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Best Marathi Rangoli Designs & Patterns

As Indians, we are on the whole enamored with colors. An incredible manner by which we show our appreciation is by making Rangolis during happy seasons. In the course of recent many years, many new plans and examples have arisen, and every one of them are surprisingly wonderful. In case you are searching for a portion of the famous and best plans found in Maharashtra, you can allude to the following not many passages.

Beautiful Marathi Rangoli Designs with Images:

This article educates you about different Maharashtra rangoli designs with photos for festivals and family functions.

 Floral Marathi Rangoli Design:

Floral Marathi Rangoli DesignSave

One of the best rangoli designs seen among the Marathis is the picturesque and neat floral ones. You can use red, yellow, pink and white petals of any flower that has any of these colours and create a pretty looking flower Rangoli. These types are simple flower Maharashtra designs are common, yet very popular.

Banana Leaves Marathi Rangoli Design:

Banana Leaves Marathi Rangoli DesignSave

A unique design seen among Rangolis is the one that includes banana leaves. You can draw the simple image of Lord Ganesh and surround it with rich green petals. Use orange and yellow flowers to highlight their beauty. This one is amazing and shall surely fetch you a lot of compliments. You can draw ram design on center for this Marathi rangoli design that will also look great.

Significant Marathi Rangoli Design:

Significant Marathi Rangoli Design


A design only becomes significant when it brings out the true colours of a festival. You can use this beautiful design which will stand as a reflection of the Hindu culture and traditions. Make sure the colours you use are bright because dull colours never look pretty in appearance.

Purple Marathi Rangoli Design:

Purple Marathi Rangoli DesignSave

If you are looking for a nice Marathi Rangoli design for the competition, you can get yourself this one. It looks beautiful and neat. The purple colour looks majestic, and the flowers in every corner make this design an absolute beauty. You can also use your favourite shapes and patterns.

Full Marathi Rangoli Design:

Full Marathi Rangoli Design


A Rangoli Design that will take up the entire space will look amazing. Using great gaps, this design is surely going to take away the cake. You can use floral and heart patterns. Bright colours are a must. You should also use chalk for embroidery. It will accentuate the beauty of your Rangoli. This is one of the best traditional Marathi rangoli designs with dots.

Authentic Marathi Rangoli Design:

Authentic Marathi Rangoli DesignSave

An authentic Marathi Rangoli Design is all you need to make any festive occasion auspicious and perfect. The combination of red and green looks excellent and the white colour used for patterns look fancy and beautiful. If you are organising a big event, you should definitely use this design.

Blue Peacock Marathi Rangoli Design:

Peacock Marathi Rangoli DesignSave

The blue peacock Marathi rangoli design is one of the best ones seen till date in the whole of Maharashtra. You can use typical Indian patterns and designs to highlight its beauty and use some bright colours to make it look neat and well-shaped. Make sure you are taking the help of an expert, mainly because such designs are not easy to make.

Small Ganesh Marathi Rangoli Design:

Small Ganesh Marathi Rangoli DesignSave

An excellent design for Rangoli can be the Ganesh Marathi Rangoli Design. As we all know that Lord Ganesh is one of the most important gods in the Marathi culture, you can use his image and create something as beautiful and auspicious as this. You can use simple patterns and designs to make it look all the more attractive. You can make this type Maharashtra rangoli designs with dots to make it easy and simple.

Multi-Coloured Marathi Rangoli Design:

Multi-Coloured Marathi Rangoli DesignSave

The multi-coloured Marathi Rangoli Design is truly very beautiful to look at. You can use bright colours such as blue, orange, yellow and green and create them in circular shapes. You can also use a simple pattern which will act as embroidery. Surrounding it with rose plants or lamps will accentuate its beauty.

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