower 48 states


  • DIY floral arrangement box available
  • Wide variety of price points
  • Ethically sourced


best flower subscriptions option: Flower Girl

Photo: flowergirlnyc.com

Looking for a floral subscription for a fashionable friend? Perhaps they’ll appreciate receiving a monthly bouquet from the florist who has provided blooms to designers such as Chanel, Proenza Schouler, and Marc Jacobs. New York City–based Flower Girl offers high-end floral arrangements for weddings and events as well as beautiful bouquets for special occasions. They focus on seasonal blooms. Subscriptions include luxury products such as home goods and self-care products as well as flowers. Prices dip for 12-month subscribers, but unfortunately, unlike most floral subscriptions, delivery costs are not included.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $67.50 to $90
  • Delivery intervals: Monthly
  • Delivery: Lower 48 states


  • Luxurious bouquets
  • High-end, non-floral products also available
  • Unique blooms


  • High prices
  • Delivery cost not included
best flower subscriptions option: Buunch

Photo: buunch.com

For budding flower enthusiasts, Buunch may be a good bet. This floral subscription service takes the guesswork out of the process by categorizing bouquets by the room they’re intended for. Options are specifically intended for the living room coffee table, powder room, bedroom, and entryway. Bouquets can also be chosen by color, with green and white arrangements for those who prefer a neutral palette and multicolored options for a bolder look.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $100 to $600
  • Delivery intervals: Weekly
  • Delivery: Nationwide


  • Bouquets categorized by room and/or color
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Very unique arrangements


  • High price points
  • Only available weekly
best flower subscriptions option: IT'S BY U

Photo: itsbyu.com

Those interested in trying their hand at floral arranging might have a blast with subscription boxes from IT’S BY U, each of which comes disassembled for a fun DIY project. A number of different styles are on offer, from traditional options such as long-stem roses in the Rosy Outlook boxes to more contemporary bouquets in their Modern Farmhouse and Warm Industrial boxes. Price points are competitive, and each delivery includes printed instructions for arranging the stems, though users can, of course, customize their bouquets for truly unique creations.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $51.95 to $149.95
  • Delivery intervals: Monthly and biweekly
  • Delivery: Lower 48 states


  • Arranging instructions included
  • Several different styles available
  • Competitive price points


  • Not available for weekly delivery
best flower subscriptions option: ReVased

Photo: revased.com

ReVased offers sustainable and affordable floral subscriptions with flowers shipped directly from eco-friendly farms. Each month, their Give Back program donates flowers from events to various organizations, including women’s shelters, nursing homes, and hospitals. Three types of arrangements are available for subscribers: Classic (10 to 18 stems), Lux (19 to 32 stems), and Premier (33 to 50 stems). The cost of each bouquet varies depending on payment, whether in advance or on a monthly basis. Subscribers receive additional discounts when they sign up for a longer subscription of 6 or 12 months.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $36 to $59
  • Delivery intervals: Monthly
  • Delivery: Lower 48 states


  • Give Back program donates flowers
  • Wide variety of pricing options
  • Ethically sourced


best flower subscriptions flowerbx

Photo: flowerbx.com

Flowerbx offers three subscription boxes: Classic, Premium, and Hydrangea, each of which focuses on a single type of flower. Classic costs $90 per delivery and features bouquets of lilies, roses, dahlias, delphinium, or hydrangeas, depending on the season. The Premium box, at $145, includes pricier blooms like orchids and peonies. The Hydrangea box, which costs $115 per delivery, offers a different selection of hydrangeas each time. All three boxes, which are available for delivery at weekly, monthly, or bimonthly intervals, include a vase. The bouquets are a medium size, but for an additional $50 per delivery, subscribers can receive large bouquets.

Subscription Specs

  • Price per delivery: $95, $115, and $145
  • Delivery intervals: Weekly, monthly, and bimonthly
  • Delivery: International


  • Focuses on single-bloom bouquets
  • Various delivery intervals
  • Large bouquets available for an additional cost


Our Verdict

Although this guide provides a wealth of information about the best flower subscriptions available today, you may be wondering which subscription service we recommend and why. We like our top pick, UrbanStems, for its consistent quality and wide variety of delivery options. However, those on a budget may appreciate The Bouqs Co. for its gorgeous bouquets at affordable prices.

How We Chose the Best Flower Subscriptions

For this somewhat unusual consumer guide, we assigned a writer with years of experience covering home products. We put in extensive product research, exploring more than 30 flower subscription options and weighed a number of practical considerations when making our recommendations.

  • Sustainability: We prioritized companies that are committed to eco-friendly and ethical farming practices in product sourcing.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is key to any kind of subscription service, so we focused on companies that allow you to cancel without a financial penalty and that also offer the option to pause floral deliveries as needed.
  • Value: Floral subscriptions can be pricey, so while we included a couple of high-end picks, we prioritized companies that offer affordable options or bouquets at a range of price points.


While you now know more about flower subscription services, some questions may still remain as to how they work. Keep reading to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about floral subscriptions.

Q. What is a flower subscription?

Flower subscriptions deliver bouquets to their subscribers’ homes at regular intervals.

Q. What is included in a flower subscription?

Some flower subscriptions come with a simple bouquet of blooms, while others include a vase or vessel for display.

Q. How much do flower subscriptions cost?

Flower subscriptions range from $35 to more than $200 per delivery.

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