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Different Low Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas 2021

Ponytails are at this point among the most well-known and mainstream haircuts across the globe. Among the few horse styles’ few variations, we have the low pig tail haircuts to investigate and look at today. The low braids amount to a vintage and exemplary look, adding to the appeal and wonderful style explanation easily. Not simply it, they are generally simple to do, can be dealt with a moment, but can add tastefulness actually like different styles.

Isn’t everything fascinating? Indeed, in the event that you wonder we definitely understand what a low horse is, stress not. We have added not many mainstream low horse variations to test and get another look today.

Some Basic Question:

Q1. Do Low Ponytail Style and Idea Suit Women Above 45 Years Old?

Ans: Absolutely. These low ponytail ideas are quite versatile and hence, can suit women of any age group. You may want to try side braid variants of low pony or buns for best appearances.

Q2. Can Low Pony Styles Suit and Stay for Longer Periods of Time, Given That They Are Not Secured Well?

Ans: Yes, one may not need to worry about securing these low ponytail styles. Even after you complete the style and keep normal loose pinning, the style will stay for long.

Q3. Will Messy Low Ponytail Style Suit Women with The Rectangular Faces?

Ans: The messy low pony is the new and upcoming fashion. Hence you can try this out to suit your face shape. If you have a rectangular face shape, then you may want to try out a messy low pony with a form of flower accessories and buns.

10 Cute Women’s Low Ponytail Hairstyles :

There is nothing like the cute low ponytails for appearing edgy and gorgeous. They are quite easy and stylish to do, as well. Find out more about these low ponytail ideas here.

 Bride’s Fancy Low Pony:

long hair low ponytail

Here comes among our favourite low ponytail updo. This one is totally over the top, stylish and trendy that we cannot possibly dismiss it. One cannot stop but love and admire this artistic style. Here the hair accessory is adding to the look, and tiny rolled on braids are done near the crown as well. Any bride who wears this instantly will catch attention and trend without a doubt.

  • Matching Face Shape: Hear, and oval face shape women can try this. However, it will suit a round face as well.
  • Matching Hair Type: Curly and wavy hair texture can best fit in this one.
  • Best Age Group: Women in 20s are only the best fit for this look.
  • Suitable Seasons: Summers and spring are the best time for this one.
  • Perfect Outfits: Wear a nice long gown or dress to look perfect in here.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this during pre-wedding events and ceremonies only.

Two Braided Sleek Low Pony:

long low braided ponytailSave

Here comes a variant of low-side ponytail hairstyles. This is a perfect youthful and radiant style where two tiny and sleek braids are coming in from sides and make to roll up with low pony. It is quite easy to do and also very gorgeous to look at. Women and young teens who want to look perfect to any occasion and always be on the ready foot to flaunt in their style should not give this up.

  • Matching Face Shape: Wear this style with round and oval face.
  • Matching Hair Type: Women with straight hair texture can better fit this in.
  • Best Age Group: Wear this for women below 23 years old.
  • Suitable Seasons: One can wear this during winters or summers as they wish.
  • Perfect Outfits: Casuals dresses or jeans can look good in this one.
  • Best Occasion: College or outings with friends all can suit it best.

Braided Low Pony:

low braided ponytail women


This loose low ponytail with side braids is taking over us right now as it is very cute and also very grateful. Those who love braids and want to experiment with low pony idea can prefer this best as it is not just very glamorous to look but also very easy to make and is comfortable. This is trendy also and is surely going to give all worth with attention you would take in.

  • Matching Face Shape: Oval, square and round face can fit this in.
  • Matching Hair Type: Women with any hair texture can try this style out.
  • Best Age Group: Those in both ages of 20s and 30s can look good in here.
  • Suitable Seasons: Any season is good to go in this style!
  • Perfect Outfits: Wear a nice skirt or dress to look gorgeous in this style.
  • Best Occasion: Parties and dinner events may be good to flaunt this one.

Long Low Ponytail Idea:

cute low ponytail hairstylesSave

If you are in the mood and swing for some quirky and funky sleek low ponytail for long hair, then you may want to try this lookout. It is not very easy to see and takes some time, but as one can witness, the result is worth it. Here the hair is made in the form of bubble braids, which is challenging to make and left it out. It is made in sleek and low pony style which can stay even for a longer time with comfort and edge.

  • Matching Face Shape: Rectangular and oval face shape can try this one.
  • Matching Hair Type: Wear this style if you have long hair of any texture.
  • Best Age Group: Women in their 40s are best to suit this and to look youthful.
  • Suitable Seasons: Summers and monsoons are best fit in this look.
  • Perfect Outfits: Wear this with a long gown or similar dress to look good.
  • Best Occasion: one can wear this style during outings or family gatherings.

Additional Tips:

  1. Given this low pony, make sure you always do not keep tight elastic or clips near the hair beneath as it may take away the look.
  2. Always condition hair well with shampoo as hair will remain shining and super smooth with these styles.
  3. Apply hair spray at the end if required if you want to have these styles for a long day event.
  4. Never forget to oil hair every week as it may protect hair from external factors and also retain good moisture and nourishment.
  5. Do not use too many chemical-based products as it may lead to frizzy and dry hair.
  6. Apply hair serum at the end to give a smoothening look.

Hope you liked these low ponytail hairstyles and ideas. Tell us which is your favourite and why. Given these several variants, you can easily try them and choose what best you like for your appearance and occasion. You surely are going to grab everyone’s attention with these!

Twisted Low Ponytail:

twisted low ponytail


Here comes another of low ponytail ideas. This low pony style is just not difficult and is quite easy to replicate for a quick yet amazing transformation. If you are someone who keeps a lot of preference on the given look and daily style statement, then you may not want to give up this chance to look in this style.

Here is How to Do a Twisted Low Ponytail:
  1. Part your hair in the middle and divide your hair into three sections along with the crown.
  2. Now secure the middle section into a ponytail.
  3. Start twisting one of the sections to the back of the pony.
  4. Cross the twisted section over the ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin.
  5. Repeat the process with the other section to complete the look.
Suitable for:
  • Matching Face Shape: Oval and square face shape can try this style.
  • Matching Hair Type: Wear this hairstyle if you have wavy hair texture only.
  • Best Age Group: Women in 30s are best fit to look radiant and youthful.
  • Suitable Seasons: Summers and spring both are amazing times of the year to try.
  • Perfect Outfits: Nice formal skirt and shirts are good to go in this style.
  • Best Occasion: One can try this style during office occasions and parties.

Runaway Ready:

low ponytail straight hairSave

Another of the perfect low ponytail end is here. This is great for the office, and the party looks for women who want simple yet elegant and gorgeous appearance. It is also good for daily wear use and style statement. Those who have to thin down of hair concern can also try this style for appearing trendy and edgy without fail.

Here is How to Do a Sleek Low Ponytail:
  1. For this look, you need to section the front half of your, just above your ear.
  2. Secure the crown area with a hair tie.
  3. Take the left section of the front half and wrap it around the pony.
  4. Now secure it with bobby pins.
  5. Repeat the process with the right side to complete the look.
Suitable for:
  • Matching Face Shape: Women with rectangular and oblong face shapes may try this one out.
  • Matching Hair Type: Wear this style for straight hair texture preferably.
  • Best Age Group: Women in 30s and 40s can prefer this style for youthfulness.
  • Suitable Seasons: Any season is good to go to try this style out.
  • Perfect Outfits: One can wear nice tube dress or skater dress to look good in here.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this style during night parties or dinner events, including date nights.

Side Sweep:

side part low ponytailSave

Want to turn heads around? This is what you should do. Curl your hair using a curling iron and spray some hair spray to keep it intact. Now, side sweeps your hair and tie it up. Take a section of your hair from under the ponytail and wrap it around your hair tie. To give it a bling effect, you can add a studded hairband, and you are good to go.

  • Matching Face Shape: Those with round and heart face shape can try this style out.
  • Matching Hair Type: Women in curly and deep wavy hair texture can prefer this style.
  • Best Age Group: Wear this style if you are in your late 20s or early 30s age.
  • Suitable Seasons: Winters and spring are best suited in here.
  • Perfect Outfits: Nice long sleek dress can go well in here, alternatively can also wear skirts.
  • Best Occasion: One can wear this for formal office functions or attending similar events.

Part Braided Low Pony:

low sleek braided ponytailSave

Here come a super cute low ponytail hairstyles. Here if there are youngish and teen girl age, it is always best to not give a very heavy style and rather make them look youthful and full of style within. Try this hairstyle out if you want something very light and yet very sleek and stylish. This is truly going to make one stand out from the crowd.

  • Matching Face Shape: Women in any face shape can try this style out.
  • Matching Hair Type: Wear this style with straight and wavy hair texture.
  • Best Age Group: Those below 22 years can best try this one out.
  • Suitable Seasons: Monsoons and winter are the best fit for this one.
  • Perfect Outfits: Casual daily wear can go well in this style.
  • Best Occasion: Wear this one for normal outings with friends or family.

Wedding Low Ponytail Idea:

low ponytail wedding hairSave

If you are a bride-to-be or even the bride’s best friend you may surely want to look at your best at the wedding. Here comes such an option. This fancy low ponytail style is trendy and worth right not. This is not very simple yet very not bold but stands somewhere in between with intricate low braid rolled up in between to give such great effect.

  • Matching Face Shape: Oval, round and heart face shape women can try this one.
  • Matching Hair Type: Wavy hair texture can best fit in this style.
  • Best Age Group: Wear this style for women in the 20s age group only.
  • Suitable Seasons: Any season is good to go in this look very well.
  • Perfect Outfits: Nice long gown or wedding dress can fit in this well.
  • Best Occasion: Women can wear this during wedding or reception party occasions.

Voluminous Low Pony:

low ponytail haircut medium hair


If you have good thick and dense hair, then you are quite lucky, we say! Women who have such kind of hair texture should not miss out on flaunting similar beauty. This is easy to make and stylish to appear as well and looks super gorgeous without a doubt. This is amazing and super easy to make and will not even take your time. To try this one out and surely you will not be disappointed.

  • Matching Face Shape: Women with a rectangle and square face shape can try this style.
  • Matching Hair Type: Wavy and curly hair texture may want to choose this one.
  • Best Age Group: If you are in the age of 20s and 30s, then this is the best fit for you.
  • Suitable Seasons: Summers, monsoons and spring are good times here.
  • Perfect Outfits: Nice shirt and jeans can add to the look.
  • Best Occasion: One can wear this for workwear or colleges as well.

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