How do I make myself feel good, better, happier or how to raise my vibe

We might have heard individuals express with regards to the word ‘vibe’. Indeed, it’s considerably more than simply a trendy expression, which is the reason you should realize how to secure it. In the event that you’ve never known about this particular term, “vibe” is a fascinating word that is utilized to portray the physical, mental or passionate inclination that all in all includes our energy. For instance, in the event that you’re having a decent outlook on yourself, your energy is on the money.

My own energy has been formed by each huge relationship that I’ve had with companions, family and better halves. It’s additionally been affected by what I watch on TV, read in magazines, what music I pay attention to thus numerous different components. At the point when my energy was off, the manner in which I saw life was contorted and it influenced my every day encounters.

We all need to make strides to keep an inspirational tone. Everyone should go into each and every day and inquire, “What am I deciding to feel?”

For such a long time, I didn’t have the foggiest idea how harming it was when individuals debased me in light of the fact that any approval they offered felt better compared to nothing by any means. With training, you can create your own self-appreciation worth that isn’t unexpected or reliant upon the endorsement of others or regardless of whether they treat you decently.

It has been a long excursion, I’ve put forth a cognizant attempt to cherish and acknowledge myself throughout the long term and it’s been excruciating and magnificent. The world we live in can make it hard to keep an uplifting tone yet the following are three stages you can require each day to secure your energy.

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How to protect your vibe
Knowledge of self-value:

Maybe there will be one day, when the sun will rise and you will realise that you deserve so much more than what you’ve been settling for. Maybe one day, you’ll stand up and do what you know is right and speak your truth, proud and LOUD. Maybe one day, you’ll stop letting people treat you badly and you’ll say “NO”. When we examine what we let others do to us and compare it to what we are really worth, we become self-aware and rise in our power of accepting ourselves, even though others may have treated us as inferior. We will begin to understand and treasure our true value and the power that it holds.

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Acceptance of self and learn to practice self-care:

When I allow myself the opportunity to just live in the moment, be alone, or spend some time away from being who or what I am expected to be, I have the ability to centre myself more fully. There are so many different ways for us to practice self-care. These practices can be anything you choose to do that will help you regain your energy, focus and balance. Some people find that meditating, exercising, doing yoga, soaking in a hot bath, journaling or listening to music are helpful practices. The key is to do whatever it takes for you to feel restored on a regular basis.

Re-align with your higher self:

It’s very easy to look outside of yourself and other people to try and figure out how you should be feeling and what your vibe is. We often seek external validation. It’s natural; we are social animals and we want to fit in and feel like we belong but here’s the thing: our positive vibe doesn’t come from other people, it comes from within. 

We have to get back to the basics. Our bodies have basic needs, so we need resources such as food, water, sleep, shelter, clean air, etc. The same goes for our minds. It has emotional needs, so we need love, compassion, validation etc. Our souls have spiritual needs, so we need meaning, purpose, growth etc. When our minds, bodies or souls are off balance, they affect how we feel. Re-aligning yourself through self-care empowers you to reach your highest potential.

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The last word

Believe in yourself. Believe in what vibe you radiate. You are the only person who can make yourself feel good. When you feel good about yourself, your goal becomes all about serving the greater community. Having this clarity will give you the power to see your purpose and provide you with the strength to remain persistent in your vision, despite any external challenges that may come your way.



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