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How To Wear Knee High Boots

Wear Knee High Boots: While boot trends are constantly changing, knee high boots are a wardrobe staple that can instantly elevate any outfit. Knee high boots are classic footwear that can be versatile and chic, and women can wear these boots with everything from dresses to skinny jeans, skirts, leggings, and shorts. Whether you’re styling your boots for a night out with the girls or dressing up for a date with a formal black dress, there are many cute outfits with knee high boots to consider.

Some women will casually wear long boots with heels and jeans, while others may prefer shirt dresses with flat knee-length boots. When deciding on your style, you should think about different types of materials and colors. Black and brown knee high boots are the most popular, and often come in leather and suede. As a closet must-have that you can dress up or down, it can be a challenge knowing what to wear with your boots for a stylish ensemble. For inspiration and outfit ideas, we’ve compiled this guide on how to wear knee high boots to create an effortlessly trendy look. From cute dresses and skirts to casual jeans and leggings, explore all the best knee high boot outfits to find fashionable styles you’ll love this fall and winter.

What To Wear with Knee High Boots

  • You can wear knee high boots with jeans, dresses, leggings, skirts, and even dress pants to suit your style and the occasion.
  • Black and brown boots are the most versatile and work with the widest range of outfits, but there are many colors to choose from.
  • Black leather knee high boots are sleek and timeless, while long suede boots will give you texture and contrast.
  • Knee high boots with heels are great for elevated styles, while flat boots offer a comfortable and casual yet stylish look.
  • An all-black ensemble provides an instantly chic look and is the perfect choice for formal wear.
  • Add transition pieces to your outfit so your knee high boots can easily evolve from fall and winter to spring.
  • Show off your boots by being sure to wear jeans and leggings that tuck nicely into them, or easily put them on display by pairing your footwear with mini skirts and dresses.
  • Have fun and experiment with different heel heights, colors, and fabrics to build your favorite looks.

Knee High Boot Styles

Knee High Boots with Shorts

You can rock knee high boots with shorts throughout the year for a casual look you can wear around town. Whether you’re styling leather, denim or suede shorts, your knee high boots will create a fashion-forward and chic appearance. Complement your high-waisted denim shorts with a loose lace or silk blouse and finish the ensemble with a belt. If you don’t have the right pieces to make the perfect outfit, opt for a short skirt or dress to achieve a similar aesthetic.

Knee High Boots with Shorts

Knee High Boots with A Dress

No matter the length, pairing your knee high boots with a dress will ensure you exude femininity. There are many different types of dresses you can wear for a stunning and classy look. Most women have a favorite black dress that would be perfect with black knee high boots. You can choose leather, suede, or snake print boots and decide between a high and flat heel.

Dress with Knee High Boots

For a sexy outfit, combine your boots with a mini slip dress for a modern vibe or try a maxi or midi dress with your knee-high boots peeping out from underneath for a more sultry and timeless choice. Showing a little leg will give the illusion of height, especially when paired with a high-heeled boot. If you’re going for a more relaxed style, try a long dress with a flat heel, such as a pair of riding boots.

Knee High Boots With A Dress

Knee High Boots with A Skirt

Dressing knee high boots with a skirt allows you to play with different styles and outfits. Like a mini-dress, wearing a mini skirt with high boots and a bit of leg exposed is a sexy choice that will make you look taller. During the colder months, pair your skirt with tights for warmth and comfort. Midi and maxi skirts are great transition pieces, and depending on the fabric, can easily be worn any time of year. For professional women who want a slimming silhouette, wear a pencil skirt with a blouse, sweater or button-down shirt and long boots. Feel free to experiment with different materials in your outfit, like combining a leather skirt with a cashmere sweater and some suede knee high boots. No matter your style, there is a length of skirt to fit your desired look.

Knee High Boots With A Skirt

Knee High Boots with Leggings

Leggings are wardrobe essentials that pair perfectly with knee high boots. While casual and comfortable, legging can still be dressed up and look fashionable when styled properly. Bundle up in the fall by combining leggings, long tunics, sweaters, oversized cardigans, scarves, and tall boots for maximum warmth and coziness. Although black leggings are popular with most outfits, you could try branching out to other solid colors like navy, cream, or grey. Make your outfit pop with a pair of brown, black or beige suede knee high boots and leggings with a thick knit sweater. You can always change it up with classic leather riding boots.

Knee High Boots with Leggings

Flat Knee High Boots

If you’re looking for a style you can wear all year round, flat knee-high boots are perfect for all kinds of outfits. While riding boots tend to be a popular type of flat boot, you can also find knee-length versions of rain boots and lace-up combat boots for a cool look. You can style flat knee high boots with jeans, a white t-shirt and a jacket, or pull off a chic outfit with a dress or skirt. Whether you want to dress it up or down, flat boots are worth having for days you want to look fashionable but feel comfortable.

Flat Knee High Boots

Heeled Knee High Boots

When you need dressy boots that offer some height, get knee high boots with a heel for a sexy style that will stand out. From a stiletto to a standard, block or wedge heel, high-heeled boots can take your outfit to the next level with ease. These boot styles come in leather and suede as well as a variety of prints and colors, including black, brown, tan, beige, red, blue, and grey. Depending on your desired aesthetic, you’ll want to choose different heel heights and shapes.

Heeled Knee High Boots

For something more alluring and sleek, style your formal ensemble with tall black leather boots. Perfect for first dates and classy occasions, high-heel black boots look great with midi dresses or mini skirts and chic tops. Create a smart casual look by pairing heeled brown suede boots with a maxi dress, or skinny jeans and a button-down shirt. Another comfortable and casual option is a heeled knee high cowboy boot, which works with either a pointed or rounded toe.

High Heel Knee High Boots

Knee High Boots with Jeans

As one of the most popular fashion styles, you can always wear knee high boots with jeans for a flattering look. Simple and easy to style, you can pair all types of jeans with boots and pull off a flawless finish. Generally, you’ll want to choose black or blue skinny jeans with your knee-length boots, giving you a range of options on top. Wear your brown suede boots with black jeans and a sweater to brunch, dark denim with black wedged-heel boots and a button-down shirt for a casual day out, or blue skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket and tall knee highs for a chic look.

While skinny jeans and jeggings are preferred, you can also opt for a straight leg cut as long as you tuck your pants inside your boots. Avoid flare and wide-leg cuts because they can look frumpy when tucked into your boots, and will otherwise hide your fashionable footwear if worn over.

Knee High Boots with Jeans

Suede Knee High Boots

As a winter outfit favorite, suede knee high boots are a trendy and cozy option for the colder months, and something you definitely want to show off. Suede boots come in many different styles and colors, ranging from black to brown, grey, beige, cream, and white. Truly versatile and always fashionable, you can style suede boots to match any look.

Suede Knee High Boots Outfit

For a casual outfit, wear this boot style with a knitted dress or denim jeans. Go for an edgy vibe by pairing your boots with a black mini skirt, a loose midi dress, or a long coat. Women can also pull off a knee-length skirt or dress in a lighter fabric, such as cotton, silk, or satin so their boots are the focus. Slouchy suede knee high boots are the epitome of comfort, but if you want a more fitted style, shop for a straight leg.

Suede Knee High Boots

Leather Knee High Boots

While genuine leather products tend to be more on the expensive side, splurging on leather knee high boots is an investment you won’t regret. From casual get-togethers to winter weddings to holiday cocktail parties, leather boots are essential footwear to have in your closet and can be worn on many different occasions. The great thing about leather knee high boots is you don’t just have to stick to black and brown colors.

Leather Knee High Boots Outfit

For a true statement piece, you can pick out a pair of leather boots in red, blue, white, or even a metallic color. Another bold option is going beyond the traditional calf and lambskin material and choosing a snake or alligator print instead. No matter which leather you choose, you’ll surely turn some heads with your leather boot outfits.

Leather Knee High Boots

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  1. For petite girls, knee-high boots are your besties in winter because they give a lot of length and you can pull off the oversized baggy look as much as you want to, when you pair it with nice heeled knee-high boots. Ariana Grande wears them a lot and you can check out here how she perfects petite styling.

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