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Guinea Pig Care & Facts: How to Take Care of a Guinea Pig

Chocolate and potato skins and potatoes have been known to murder or make Guinea pigs incapacitated. The other stuff is tragic. If you don’t think about a food thing you will deal with you guinea pig by then don’t deal with them it until you have investigated further.

By and by what likewise feed your guinea pig: Guinea pigs need a lot of fiber and supplement C (considering the way that basically like individuals they can’t convey supplement C and need to do bowl advancements.

– Guinea pigs need and love roughage, do to the way that it gives a fair wellspring of fiber and guinea pigs need lots of fiber.

– Hay – the most ideal sort of roughage for your Guinea pig is Timothy feed with the exception of on the off chance that they are amazingly young under 4 months, pregnant or nursing plants by then use horse feed based feed. You ought to guarantee there is reliably feed in the bind for your Guinea pig (it is ideal in case it isn’t reaching the ground so it parcel not get contaminated).

– Pellet food – something crucial here is that you never feed subject some other sort of pellet food then guinea pig food, do too the way that guinea pig food contains supplement C and others are not as strong for them. Guarantee you get a good brand of food since that is one of the basic things guinea pigs eat, as in feed give them whatever amount of they need ordinarily a little pack for each piggy, besides if there is an incredible arrangement left all through the next day, add less in the mornings, similarly in case the bowl is constantly unfilled the next day, add more.

– Water – fundamental guarantee that there sippy bottle reliably has a ton of new cool water in it.

– Veggies and normal items – in case your guinea pig partition not get enough of these, it will not have adequate supplement C in its structure witch could cause scurvy. Most vegetables are helpful for your guinea pig(s) other than clearly the ones I referred to previously (again clearly if you don’t know about something you are masterminding pm dealing with your guinea pig think that its) the most flawlessly awesome results of the dirt are: apples, carrots, pear, and most lettuces (never ice sheet), there are significantly more that are suitable. Some guinea pigs can be demanding about what they eat so guarantee you familiarize what you need with feed to them when they are at this point young.


Guinea pig fenced in areas should not be looked at as a bind, they should be looked at as a home, because not at all like canine pens were you put your canine when it rests or when you are out the guinea pig puts most of the energy in its pen. So the limit should be in any occasion 2.5 ft by 2.5 ft for one pig and for every additional pig you should as at any rate 2 ft by 2ft of pen size anyway more prominent wont hurt. The dividers should be at any rate 1 foot high. since guinea pigs trademark penchant when they are terrified or frightened is to competition to secure you should have a house in your guinea pig bind about twofold the size of the pig and with an underlying it can just fit in, you need one house for each pig.


Is the stuff that goes on the lower part of the pen, you should get a quality sheet material like if not using this, guarantee you are using one that isn’t to strong smelling. Do whatever it takes not to USE CEDAR WOODCHIPS; Guinea pigs are touchy to them so they can wreck prosperity. The Bedding shouldn’t should be even more then 2cm thick, in case you see the lower some portion of the restrict after your pig has been experiencing it by then add more after the accompanying cleaning.


You should clean the limit about once each week, that joins wiping out the guinea pig(s) setting it or them in an ensured environment for the present, by then dispose of the sheet material and whatever else wash the genuine nook the house or houses disinfect the water container and food bowls dry everything, by then put fresh sheet material in then the pen then the food and annex the water bottle finally the guinea pig(s) should simply require 10-20 minutes.


Exactly when you are killing the guinea pig from its pen be sure not to alert it since it will escape and stow away. When getting place one hand under its ribcage region and the other on its base, get bit by bit. Make an effort not to put your guinea pig on any high places that it can tumble off or hurt its self. When holding the guinea pig be sure not to squeeze him be sensitive and safe. Your guinea pig may fear individuals from the beginning anyway if you are wary of him it wont be long till he/she will a lot of need to be gotten.


Guinea pigs like all animals require work out, you can help them with getting exercise bye giving them a greater nook or having an enormous encased zone for them to go around and play well you watch, they are typically more unique when perky or in pairs.

Cleaning and Caring:

Guinea pigs need there nails oversaw and conceal brushed, overseeing there nails can be inconvenient so try to have someone show or uncover to you the most ideal approach to do it before doing it without anybody’s assistance since you can hurt them if you treat it horrendously. If your guinea pig is foul or slick you can shower him bye finishing off your sink with water, guarantee his face stays dry. if you are using chemical try to get it from a vet, in case thusly, attempt to flush everything out bye taking cleaning agent free water and poring it carefully on your guinea pig. Use a towel to dry him be sensitive to not hurt your piggy, never use a blow dryer considering the way that the glow can hurt guinea pigs.

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