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Copper Hair is The Unexpected Summer Trend

The sunny weather usually makes us book in the salon to get a few shades lighter dye job. Those golden ombre highlights are indeed a summer staple. Additionally, pastel, as well as bold shades, are among the hair colors that are trending every sunny season. However, this summer is full of surprises in the hair department. Lately, cool dye jobs such as silver highlights and mushroom blonde have been the most searched ones on Pinterest. As a protest to those cool-toned colors, summer’s current biggest hair trend is literally red hot. Flip through this article to discover the prettiest copper hair color ideas.


Copper Hair Is The Unexpected Summer Trend
Photo By @lliz.colors/Instagram

Celebrities like Zendaya, Ariel Winter and Rihanna made stellar appearances with gorgeous copper dye jobs. After spotting many new fiery redheads on the red carpet, we can’t help ourselves but jump on this trend with a red hot dye job.

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