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Get The Perfect Manicure Without Stepping Out With These Nail Trends

As the second flood of COVID-19 has taken us directly back to 2020, we as a whole needed to say farewell to our month to month nail spa arrangements. The developed fervor and hours that we put into tracking down the correct nail workmanship for the month are presently a lot of photographs lying on our Instagram saved document. Fortunately, the vast majority of the excellence web based business sites are as yet useful, which gives us the alternative to browse different nail care apparatuses. It’s the ideal chance to draw out your inward specialists and test with simple DIY nail styles that can in any case give you the ideal nails for the month. Look down to track down the best DIY nail workmanship looks that you can reproduce gracefully.

Sparkly Blues

Image: @ailartbysig

Deep dive into some sparkly blues with the perfect asymmetrical nails. Just the perfect balance of colour and negative space makes it the perfect look for a summer lockdown.

Evil Eye

Image: @ailartbysig

Bring in all the good vibes with the evil eye nail art. Extremely easy to recreate, these half evil eyes can be created with just a fine brush. The bright colours and bold print radiates the perfect abstract vibe to your summer nail style.

Asymmetrical Blues

Image: @nailitmag

If you want to level up your floral look, what better way than to add some summer blues? Bring in asymmetrical blues to give your daisies a boost of coolness. You can create the asymmetrical blocks with a 3M tape to create the perfect division.

Gradient Asymmetrical Patterns and Colours
Nail art

Image: @nailitmag

Gradient asymmetrical nails for summer? Yes, please! Trying different asymmetrical squares on your nails can give you the best of all worlds. One of the easiest and creative nail art trends, this style can also be created with a 3M tape.

Multicoloured Ombre French Tips

Image: @ohnobabynails

If you love pretty summer skies, this one is perfect for you. Multicoloured ombre french tips can be elevated with some soft clouds just with the help of Q tips.

Peachy Hues

Image: @nailitmag

We love some peachy hues and what better way to experiment with the colour than to create the perfect peek-a-boo manicure! Classy and chic, this easy nail art is a dream of every perfectionist; all you need is a fine brush and multiple shades of peach.

Tiny Flower Motifs 

Image: @nailartbysig

This summer, it’s time to take a stroll down the ‘00s memory lane and rediscover our love for the best girl tones of the era. Pink, purple and yellow with tiny flower motifs were a popular style of the early 2000s and we are more than happy to bring it back.


Image: @nailitmag

Summer’s are absolutely incomplete without daisies. These cute flowers are the easiest nail art styles to recreate as you can never go wrong with daisies. All you need is a thin brush and toothpicks to get the perfect daisy.


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