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Best Trendy and Stylish Bags Models For Men

Bags are the perfect tag-along for both genders – whether you want to add a stylish look or even accommodate several of your stuff at once, a place to carry with you. How about picking perfect bags for men to help us both look stylish and helpful to carry our things together?! These bags are increasingly common for men, and today we see most of them having ideal and useful ones tagged along with several outings or day-to-day work. We have compiled these best bags for men – ideal to fit in various occasions, days, and purposes. Let us check all about these stylish bags today.

Latest and Stylish Daily Use Men’s Bags for Office:

Following are a few popular shoulder and handbags carried out by men these days for sports and college.

1. Superdry Backpacks for Men:

Superdry Backpacks For MenSave


The navy blue and green colour branded printed Superdry backpacks for men are among the top-selling and popular backpack variants. The backpack comes with a youthful and bright, vibrant design with a padded compartment ideal for carrying laptops with a protective layer. The backpack comes in versatile usage, be it for colleges or offices or regular wear; this is handy and ideal for men who are always on the go!

  • Design: Navy Blue and Green Color Printed Logo Laptop Backpack
  • Material Used: PU
  • Care: Wipe with a neat and dry cloth to remove dust.

2. Leather Laptop Bags for Office:

Leather Laptop Bags For OfficeSave

How about a formal professional look perfectly suited to the men in business and formal sector fields? This leather brown colour laptop bag for office goers is one such suitable option. The bag is lightweight, comfortable, and brings on the plush and elite look, ideal to suit men’s standards who prefer professional looks.

  • Design: Brown Colour Laptop Messenger Leather Bag with Front Zips
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Wipe only with a neat, clean, dry cloth.

3. Sling Messenger Bag for Men:

Sling Messenger Bag For Men


A messenger sling bag for men can always come in handy for several instances and day-to-day activities. This black bag looks plush, edgy, and modern with utility-based comfort and style, whether quick outings or casual occasions. Check this out, and you may like it! This is among the must-have cool bags for guys.

  • Design: Black Colour Sling Messenger Bag with Two Compartments and External Pockets
  • Material Used: PU
  • Care: To remove dust, wipe only with a dry cloth.

4. Nike Gym Bag for Men:

Nike Gym BagSave

If you are into active days with gyms and exercises, this Nike gym bag for men is must pick for you. The bag comes in crimson, blue, and indigo colour variants, with drawstring closure. It is spacious, ideal, and suitable to fit in your extra gym clothes and shoes along with water bottles.

  • Design: Nike Gym Bag for Men with Drawstring Closure
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Clean the bag with a moist cloth to remove dust.

5. Travel Duffle Bags for Men:

Travel Duffle Bags For Men


A duffle bag is a must-have for all men who have travels coming up often. What better than this lightweight and small yet spacious duffle bag that can fit in days of clothes and is super easy to carry? This brown colour one is among the top trending ones, ideal for a few days trip. It is also convenient and looks catchy!

  • Design: Brown Color Duffle Leather Bag
  • Material Used: PU
  • Care: Use only a dry cloth to wipe dust.

6. Mens Shoulder Tote Bags:

Mens Shoulder Tote BagsSave

Tote bags are perfect for men who do not want a too-short cross bag or a too-large backpack. These men’s shoulder tote bags come with a range of zipper pockets with a main internal compartment, looks edgy and stylish with modern-day classic design, and overall durable and comfortable carriage. For all those short outings which require a lighter carriage and miscellaneous to tag along with you, this can be an excellent choice to go.

  • Design: Brown Color Shoulder Tote Bag with One Main Compartment and Two Exteriors
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Clean the bag only with a dry cloth.

7. Side Crossbody Bag for Men:

Side Crossbody Bag For MenSave

The wildcraft side crossbody bag for men is one of our personal favourites. The black printed messenger bag looks super edgy, stylish and contemporary, and can be a great pick with both looks as well as utility. It also has a tablet sleeve, good quality durable cushions and materials, and one main compartment and side compartment.

  • Design: Black Printed Messenger Crossbody Bag for Men
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a dry and clean bag to remove any dust and impurities.

8. Small Chest Bag for Men:

Small Chest Bag For MenSave

Have you ever come across a chest bag for men? If not, this is a cool and smart choice to check out. The chest bags are smaller than the everyday backpacks. However, they come with much sleek and edgy design with a spacious compartment to fit in normal tablets, mobile, or notebooks. This black sleek chest bag for men is waterproof invariant and can be quite useful in utility. It even has a built-in USB charging cable! Check these stylish bags for men out; you will love them!

  • Design: Black Small Chest Bag with Main Compartments and Two Smaller Zippers
  • Material Used: Polyester and Nylon
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a neat and clean cloth to remove dust.

9. Waist Pouch Bag for Men:

Waist Pouch Bag For MenSave

The waist pouch was way too stylish and the most popular ones a few years back, and now they are back in fashion. The waist pouch bag in the black colour is a tiny and sleek design. It gives a sporty and casual everyday look with attitude and bold looks.

  • Design: Black Color Waist Pouch Bag for Men
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Clean with a damp cloth as required.

10. Mens Clutch Purse Bag:

Mens Clutch Purse Bag



If you wonder what the clutch purse bag for men is, let us show you this new day model. This is a multipurpose wallet clutch for travel purposes, ideal for organizing things neatly and in a clean way. This bag comes with two main compartments and a zipper pocket and can help keep all your travel needs or even accessories together neatly.

  • Design: Brown Color Clutch Purse Bag with Two Compartments and One Zipper
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Wipe any dust with a clean, dry cloth only.

11. Back Messenger Bags for Men:

Back Messenger Bags for MenSave

Inspired by the school day bags, men’s bags are often seen by men travelling to different cities in a day for an earning. The salesperson widely uses this bag while moving to cities as it can carry both private and professional staff at a time. Quite popular among college bags, they are also available in a design that can be carried on one shoulder and cross-body.

12. Boys Back College Bags:

Boys Back College BagsSave

Want to memorize your school and college days! Back bags are the best to select from. Such bags are given several designs and patterns for the college bags to select from. They are also used for tracking purposes and picnics to walk freely, carrying them back. Available in various patterns and materials, they are widely popular for their uses and versatility.

13. Backpack Travel Bags for Men:

Backpack Travel Bags for MenSave

For adventurous men, there are special tracking bags available in the market. These travel bags for men are made from leather, giving them the facility to store all the necessary things with ease without giving weight to the shoulders. They give a waist belt attached to it, which divides the weight. The bag holds the capacity to carry all the necessary things required for trackings, such as ropes, clothes, water bottles, tracking shoes and much more.

14. Men’s Hand Luggage Bags:

Men's Hand Luggage BagsSave

Travel bags for men also include this important baggage. The handy luggage bags are widely seen carried by military men and officers. The bag is also given wheels below so that they can be dragged along while walking. Available in many designs, they are made from leather but are given a cotton thick material covering. They can be opened wide, which gives a lot of space to store many belongings.

15. Men’s Briefcase Bag for Office Use:

Men's Briefcase Bag for Office Use


A trendy and professional bag to carry for your offices is these briefcase inspired bags. The office bags for men are made from leather with a cotton coating. They are favourable for a professional look to any working men. It protectively saves your folders and files. It is widely selected by businessmen in high meetings too as it also stores your laptop within.

16. Men’s Travel Wheel Bags:

Men's Travel Wheel BagsSave

Travelling for a long vacation! Get a back which makes your travelling easy and comfortable. On the wheel, bags help you to travel burden-free as the bag contains wheels to be dragged. Men’s travel bags made from fibre also is delicate and hard to be broken. It gives a wide space to store your belongings and is favourable to travel with as you will not have to carry heavy bags on your shoulder, causing stiffness.

17. Men’s Round Sports Bag:

Men's Round Sports Bag