How to Get Beautiful White Teeth and a Bright Smile

The aesthetics of the smile plays a prominent role in a society that places increasingly greater value on a perfect appearance. This is because the first impression one gets of a person is formed within a few seconds, or at most minutes. If one assumes that one can evaluate the behavior of this person on the basis of his positive first impression, one cannot attach enough importance to an aesthetic smile.

Lucky is the person who is naturally endowed with teeth that look beautiful in terms of their position, shape and color. Since this fortunate circumstance is not granted to the majority of people, aesthetic dentistry has developed, which can help the teeth to have an attractive appearance. A wide variety of modern dentistry procedures can be used to optimize dental aesthetics:

  • Professional teeth cleaning with powder jet
  • Orthodontic correction of malocclusions of teeth and jaws in childhood and adolescence.
  • Orthodontic corrections of malocclusions in adulthood, in a particularly aesthetic way, for example with the help of the
    Lingual technique or the invisible tooth correction (Invisalign).
  • Tooth whitening by external bleaching, internal bleaching or
    Laser bleaching
  • Tooth-colored filling techniques such asCeramic inlay, Cerec inlay, plastic inlay and plastic filling (composite filling).
  • Partial crowns, crowns and bridges made of all-ceramic or veneering metal ceramics.
  • Veneers (veneers) made of ceramic or plastic.
  • Dental jewelry

The following are the main services offered by aesthetic dentistry.

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