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How to apply concealer – expert-approved tips to cover spots, scars, and dark circles

Almost everybody has a little flaw disguising cylinder, pot, or stick in their make-up pack, yet do you truly realize how to apply concealer? When inadequately done, concealer can cause wrinkles and solidifying – regularly overstating the presence of those spots, scars, or dark circles you were attempting to stow away in any case. Applying a lot item, not utilizing the correct apparatuses, and skirting the prep steps are a portion of the fundamental guilty parties.

In any case, when done right, concealers can make skin look more clear and fresher. They can even discredit the requirement for even the best establishment now and again, saving us a triple-whammy of time, exertion, and cash. To assist you with benefiting from your items, we’ve assembled a specialist affirmed direct covering when, where, and how to apply concealer.


COVER DARK CIRCLES : “With under eyes, you want to make sure the area is moisturized so the skin is smooth, but not so much that you leave a greasy film, as then the concealer will travel,” says make-up artist Ruby Hammer. Light, hydrating, creamy concealers are best here, as anything too heavy is likely to cake and crease.This less-is-more approach can be taken with application too. “Fingers and a light buffing brush are great for under the eye,’ adds Ruby.  Concealer not quite cutting it? “Concealer alone can sometimes struggle to disguise dark circles,” explains Warren Dowdall, Senior Pro Artist at Bobbi Brown. “I love to apply a color corrector to neutralize and balance any darkness first, and then apply a skin tone colored concealer for a fresh, wide-awake look. Choose a bisque corrector with a pinky undertone for blue/purple circles or a peach corrector for brownish-green circles.”

BOBBI BROWN CORRECTOR: So much more than your average concealer, these carefully curated shades use a touch of pink or peach to help blur tired, dark rings. Wear beneath your normal concealer for maximum coverage.

OLE HENRIKSEN BANANA BRIGHT EYE CRÈME: If you can’t manage a full 8-hours, this is the next best thing in the quest for wide-awake-looking eyes. In fact, it’s one of the best eye creams we’ve tried. Apply sparingly with your ring finger to create a smooth canvas for concealer.


Redness brought about by everything from rosacea to burn from the sun can be hard to dial down and has a disappointing inclination to shine through standard concealers. The arrangement? Bend over with an extra, cooler-conditioned concealer. “On the off chance that redness is a worry, be certain your concealer has a more yellow feeling, as this will help mask the redness,” says Warren. “Try not to utilize pink-based items as this can make the redness more self-evident.”

On the off chance that you have enormous regions of redness, there’s a propensity to be awkward with concealer, however it pays to go lethargic and work in light layers for a delicate, characteristic completion. “Utilize a limited quantity of concealer on a soft brush spritzed with a fixing splash and gently buff over the redness prior to applying establishment. This will add some additional inclusion and kill the redness simultaneously,” clarifies Kaytlin Scott, Senior Pro at M·A·C Cosmetics UK.

MAC PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER: For a concealer that won’t budge, Mac’s Pro Longwear is an excellent choice. The coverage is pretty full-on, but the finish isn’t too flat or matte, so the end result still feels nice and natural.

MAC 168S LARGE ANGLED CONTOUR BRUSH: The fluffier the brush, the lighter the color pay-off will be, and the bigger the brush, the more surface area you can cover in a couple of swoops—this brush ticks boxes for both, camouflaging large sections of redness in a jiffy.


On the off chance that your spots are red and irate, follow a similar tone amending standards as above. The lone genuine distinction is in the surface of your concealer, as you’ll require something thicker – like a stick or cream.

“When covering spots, I utilize a mixing brush and a cross-bring forth layering strategy to limit the appearance of surface,” prompts Warren. “Apply light layers of concealer utilizing a downwards stroke first and afterward a sideways stroke over the flaw until you’ve developed sufficient inclusion. At long last, utilizing a little eye blender brush, set up with a minuscule measure of free powder. Make certain to utilize a delicate matte or silk finish concealer here, as a light intelligent concealer will just cause to notice the territory.”

LAURA MERCIER SECRET CAMOUFLAGE CONCEALER: A top pick from Ruby Hammer, this concealer negates the need to splurge on two shades in order to find your perfect match. Blend together or use one at a time, depending on the type of blemish you’re covering and the time of year. You might need to go lighter in the winter and darker come summer.

BY TERRY HYALURONIC HYDRA POWDER: Gently does it when locking concealer in with powder – too much, and you’ll end up cakey or dislodging the color beneath. A nice loose powder like this one will help you steer clear of a mishap.


Scars come in various structures, so don’t be hesitant to blend and-match procedures relying upon your necessities. “With scars, in some cases the concealer struggles grasping,’ says Rachel Hardie, Lead Artist at Nars. “In the event that the scar is finished, prep the territory with a groundwork like Nars Instant Line and Pore Perfector to make a smooth surface. I discover utilizing a concealer with yellow undercurrents will help thump any redness from the scar. Layering with powder will help even out the skin and help the make-up to wait.”

RUBY HAMMER 01 MAGNETIC BRUSH SET: “A point brush (like the one available in my Magnetic Brush Set 01) is best used for precise placement over spots, marks, or scars,” says Ruby. Use the smudge brush for eyes and lips and the angled one for brows and eyeliner.

NARS INSTANT LINE & PORE PERFECTOR: Instead of smearing a dollop of primer all over your complexion, this clever stick lets you target where you really need it. Roll over scars, pitting, or uneven patches to smooth. Tiny microspheres will fill gaps, while hydration hero hyaluronic acid plumps.


It’s a deep rooted question, and the jury is as yet out on which starts things out – establishment or concealer. “With common concealers, I generally apply establishment first on the grounds that whenever you’ve applied the establishment, you may have just revised a portion of the zones you needed to target,” says Ruby. “Applying a base of establishment permits you to truly see where the concealer is required, and afterward you can simply apply to explicit territories.”

In the contradicting corner, Warren disguises dark circles first. “I generally start by applying corrector and concealer under the eye prior to utilizing any establishment, as the principal thing our eye is attracted to when we look in the mirror is dark circles. When the eye zone is lit up, the appearance looks quickly fresher, and we will not be slanted to go excessively weighty with our establishment application.” There are advantages and disadvantages to each, in any case, it’s everything down to individual inclination. As Kaytlin says, “you’re the expert of your own make-up sack.” Hear, hear.


According to Kaytlin, the key to preventing creasing is in three little words. “Less. Is. More. The less product you have on, the less product there is to crease! Using a fluffy brush will maintain coverage but apply the product in thin layers. Top with a light layer of powder, and your concealer will be unlikely to budge.”

“But just remember your face will always be full of life and expression, and there is nothing wrong with that. I often crease around my mouth because a smile a lot. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of your face telling a story.”


Fortunate for us, the specialists see no genuine issue with fixing a functioning spot with a little concealer. That is, obviously, except if you’ve been picking, and in which case, let well be until it’s not, at this point an injury.

“In a perfect world, allowing a functioning imperfection to mend prior to applying cosmetics is a smart thought, however that is not generally pragmatic, so applying a little concealer will not do any harm,” clarifies Warren. “Go for a full inclusion misty concealer and apply with a clean concealer brush.” “Simply be exceptionally cautious with reusing the brush,” adds Rachel. “Microbes can without much of a stretch spread to different regions of the face. My top tip is to wash your brushes as often as possible.”

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