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Our 10 Favorite Finds From Etsy’s New Virtual—and Shoppable—Home

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Buying products online is as easy as clicking “add to cart,” but often retailers don’t give you visual context, instead showcasing their wares on a plain background and providing dimensions to give the shopper a sense of scale. The Etsy House, on the other hand, lets you take a virtual tour through a modern two-story home. As you navigate through each room, you’ll see many of the company’s award-winning products, offering you a better idea of how these items actually look in a home.

On our trip through The Etsy House we “oohed” and aahed over scores of stunning items, but these are our favorites.

1. Orthopedic Dog Bed

Furry friends need a place to flop down and relax, otherwise they end up on your furniture. This dog bed from LayloPets looks pretty and even offers some health benefits for your four-legged best friend. Its 4-inch-thick orthopedic foam mattress eliminates pressure points, so dogs—especially older ones—can lie down without discomfort. The bed’s durable, water-resistant polyester cover means that messes from muddy paws or accidents can be quickly cleaned in the washing machine. A handle makes the bed easily portable, and with its slip-free bottom, choice of three fabrics, and range of available sizes, this is a pet bed that’s sure to suit both your dog and your decor.

Get the LayloPets White Dog Bed on Etsy, starting at $60 (for the cover) and $79.20 (for cover and insert).

2. Custom Hand-Cut Map Artwork

Everybody has a special place that means a lot to them. Remember your favorite vacation, honor your mother’s hometown, reminisce about the city where you were married, or celebrate some other location with these hand-cut maps by StudioKMO. Send the artist a specific address or city and the desired dimensions, and she will create a custom hand-cut map using acid-free, textured white watercolor paper. These beautiful maps are timeless pieces of art that will evoke memories and sentiment every time you see them.

Get the StudioKMO Custom Hand-Cut Map Artwork on Etsy, starting at $320.

3. Velvet Pink Mauve Medium Knot Floor Cushion

Is it art, a seat, or an ottoman? This trendy little cushion is all three. From the highly rated KNOTStudio, these floor cushions are fashioned with care and attention to detail. The strong, elegant design features a stiff foam interior, handmade beechwood rings, upholstery materials, and polyester vegan suede fabric. At almost 12 inches tall and 21.5 inches wide, it’s just the right size for most living rooms or bedrooms.

Get the KNOTStudio Velvet Pink Mauve Medium Knot Floor Cushion on Etsy for $288.

4. Amanita muscaria Mushroom Spoon Rest

Etsy's New Virtual House is Shoppable—Here Are Our Favorite Finds

Photo: Etsy.com

Soups, sauces, curries, and other culinary concoctions tend to make a mess in the kitchen. That’s where a good spoon rest comes in handy, sitting beside the stove to cradle food-covered utensils and catch the drips—and it’s a real bonus when the spoon rest looks nice too. This ceramic spoon rest from TheArtRoom Ceramics has plenty of five-star reviews on Etsy, and it adds a splash of color and fun to a kitchen. At 7.7 by 4.7 inches, this spoon rest is big enough to handle anything you’re dishing out in the kitchen.

Get TheArtRoom Ceramics’ Amanita muscaria Mushroom Spoon Rest on Etsy for $31.50.

5. Modern Mirror “Glissando”

A gorgeous mirror can really heighten the elegance of a room. This one, created by Candice Luter, is a true statement piece that breaks with tradition. The 30-inch round mirror comes in clear standard, smoke, or bronze-tinted finish and features an abstract “slide” design finished in silver or gold. Each mirror Luter makes is completely unique and designed by hand, so yours will be one of a kind. She also offers custom sizes or styles for those who want something even more special.

Get Candice Luter’s Modern Mirror “Glissando” on Etsy, starting at $650.

6. Recipe Cutting Board

Etsy's New Virtual House is Shoppable—Here Are Our Favorite Finds

Photo: Etsy.com

That secret family recipe you love doesn’t have to be dug out from an old, crammed recipe box anymore. MorningJoyCo creates cutting boards that are personalized with a recipe or meaningful note engraved into high-quality wood. Working from a scan or photo, MorningJoyCo uses computer software and a laser engraver to re-create recipes that look exactly like the original. Featured on television and in print, and available in your choice of four woods, this is an award-winning item that’s sure to be cherished for years.

Get the MorningJoyCo Recipe Cutting Board on Etsy, starting at $49 (with no engraving), and $69 (with engraving on one side).

7. Hudson Bed

Etsy's New Virtual House is Shoppable—Here Are Our Favorite Finds

Photo: Etsy.com

Natural and rustic, this bed from INSEKDESIGN uses responsibly sourced materials in the service of timeless style. Made from walnut, the solid frame exhibits a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic. The bed is easy to assemble without tools, and it will remain sturdy through years of use thanks to clever construction and quality materials. The frame is available or without the slab headboard.

Get the INSEKDESIGN Hudson Bed on Etsy, starting at $3,900 (without headboard) and $5,300 (with headboard).

8. Indoor Plant Stand

Safely display your indoor plants so they never get knocked off a table again. With an abundance of sales and high reviews on Etsy, KROFTSTUDIO’s modern black basin plant stand is a stunning addition to any home. It’s sturdy and visually appealing, with solid, natural wood legs and a metal work basin. Big enough to house three 8-inch planters, books, or anything similarly sized that you’d like to show off, this stand suits plantaholics and non-gardeners alike.

Get the KROFTSTUDIO Indoor Plant Stand on Etsy for $235.93.

9. Custom Family Portrait Illustration

Etsy's New Virtual House is Shoppable—Here Are Our Favorite Finds

Photo: Etsy.com

These reimagined vintage-style portraits are a fresh take on family photos. Working from reference pictures of your family (including your fur babies), LucyLovesPaper hand draws each portrait with a digital pen, incorporating the clothing and colors you prefer. The portraits are available in digital format or as professional prints on acid-free archival paper in a variety of sizes. These one-of-a-kind works of art are truly something to treasure.

Get the Custom Family Portrait Illustration on Etsy, starting at $123.20.

10. KARVD Hitch Wall-Mounted Liquor Cabinet

There’s always room for a home bar with KARVDwalls space-saving liquor cabinet. Constructed from Baltic birch and featuring a simple and tasteful carved motif, this small cabinet opens up to reveal a flip-down prep tray, a tempered glass shelf for glassware, and room for up to four bottles secured with a safety rod. The cabinet is available in either brown or gray, and with soft-close hinges on either the left or right side.

Get the KARVD Hitch Wall-Mounted Liquor Cabinet on Etsy for $299.

The prices listed here are accurate as of publication on November 1, 2021.

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