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Follow the guidelines: How to Refurbish an Old Dresser

Old dressers lose their allure over the long haul and with steadily evolving styles. In the event that you’ve obtained an old dresser that needs a refreshed look or you have an old one gathering dust in your carport or storm cellar, dilly dally! Rather than disposing of old dressers, give it another look with an assortment of mediums, like paint, smudge, texture, backdrop or stencils, and frill.

Prior to renovating your old dresser, make certain to clean it completely and eliminate any old stain, shellac, and paint. You can eliminate old gets done with sandpaper or a paint stripper.


Apply your decision of paint in a specific plan. You can make an ombre impact by painting every cabinet an alternate angle tone or utilize painter’s tape to paint various tones in a specific plan or shape, like chevron or stripes. Keep in mind: consistently apply a preliminary prior to painting wood furniture. Utilize dim introduction for dull paint and white introduction for light paint.


Like the first look of the dresser or the first wood grain? Apply a stain to draw out the normal magnificence of your wardrobe. Follow the bearings on the name of your stain and apply however many covers depending on the situation until you accomplish the ideal impact and shading. After the stain dries, apply polyurethane to secure the stain.

Texture, Wallpaper or Burlap

Assuming you need a more finished look to your furnishings, follow texture, burlap or backdrop to the pull-out fronts or body of the dresser. Utilize a splash cement to apply the texture and a level, plastic scrubber or a brayer to eliminate any air pockets or wrinkles.

Note, nonetheless, eliminating the texture, burlap or backdrop sometime in the not too distant future may not be a simple undertaking so be certain you are content with the plan and impact prior to focusing on the task. You can snap a picture of the texture/burlap/backdrop and dresser and control in a photograph altering instrument in case you’re educated or connect the texture, burlap or backdrop with a brief cement or tape and return a stage to get a see.


I love utilizing stencils. Stencils can permit you to be more innovative with your plan and add a ton of character and character to your furnishings. In the first place, paint the whole dresser a base tone and let totally dry (typically overnight a few days, contingent upon the dampness in your current circumstance). Then, at that point, delicately place your stencil into spot and start applying the second layer of paint.

On the off chance that painting numerous layers or areas with the stencil, ensure the paint from the first stenciling is totally dry and wipe away as much paint as possible from the stencil prior to moving to the following segment. This can be tedious however will give you the best outcome and forestall a ton of spreading or smirching. On the off chance that you disapprove of the stencil moving around while painting, have a go at showering the underside with a brief glue.

Supplant Hardware

A simple and less tedious approach to refresh an old dresser is to supplant the equipment. You’d be amazed how much refreshing the equipment on a dresser can change the vibe of the thing in your home. For instance, rather than old, dirty metal pulls, supplant with present day, enhancing handles.


On the off chance that you do change from handles to pulls or handles, or handles to pulls to handles, you might have to fix up openings. Fix up openings with wood clay or filler. On the off chance that your wardrobe is finished, utilize a color marker to cover the wood clay or filler. In the event that your bureau is painted, spot paint to veil the remedied region.

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