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Shampoo ingredients for different hair concerns

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Most of us invest in skincare. We deep-dive into the benefits of a certain ingredient to understand how it can benefit our skin, and plant ourselves in front of our makeshift skincare station before layering our faces with serums, moisturisers, and sunscreens in a recommended order. But in our journey for flawless skin, we often end up neglecting our tresses and fuss over the unmanageable mess they’ve turned into. It’s necessary to direct our attention toward our hair and build a routine that caters to the needs of our hair. Here are five natural ingredients to look for in shampoos, based on your hair concerns.


Lavender for scalp infections

Lavender for scalp infections

Rich in sulfur, onion is known to reduce the breakage and thinning of hair, and support the growth of strong and thick hair. Onions also have antibacterial properties that fight off infections of the scalp. Their antibacterial quality eliminates dandruff too. Onions can lend volume and gloss to the hair. Just how many concerns can this vegetable address? We’re losing count.

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Olive oil for dryness

Olive oil for dryness

If your hair is dry, and you’re looking to add some moisture, look no further. Apart from adding shine to your hair by smoothing the outer cuticle of each strand, olive oil hydrates your tresses and seals in moisture. This increases hair elasticity and reduces breakage. It smooths the dry and split ends of your hair too. Just like onions, olive oil also treats dandruff and lice.

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Lavender for scalp infections

Lavender for scalp infections

There’s more to lavender than its divine fragrance. It boasts of antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, and, in turn, ward off common issues like inflammation, dandruff and an itchy scalp. Its antiseptic properties treat, prevent, and kill lice. It’s also known to boost hair growth.

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Almond oil for frizzy hair

Almond oil for frizzy hair

Look for a shampoo infused with almond oil if your hair is rough and frizzy. Almond oil acts as an emollient, which means that it softens and hydrates the tresses. It fills in the gaps in your hair shaft at a cellular level, resulting in softer tresses. That’s not all. It also controls frizz by sealing in moisture in your hair.

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Aloe vera for dull hair

Aloe vera for dull hair

Aloe vera isn’t just excellent for your skin. It has various benefits for the hair too. Replete with vitamins A, C, and E, it repairs your strands and promotes cell turnover. This leads to the growth of healthy, shiny hair. Aloe vera is loaded with enzymes that can treat dandruff, red skin, and scaly patches by reducing inflammation and itchiness.

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