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Natural Beauty Tips for women

After seeing the colorful advertisements, we may be tempted to buy different types of beauty products. But it doesn’t matter if the thing is right for our skin! Although it may be beneficial for the skin for a while, the harmful substances or chemicals used in it start to affect the skin after a while. As a result, natural beauty tips of the skin is lost after 25 years.

So let’s take care of the skin at home instead of these marketable things, it will get rid of the toxic effects of chemicals such as skin and there will be no need to spend extra.

1. Ghee

It is unbelievable that a Bengali did not eat ghee in hot weather. Listen to our mothers and grandmothers say that playing ghee increases the radiance of the skin. Because in the past, ghee was the main beauty material of our mothers and grandmothers. Let’s move on to scientific information today to find out how accurate these words of mothers and grandparents are.

Used as a good moisturizer – The fatty acids in ghee help maintain the skin’s natural moisture. So ghee is a very good moisturizer for the skin. Problems with dry skin, rough skin, etc. Ghee massage, the skin becomes soft and beautiful. Ghee massage is also very necessary to remove age-related stains, blemishes, dark spots, etc.

Use of Ghee for Hair Problems – In case of dry, usko-khusko hair, mix a little ghee with coconut oil or olive oil and apply it on the hair to make the hair silky and soft and also get rid of the problem of white hair.

Prevents dry lips in winter – Dry lips are a problem for everyone in winter. Ghee should be lightly massaged on the lips to prevent chapped lips, skin rashes and bleeding. The oily feeling of ghee creates a layer on the skin of the lips and protects the lips from winter moisture.

Prevents foot fractures – Many people only get fractured feet in winter, some of them have fractures all year round. In this case, regular massage of ghee while sleeping at night can prevent foot cracking.

2. Yellow

Did you know that yellow is the queen of all spices? Turmeric has been used for many purposes since ancient times. Even turmeric is considered to be a very sacred ingredient in which many great medicinal properties are present. Studies have shown that regular consumption of a piece of turmeric does not cause mouth cancer or oral cancer. Pure turmeric is well known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Let’s find out how turmeric can be used to enhance your beauty.

Acne Prevention – Acne is a very common problem nowadays due to irregular lifestyle and unhealthy diet. This problem is more common in young children. Some hormonal factors, external dust, oily skin are responsible for acne. Because whatever it is, some of the prominent ingredients in turmeric work very well to prevent this problem.

Terms of use

  • Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with turmeric powder to make a pack and apply it only on acne.
  • When dry, rinse with water. The antiseptic properties of turmeric prevent acne infection and the bleaching properties of lemon remove acne scars.

Helps to lift facial hair – There are some unwanted hairs on the face that make the face look ugly.
Many therefore resort to threading or waxing. In this case also regular use of turmeric is beneficial.

Terms of use

  • Mix a little water with turmeric to make a thick mixture and apply on unwanted hair.
  • When dry, massage on the opposite side of the hair growth. You will see that the problem of unwanted hair has decreased a lot.

Reduces dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes – all of these problems are caused by excessive thinking, hard work and aging. Yellow is also useful in this case.

Terms of use

  • Make a paste by mixing butter and sugarcane juice with turmeric.
  • Massage well under the eyes and all over the face with the help of medium before going to bed at night.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has been used to nourish hair since time immemorial. But today we will learn how coconut oil can be used for our skin.

Using Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover – No matter what you do all day, it is very important to remove makeup before going to bed at night and for that we buy various types of market makeup remover prices but we have wonderful natural makeup remover in our house.

Terms of use

  • Apply a few drops of coconut oil on your face before going to bed at night.
  • Then gently remove facial makeup with a wet cotton or cloth.

You will see that coconut oil works very well from the current remover in the market and it also nourishes your skin from inside.
Use of Coconut Oil as Exfoliator: – The role of exfoliator in removing dead cells of the mouth and making new cells is immense.

Terms of use

  • In this case baking soda can be mixed with coconut oil and applied on the face.
  • It works very well as a scrub but you can also use sugar with coconut oil instead of baking soda on sensitive skin.

The use of coconut oil in the care of dry skin – those who have very dry or dry skin, their skin becomes dry after bathing. In this case, if you use a few drops of coconut oil mixed with bath water, you can get a lot of relief from the problem of dry skin.

To get rid of dark circles or dark circles under the eyes – If dark circles are a problem for you due to work pressure, just massage coconut oil under the eyes with your bare hands before going to bed at night. Coconut oil will normalize the blood circulation in the eyes so that the dark circles under the eyes will go away in a few days.

4. Honey

Honey has been used for many purposes since ancient times. The use of honey is especially mentioned in ancient scriptures. Today we will learn about the sweet qualities of skin care.

Use of honey on dry skin – Honey is very effective for Indian dry skin. The moisturizer in honey reduces the dryness of the skin and brings beauty to the skin.

To prevent the signs of aging – The antioxidant properties of honey reduce the signs of aging and make the skin radiant. It is also beneficial to apply honey on cracked lips and ankles.

Prevents Bacterial Infections – Honey prevents bacterial infections of the skin.

5. Lemon
Lemons are always in our kitchen. Lemon contributes a lot not only to food but also to beauty.

To lighten the complexion – As mentioned earlier, due to the bleaching properties of lemon, it is easily possible to remove the darkening of the skin.

Terms of use

  • Mix baking powder with lemon juice and apply on acne scars, dark skin, elbows and knees and wash off.
  • Applying this method at least twice a week can easily get rid of darkening of the skin.

Stretch marks removal – Stretch marks are a very common problem in pregnant women as a result of excess weight gain. To alleviate this problem, apply lemon juice on regular marks to lighten the stretch marks.

6. Ginger

Ginger is a widely used ingredient in everyday cooking. His contribution to the skin is also immense. Let’s find out what role ginger can play in our skin.

Prevention of Hyperpigmentation – Ginger juice is the best antidote for hyperpigmentation. Regular use of fresh ginger juice for ten days is bound to eliminate your hyperpigmentation problem.

As a natural cleanser: Ginger juice is very effective as a natural cleanser.

Also, to prevent acne, make a paste with ginger powder and milk and apply it on the face Bright skin in the palm of your hand.

Ginger juice rich in anti-oxidants helps prevent aging.

7. Pepper

Black pepper is commonly used to enhance the taste of cooking. But this spice is also used in various skin problems, fever, cold-cough etc. Let’s talk about the quality of this material stored in your kitchen.

Pepper is rich in magnesium, vitamin K, iron and fiber. It also contains the essential oil piperine which helps in aromatherapy, digestive problems, arthritis pain etc. Its antibacterial, antioxidant properties are used to prevent disease, to reduce fever in the skin.

Reduces the appearance of aging – Eating black pepper or black pepper with daily meals removes darkening of the face, removes the signs of aging and enhances the beauty of the face.

Skin Exfoliation – Powdered black pepper, mixed with yogurt and exfoliated on the face. It is much more effective than the harmful exfoliators on the market.

To lighten the complexion – Mix honey with chilli and apply on hands and face to lighten and brighten the complexion.

8. Pea-flour

We all have pea-flour in our house. Whether it’s evening chops or pea-flour laddu, it’s up to the jury to make ordinary food great. Along with food, this pea-flour is also widely used in beauty treatments.

To keep the skin clean – Basin helps to cleanse the skin from the inside out. Grandmothers and grandmothers used to say that when turmeric is mixed with pea-flour and applied on the skin, the skin becomes brighter from within.

To cure sunburn – Not using sunscreen burns the skin. To get rid of this burn, mix lemon juice, a teaspoon of milk and a little turmeric powder with pea-flour and apply it on the burn to get rid of the black spot in a few days. Again the previous color comes back.

To get brighter skin – The skin lightening properties in the basin help to lighten the skin color. If you wash your face with a little pea-flour instead of the daily soap, then the color of the skin becomes brighter. So use pea-flour every day without wasting money for market soap.

N.B .Dr. – Basin dries the skin, so if you feel dry after use, use olive oil or coconut oil with basin when using. The use of oil will remove dryness as well as clean the dirt from inside the skin.

9. Sesame oil

Sesame oil is a very familiar name. This oil is usually obtained from sesame seeds. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich sesame oil is very beneficial for our skin. Let’s find out how sesame oil can be applied to our skin.

Reduces Inflammation – Sesame oil helps prevent inflammation due to its high polyunsaturated fat content. It also protects the skin from fungal infections in winter.

To cleanse the skin from the inside – Regular massage of sesame oil nourishes the skin from the inside. To get radiant and pollution-free skin, mix a little water and apple cider vinegar with it and massage it well on your skin at night and clean your skin with a good cleanser the next morning.

Sesame oil is also used to relieve dryness of the skin, which helps to moisturize the skin from the inside out.

To get rid of wrinkles on the skin – Regular massage of this oil reduces the effects of aging on the skin and makes the skin look younger, making it look more vibrant.

To solve the problem of foot cracking – For those who have foot cracking problem, regular use of this oil at night removes the feeling of foot cracking and it becomes softer.

10. Milk

Milk has been used indiscriminately in beauty treatments since ancient times. The lactic acid in milk is used to cleanse the skin, remove blemishes, and get radiant skin. Let’s see how milk can be used to enhance beauty:

Use of milk as toner – CTM -By applying this method, the desired skin is easily obtained. C means cleansing. T means toning and M means moisturizing. If we can follow this routine in our skin care, then the age of the skin will not increase even with age. And the problems present in the skin will also be solved. Cold milk works very well as a toner.

Soak a cotton ball in a little milk and clean it. Apply it on the face. You will see the blackness of the face, dirt, etc. coming up through it.

Milk pack to get radiant skin – Make a paste with a little milk, mix 1 teaspoon cashew nut paste, 1 teaspoon powdered orange lemon peel and a few drops of olive oil. Jury match this paste to get bright, soft skin.

Dry Skin Milk Pack – Milk is a boon for dry skin. Make a thick paste by mixing 1 teaspoon of honey and a little milk with a crushed banana. Apply it on the face and leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash in plain water.

Hopefully, through this report, you have learned today that it is possible to get beautiful skin using household items. The benefits of natural ingredients are immeasurable forever. We should take full advantage of these elements. Since beautiful skin can be found using only natural things without any chemicals, its effects gradually come to the fore. In this case, if you are impatient, it will not work. If you like our report today, please like and share it and let others know. Also give your opinion through comments.

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