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Best Rangoli Designs With 5 Dots Trending

Rangoli to the remainder of the world may simply be a fine art, yet to India, it is an image of culture and custom. In India, rangoli is a staple craftsmanship rehearsed by incredible specialists to family ladies to check flourishing and abundance in their homes. Anything that might be the event, no Indian house can manage without a rangoli going from little to huge, beautiful to basic. Straightforward just as handily made examples are ideal for short sort of room; little rangolis can change any side of the empty spot in the home ground. Those people groups who are novice and startup phase of rangoli plan then they can attempt 5 spots rangoli whenever at their place in celebrations like Diwali or gudipadva.

5 dabs rangoli we can attempt everyday schedule before entryway space or puja room as well. Generally 5 specks rangoli use by Tamil people groups to praise their new year and celebrations like Navratri, Dussera, or Diwali as well. Assuming anybody or fledgling who sets aside more effort to gain proficiency with a rangoli, they can utilize a note pad to plan a rangoli first utilizing 5 dabs, according to their imagination they can attempt their inventive plan. Those people groups who like to turn into a specialist in large rangoli or in kolam then they should attempt no less than 5 specks rangoli first.

Simple Rangoli Designs with 5 Dots:

Circular Rangoli with 5 Dots:

Circular Rangoli with 5 DotsSave

This 5 dots pulli kolam design is a cakewalk rangoli for anybody. It can be simply made by putting 5 dots, in a fashion that one is in the centre and the others are on sides. Then curve can be drawn joining the 6 dots on the centre such that it makes a circle like shape. Then flower leaves can be made on the tip of each corner side. Later, you can be curved lines drawn on each leaves and also add extra leaves to complete the rangoli. Colours can be filled inside the rangoli, and it can be outlined by using either black or white colour.

 Symmetrical Line Rangoli:

Symmetrical Line RangoliSave

This 5 pulli flower kolam can be made by the people with some to no experience in making rangoli because of its simplicity. This rangoli can be simply made by drawing a square at the centre by joining 4 of the 5 dots, leaving one dot in the centre. Later in order to draw a bigger square, small lines from the corners of the small square can be drawn to make the sides of the bigger square. In the end, 4 squares can be drawn on the sides of the bigger square. This is the easiest rangoli in the lot where the whole design is based on squares.

Ugadi Special Rangoli with 5 Dots:

Ugadi Special Rangoli


This is a standard 5×5 dots rangoli that can be made using scale or stencils to get the perfect finish or requires a lot of practice because of its complex design. It really matters how you arrange the dots in this rangoli because that forms the base for the design of the rangoli. Here, you can start placing dots into 5×5 fashion and then start drawing lines to connect dots such that they are interlaid with each other. The lines extend towards the end and then bend to keep the rangoli closed. Not all, but some boxes created from the lines contain dots inside them. This rangoli is generally made with simple white rangoli powder, but can also be coloured with a subtle colour scheme. Although it is a Ugadi special rangoli, it can be made daily or on other occasions as well.

5 Dots Star Rangoli Design:

5 Dots Star Rangoli DesignSave

This star rangoli design is a perfect kolam 5 dots rangoli. It can be made by drawing lines in an interlaid manner such that it creates a star. Although it might appear complex, it is based on the simple technique of joining two dots by a line and extending both sides to form a hand of a star. Having done this with all the dots, the final design of the rangoli gives a star shape. This rangoli is very popular and is mostly drawn on a regular basis in many households. It can be drawn on the entrance, in the courtyard, or in a room. It can be made colourful by filling in colours or can simply be drawn with white chalk or rangoli powder.

Flower Kolam with 5 Dots:

Flower Kolam with 5 Dots


This kolam with 5 dots rangoli is the best for a Diwali decoration. It can be easily made of chalk or rice powder paste. You can start by making the centre flower first and then go about drawing the sides. The 6 flower leaves on each side can make the rangoli complete. You can use a parallel curve type of thick lines using dark white powder. Use your fingers only to give a proper shape of lines or curves. When we look after done then we will get the heart type of shapes of flowers. It’s a simple rangoli that can be made through freehand style and requires no prior training. It can also be made by putting in colours to make it vibrant and colourful.

Special 5 Dots Rangoli:

Special 5 Dots RangoliSave

This five dots rangoli is an easy alternative for beginners in the art of rangoli. It can be made by starting with the corner and then joining the four dots in the quadrants in a fashion that makes the petals of a flower. After having made the flower in the corner, you can do the same thing are all sides of the rangoli. Join the four flowers and draw the line inside the flower. This rangoli can be made on any occasion and can be filled with any colour scheme suiting the requirement. After colouring, the rangoli can be outlined either by using a white or black rangoli powder to give it a finish.

Simple Alpona Design Rangoli:

Simple Alpona Design RangoliSave

This is one of the simplest rangoli in the category of 5 dots rangoli designs. It can be drawn by using the freehand style technique. In the beginning, draw four dots, one under the other in a square shape. These dots can be used to make any design in the centre. Later, a circle around those four dots is to be drawn and on that circle four DIY as can be drawn. These patterns can be filled with colours, preferably orange, yellow and red and outlined with a white border. It is one of the best rangoli for Diwali.

Symmetrical Mugullu Rangoli:

Symmetrical Mugullu RangoliSave

This 5 chukkala muggulu rangoli is one that is often made in a lot many parts of the country, especially south India. It can be made by beginning to draw small curves around a dot placed in the centre. The quadrant dots of semi-circle are then extended to draw a petal-like a shape on each quadrant. The remaining space can be used to draw the petals of the flower. This is a simple rangoli design that can be made using chalk or using rangoli powder. It can either be made colourful or just drawn with white colour. This rangoli is often altered, and the design can be modified based on the requirement. It can be made grand if the occasion is big or else can be kept small if it is made for a regular basis. It can be drawn on the porch. House entrance or in the courtyard.

Diya 5 Dots Rangoli Design:

Diya 5 Dots Rangoli DesignSave

This small rangoli design with 5 dots is practised at many households. It can be made by drawing four large petals in a spiral fashion and then making Diyas over it. To complete the rangoli, a small dot and a flower can be made. This rangoli is best for occasions like Diwali or any other occasion too. It is not time-consuming and doesn’t require much practice to make it. When filled with vibrant colours like green in the petals and yellow and orange in Diyas, this rangoli can really look beautiful. It can be drawn on the porch, house entrance or the courtyard. The colour schemes can also be changed, and different other patterns can experiment with the rangoli. Depending on the occasion, instead of Diyas, flowers can be drawn.

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