Pseudoallergies and Food Intolerances

Food Allergy: Secondary Diseases

The following are the most important diseases or complications that may be contributed to by food allergy:

Mouth, esophagus (food pipe), stomach, and intestines (K00-K67; K90-K93).

  • Allergic enteritis (AE; inflammation of the small intestine) and colitis (inflammation of the large intestine) [children with cow’s milk or soy allergy; adults with chicken egg and wheat allergy].

Injuries, poisonings, and certain other sequelae of external causes (S00-T98).

  • Anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis; most severe allergic reaction that can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular arrest) (most common trigger of severe anaphylaxis in childhood)
    • In children: esp. peanuts, cow’s milk and chicken egg white.
    • In adults: esp. wheat and shellfish.

Psyche – nervous system (F00-F99; G00-G99).

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