OnMobile Global Launches O-Cade with Ooredoo Myanmar

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BENGALURU, India, Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — OnMobile Global Limited (“OnMobile”), the global leader in mobile entertainment, has launched their new B2B mobile quiz gaming product, Challenges Arena, under the brand name O-Cade with Ooredoo Myanmar. This is one of 6 partnerships which have gone live for Challenges Arena.

O-Cade is a unique platform for Ooredoo Myanmar to enhance their engagement initiatives towards subscribers. It offers gamers an immersive experience to play and compete in various Battles and Open Tournaments and get a chance to win real-time and periodic rewards.

With popular HTML5 games across genres as part of its offering, O-Cade allows gamers to invite their friends or other online players to compete in 1-on-1 and multiplayer battles. Daily tournaments can be played against thousands of online players to achieve a position on the leaderboard.

O-Cade has its own currency, O-Coins, which gamers can buy through Airtime and M-pitesan wallet to play various games. New users get upto 200 O-Coins for free as part of the launch offer. Gamers also stand a chance to win O-Coins and other exciting prizes by playing games regularly on the platform. Leaderboards display daily and weekly scores for players to check their rank & exhibit their winnings.

Currently integrated with My Ooredoo App, O-Cade is available in the form of PWA, and can be found in 2 languages, English and Burmese.

Announcing the launch, Biswajit Nandi, Senior Vice President – Global Sales, OnMobile, said, “We are extremely excited to partner with Ooredoo Myanmar on this new gaming initiative. We are very pleased with the initial results of the launch and look forward to enhance the user experience in the coming months.”

Alok Verma, Chief Commercial Officer, Ooredoo Myanmar, said, “We are excited to launch O-Cade as an offering to our subscribers. This unique product helps us strengthen engagement with gaming enthusiasts, increases loyalty and ensures a long-term association.”

O-Cade will emerge as a go-to-destination for playing instant games, battles and open tournaments in the region, with its own redemption portal where gamers can redeem O-Coins with Telco products (Data, Airtime etc.). It will also have a few more payment options for O-Coins purchase in the future.

About OnMobile:

OnMobile (NSE: ONMOBILE) (BSE: 532944), is a global leader in mobile entertainment. Headquartered in Bangalore, India and with offices in all regions of the world, OnMobile offers a wide array of products such as Videos, Tones, Games & Contests. OnMobile has an addressable base of more than 2.68 billion consumer reach and over 100 million active subscribers across several geographies based on current deployments. For further information, please visit

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