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The 38 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers of 2021

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Whether the wine lover in your life prefers pinot grigio or cabernet, their taste buds’ experience can be taken up a notch with the help of thoughtful gifts like the ones below. If the person you’re shopping for is into gourmet cheese, fresh fruit, and other treats that pair well with wine, this guide features tasty food baskets that make a glass of vino go down easily. Gadgets such as wine openers and handy accessories like drink covers keep drinking wine as relaxing and hassle-free as possible, because we’re guessing that unwinding is part of the wine lover’s process. No matter if you’re looking for a gift for budding connoisseurs or seasoned sippers, there’s an item for them below.

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How to Choose the Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Before you start your search for the perfect gifts for wine lovers, it may be wise to ask yourself a few questions to keep shopping as simple as possible. Consider the following:

  1. What kind of wine does the person you’re shopping for like to drink? Even knowing whether they prefer red or white wine can help you narrow down your gift options.
  2. Where do they like to drink wine? If they prefer to drink al fresco, that can help determine different accessories they can take outdoors.
  3. What is your budget? We’ve broken down gift options by price range, so identifying how much you want to spend will help you in selecting something to purchase.

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

From snacks to pair with a glass of vino to a tough-as-nails wine tumbler or a high-tech electric wine opener, the best gifts for wine lovers are in this comprehensive guide.

Gifts Under $25

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine

Photo: amazon.com

Beginning wine drinkers can have all their burning questions answered in “Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine.” Packed with helpful infographics, this detailed book provides information on the best food and wine pairings, taste profiles of popular and lesser-known wines, tips and tricks for serving wine, and a guide on how to taste wine to identify specific flavors. Readers will not only gain basic knowledge about wine, but they’ll also be able to build confidence when it comes to serving and picking out the spirit. $14.69 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

Photo: amazon.com

The Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover is a commercial-grade product that can instantly remove red wine stains from clothing, furniture, rugs, and upholstery. It can be used on fresh and old stains, it can spot treat items, or it can be used with a load of laundry. The nontoxic formula is free of chlorine, phosphates, sulfates, perfumes, and dyes, and it comes as a spray bottle or as wipes to take along while traveling. The remover makes a great stocking stuffer and can be paired with the recipient’s favorite bottle of wine. $14.94 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Photo: amazon.com

Wine lovers can ensure their favorite bottles stay fresh with The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver. This airtight stopper removes air from wine bottles to keep the wine fresh for up to a week. Suitable for red and white wines, the universal stopper can be placed in the bottle, then pumped until the patented click is heard. This click indicates the seal is as tight as possible and the bottle is ready to be stored in the refrigerator or wine cooler. $14.95 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: 30 Watt Silicone Wine Glass Holder

Photo: amazon.com

A glass of wine can be consumed just about anywhere with the 30 Watt Silicone Wine Glass Holder. The silicone wine glass holder can be mounted near a bathtub, in a sauna, on a desk in a home office, or basically anywhere users prefer to sip their favorite wine. The holder’s custom drainage system prevents water or spillage buildup and keeps residue from forming once it’s removed from the surface it’s on. As long as the holder is on a dry, vertical surface that isn’t made of stone or unglazed tile, the wine glass should stay safely in place. $14.99 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Ferfil Wine Rack

Photo: amazon.com

If you’re shopping for someone who lives in an apartment, a tiny home, an RV, or another small space, they can store their wine in the Ferfil Wine Rack. This collapsible rack can hold up to 10 bottles of wine but folds flat when not in use for easy storage. Made of wood, the rack is also eco-friendly and requires zero assembly. It’s also an excellent gift option for wine drinkers who travel often or want to take their wine on the go. $17.99 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: CoverWare Store Drink Tops Ventilated Silicone Covers

Photo: amazon.com

Wine lovers who enjoy a glass of vino al fresco can protect their beverage from the elements with the Drink Tops Ventilated Silicone Wine Glass Covers. The BPA-free silicone cup has a weighted ventilated screen that prevents the cover from blowing off while also allowing the wine to aerate. The lid fits most wine or cocktail glasses and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities, from wine tastings to picnics to dining on a patio. $19.95 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Marble Wine Coaster

Photo: williams-sonoma.com

Those who love wine can prevent their furniture from drips or sweat marks with the Marble Wine Coaster. Each coaster is unique with its own veining and color variation, so it’s a one-of-a kind gift that provides elegant protection. Rubber feet on the bottom of the coaster protect side tables or coffee tables from harsh marks or other scuffs. It’s a classic, practical piece that can blend in with a variety of home decor styles. $19.95 from Williams Sonoma. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Silver & Gold Wand 10 Pack

Photo: drinkpurewine.com

A downside to drinking a glass or two of wine is the headache and hangover that can come to head the next morning. But with the Silver & Gold Wand 10 Pack, wine lovers can say goodbye to the dreadful morning-after effects of alcohol since each wand works as a purifier to eliminate the ingredients that can be detrimental. The wands remove histamies and sulfites from a single glass without adding harsh chemicals in the process. They’re also FDA-compliant and BPA-free. $19.99 from PureWine. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Bottle Stopper Garden Kit

Photo: uncommongoods.com

There’s no need for your gift recipient to toss out a bottle of wine once they’ve emptied it when they use this Bottle Stopper Garden Kit. Once a bottle has been finished, recipients of this kit can fill the bottle with water, plug the neck with a hydroponic “smart soil” capsule, drop in herb seeds, and find a sunny spot to put it in. In no time, a mini garden of herbs will sprout from inside users’ homes. For best results, users should plant in the spring or summer, or use a grow light in the off-season. $22 from Uncommon Goods. 

Gifts $25 to $50

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Malicious Women Candle Co - Cabernet All Day

Photo: amazon.com

For the wine lover who appreciates a bit of humor and sarcasm, you can give the Malicious Women Candle Co. Cabernet All Day candle. The organic 9-ounce candle lets wine drinkers enjoy the smell of their favorite cabernet without the headache that results from drinking one-too-many glasses. The custom-blended fragrance has no additives and is zinc- and lead-free. Each all-natural soy candle is hand-poured by Malicious Women in Washington. Bonus: A portion of proceeds from each purchase goes toward empowering women in need. $25 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Resveratrol Wine Necklace

Photo: etsy.com

Inspired by the molecular makeup of wine, the Resveratrol Wine Necklace represents an important element of wine that is said to act as a natural antibiotic. The necklace is a beautiful way for wine enthusiasts to show their passion for the grape and makes a great conversation piece. You can choose the chain length and have an option of sterling silver, rose gold or 18k gold. $27.31 on Etsy. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Moleskine Passion Journal

Photo: amazon.com

If you have a friend, family member, or coworker who’s passionate about wine, the Moleskine Passion Journal is a gift that can help them keep record of their favorite bottles, wine-tasting trips, and other pertinent information. The journal itself comes with practical information and prompts to help writers document what they love and enjoy. It comes with two ribbon bookmarks; ivory-colored, acid-free paper; and themed stickers to customize the 400 pages. $29.95 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Flasnake New Electric Wine Opener

Photo: amazon.com

The New Electric Wine Opener is not only a tool that makes opening a bottle of wine easier, but it’s also one that looks good doing it. This opener has a unique UV smooth exterior with a pink transparent shell that makes it stand out from the crowd of more traditional wine openers. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery that can open up to 70 bottles with a single charge and an up button and a down button on the exterior that allows it to remove corks in just 4 seconds. Plus it’s compact and cordless, so it can be stashed in a tote for an outdoor picnic or put in a home bar to bust out when guests are over. $29.99 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Engraved Wine Bottles

Photo: etsy.com

A top-rated gift for an anniversary, wedding, housewarming, or other celebration, these Engraved Wine Bottles bring a sentimental touch to an otherwise ordinary object. Help commemorate a special occasion by providing the custom name and year, and the artist will sand carve the image onto the glass. The carving leaves the lettering and design raised on the bottle, which presents a unique 3D effect. Once you’ve given the bottle to friends or family members, they can display it proudly in their home. $34 on Etsy. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Secrets of the Sommeliers

Photo: amazon.com

Written by Rajat Parr, wine director of the Mina Group, and journalist Jordan Mackay, “Secrets of the Sommeliers” features interviews with top wine professionals along with their recommendations, insights, and entertaining stories. In the book, the authors also provide an immersion course in tasting and serving wine, as well as strategies for scoring hard-to-find varieties at a discount and tips for making food and wine pairings. It’s an excellent read for both beginning and expert wine drinkers. $35 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Wine Cork States

Photo: uncommongoods.com

State travelers can keep their corks from across the country in one place with Wine Cork States. This Baltic birch plywood display board is carved into the shape of the preferred state with empty slots for the wine corks of wines consumed in each area. It’s a thoughtful way for wine lovers to remember specific varieties as well as the memories made in various regions of the state. It comes with mounting hardware and can be put on a wall in the kitchen or a home bar. $35 from Uncommon Goods. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Tirrinia Outdoor Wine Picnic Table

Photo: amazon.com

If you’re shopping for someone who loves dining and drinking outside, the Tirrinia Outdoor Wine Picnic Table is a sturdy, compact gift that can be used countless times. It even comes with a hole to place a bottle of wine in or use as a handle to carry from point A to point B. The table can be folded flat to fit inside a basket or backpack for easy storage, and its sturdy steel legs ensure it doesn’t collapse when in use. $37.99 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Wine Glass Caddy

Photo: etsy.com

Add a personal touch to the Wine Glass Caddy by adding a family name or company logo on the bamboo tray. This caddy can hold either two or four wine glasses and is crafted to hold virtually any shape or size of wine bottle and standard wine glass. The piece can make a thoughtful wedding gift for a newlywed couple, or you can use it as a housewarming gift for a new homeowner. It works as a serving platter for dinner dates or when hosting others at home. Starting at $40.40 on Etsy. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Glass Wine Saver Carafe

Photo: thegrommet.com

Frequent entertainers can keep wine fresh for serving with the Glass Wine Saver Carafe. Once wine is poured in the carafe, users can insert the float at an angle and it will minimize oxygen contact with the wine. When the top is on, users can pour and serve wine with the float still inside. If an entire bottle isn’t consumed, the carafe can be placed in the refrigerator for up to a week to help preserve flavor. $42.95 from The Grommet. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: The Ultimate Strawberry Sampler

Photo: ediblearrangements.com

From coconut shavings to white chocolate and almond crunch, the toppings on The Ultimate Strawberry Sampler help provide a sweet snack to enjoy with a glass of wine. Each sampler box is different from the rest, but they’re all equally delicious. The box is curated by a local Fruit Expert from Edible Arrangements and includes 12 strawberries coated in chocolate and dipped in various toppings. Pick up a bottle of the recipient’s favorite wine to create a complete package they can indulge in. $44.99 from Edible Arrangements.

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate - Wine Pairing Box

Photo: amazon.com

Wine enthusiasts who enjoy an indulgence or two can sink their teeth into the Neuhaus Belgian Chocolate – Wine Pairing Box. This delectable chocolate assortment features 24 chocolate pieces that can be paired with a specific type of wine, from white to red. Chocolate flavors include almond olive oil, blackberries saffron, Earl Grey tea, and ganache cherries. New York City–based sommelier Sarah Thomas provided the expertise in pairing the Belgian chocolates with wine for the best flavor combinations possible. $49.90 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: PortoVino City Wine Tote Black

Photo: amazon.com

Thanks to the PortoVino City Wine Tote Black, wine lovers can enjoy a bottle (or two) of wine straight from the stylish tote that conceals an insulated pouch for their favorite blend. The bag is roomy enough to carry all of the everyday essentials, from keys to wallets to phones, and is classic enough to use with or without the included wine pouch. The pouch itself holds up to 1.5 liters of wine and can be used for tailgating, picnics, concerts, beach trips, and more. $49.95 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Beauteous Barrel Personalized Wine Cellar Sign

Photo: homewetbar.com

Designed to look like a vintage aging barrel, the Beauteous Barrel Personalized Wine Cellar Sign is an excellent gift option for wine lovers who enjoy home decor. The sign has natural wood grains with the choice of merlot or chardonnay grapes in the center, surrounded by the text lines and date of your choosing. It can be given as an anniversary or wedding present or as a birthday or housewarming gift. The sign measures 15 inches long by 15 inches wide and comes with predrilled holes for easy mounting. $49.95 from HomeWetBar.com. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Personalized Wine Flight

Photo: etsy.com

You can show your bridesmaids, best friends, mom, or other loved ones and friends how much you care with a Personalized Wine Flight. This 18-inch-long paddle comes with four mini stemless wine glasses for a gift that can be shared with others around a table. Each flight can be engraved with names, dates, or phrases that mean the most to the recipient. The wooden wine flight comes in two finishes: natural or red-brown. $49.99 on Etsy. 

Gifts $50 to $100

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

Photo: uncommongoods.com

There’s no need for a decanter with the Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses, which come with a built-in central cell that helps release the wine’s full flavors and smells. The set of two glasses automatically makes the most of the bouquet of each bottle, no matter whether it’s a red or a white. People can also use the glass for a nice whiskey cocktail with an ice cube in the center cell that will keep the drink chilled without watering it down. $50 from Uncommon Goods. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: YETI Rambler 10 oz Wine Tumbler

Photo: amazon.com

You can help your loved ones enjoy a nice glass of wine outside with the YETI Rambler 10- ounce wine tumbler. Made out of kitchen-grade stainless steel, this tumbler is puncture- and rust-resistant, so users can rest assured the cup will last for years without wear and tear. Its DuraCoat color means the color of the tumbler won’t fade, peel, or crack, even through multiple runs in the dishwasher. The tumbler’s double-wall vacuum insulation keeps cold drinks cold and warm drinks hot, so every sip is an optimal temperature. Available in a variety of vivid colors. $59.92 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Winc Subscription

Photo: winc.com

Give the gift of monthly wine deliveries with a Winc Subscription. Whether you select a 1-month, 2-month, or 3-month option, the subscription comes with bottles selected after the recipient answers six questions to help determine their unique tastes and preferences. From red to white, sparkling to vegan, users can find a wide variety of options to try, then they can rate the wine after they receive it for even more refined picks from the experts at Winc. Starting at $60 from Winc. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Cheese Board 2 Ceramic Bowls 2 Serving Plates

Photo: amazon.com

Wine lovers with big families or who host large gatherings will enjoy utilizing the Cheese Board 2 Ceramic Bowls 2 Serving Plates piece. This sustainable bamboo cheese board comes with hidden compartments that can be pulled out to reveal space for fruit, cheese, olives, and other snacks that pair well with wine. It also comes with four stainless steel knives, two ceramic bowls, and two plates. $60.99 on Amazon. 

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The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Craft A Brew Making Home Kit

Photo: amazon.com

Whether the wine lover in your life prefers boxed wine or the finest bottle of vino from Napa, the Craft A Brew Making Home Kit is an excellent gift option that incorporates their favorite drink with an educational activity. This home wine-making kit was made for beginners and experts alike, and it comes with all the tools and ingredients needed to produce a gallon of quality cabernet. All users need to complete the kit is five empty glass bottles to hold the wine once it’s made, and in just 4 weeks, they’ll be able to sip their homemade concoction. $69.99 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Oak Bottle Micro 100% American Oak Whiskey Barrel

Photo: amazon.com

Average wine gets an upgrade with the Oak Bottle Micro 100% American Oak Whiskey Barrel. This bottle transforms the average wine into a vintage-tasting blend by using an oak aging process on the inside of the bottle. All users have to do to infuse their wine with unique flavor is pour water into the bottle, dump the water out once the drips stop, fill it with alcohol, and wait 2 to 4 hours for the desired oak taste. This mini oak barrel can also age beer, whiskey, rum, brandy, tequila, and other spirits. $79.95 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Red Wine Lover’s Collection

Photo: murrayscheese.com

Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, wine and cheese—each item accentuates the flavors of the other, and the Red Wine Lover’s Collection of cheeses is an excellent gift idea for red wine lovers. This collection comes with over a pound of scrumptious cheese that can serve up to seven people. It features cheese varieties such as Gruyère, manchego, and Bayley Hazen Blue, plus other treats such as membrillo, chocolate, olives, and flatbread. $95 from Murray’s Cheese. 

Gifts $100 to $250

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Vida Wine Stones

Photo: nordstrom.com

No one likes a warm glass of wine, and with Vida Wine Stones, the wine lover in your life won’t have to drink another room-temperature sip again. Handcrafted from fluorite gemstone, this set of six stones can be chilled in the freezer for 4 hours, then each one can be dropped in a glass of wine to keep it cool without watering it down. Each stone is unique in color, size, and shape and can be reused again and again after handwashing. $100 from Nordstrom. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Ultra Wine Racks Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Photo: amazon.com

Wine lovers with modern, sleek spaces can store their bottles on the Ultra Wine Racks Wall Mounted Wine Racks. The matte black rack holds 12 bottles of wine with a label-forward display and keeps wine organized in a simple, easy way. Plus, it shows off the drinkers’ collection in a smart way. The storage rack comes with mounting hardware, and it can be canted up to 60 degrees to the right or left, depending on the wall space. $134 on Amazon.

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Wine Lover's Collection Gift Basket

Photo: winebasket.com

From mints and truffles to four bottles of wine, the Wine Lover’s Collection Gift Basket is an excellent gift option for a host or hostess, a new homeowner, or a newlywed couple. Presented in an oval silver-hammered basket, this collection features a bottle each of pinot grigio, cabernet, white bordeaux, and a red wine blend. Snacks include three different flavors of truffles, bonbons, chocolate wafer cookies, granola bark, and almond coconut treats. It’s a beautiful, versatile gift option that would suit a wide range of occasions. $145.99 from winebasket.com.

Gifts $250 and Over

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Riedel Crystal Flirt Decanter

Photo: amazon.com

Made of fine crystal, the Riedel Crystal Flirt Decanter is a show-stopping piece that can hold up to 62 ounces of wine. Its elongated, elegant design makes it stand out from a sea of other styles, and it comes with a thumb-size punt at the base for comfortable, ergonomic pouring. By putting wine in a decanter, wine lovers can expect a shorter aeration process and a more enjoyable taste thanks to more distinct flavors. $399 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: Le nez du vin 54 Wine Aroma - Master Kit

Photo: amazon.com

Amateur and professional wine lovers alike can benefit from 54 Wine Aroma – Master Kit, which brings 54 different aromas to life. By smelling the various notes in each scent, users can train their scent memories to recognize fruit, floral, and roasted notes when they taste wine. The kit comes with not only index cards that explain the connection between aromas and wine, but also a guidebook that teaches drinkers how to taste wine from near and far through practical exercises. $449.99 on Amazon. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: The Impossible Collection of Wine

Photo: homedepot.com

The 38-Bottle Wine Cooler from Frigidaire is an excellent gift for someone with an at-home bar or designated area to enjoy their favorite beverage. This wine cooler keeps both reds and whites chilled in two separate temperature zones, both of which can be adjusted with the touch of a button. Five slide-out wine racks leave ample room for up to 38 bottles of wine, and the temperature is kept consistent with frost-free, fan-forced cooling. A stainless steel door, designer lighting, and wood accents make the cooler as stylish as the room it’s stored in. $548 from The Home Depot. 

The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers Option: The Impossible Collection of Wine

Photo: assouline.com

For the wine lover with exceptional taste, “The Impossible Collection of Wine” is an exclusive hand-bound book that details the best wines of the 20th century. Renowned sommelier Enrico Bernardo put together the list of wines inside, which are chosen based on rarity, taste, historical mystique, and other virtues. This book features hand-tipped images that take readers through a journey in time to understand the significance of each wine selected and comes packaged in a wooden crate for safe storage or display. $995 from Assouline. 

How to Get the Best Deals on Gifts for Wine Lovers

If you’re looking for the best deals on gifts for wine lovers, you’ll need to look into online resources like Honey that will notify you when items you’ve been tracking are discounted and search the web for coupon codes. Honey is a simple yet savvy browser extension that tracks the prices of products for you, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting yourself. Retailers such as Walmart and Target also offer price matching on items, so you can snag certain items and other gifts at the lowest prices possible.

It’s also advised to look out for discounts around Black Friday or Cyber Monday, when retailers slash prices on items around the holidays. Even if you don’t plan on giving these gifts to wine lovers as Christmas gifts, you can stock up on items for a fraction of the cost to give later.

Prices listed here were accurate at the time of publication on 10/29/2021.

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