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Beauty Benefits of Ghee For Skin and Hair Health

It is unbelievable that a Bengali did not eat ghee in hot weather. Listen to our mothers and grandmothers say that playing ghee increases the radiance of the skin. Because in the past, ghee was the main beauty material of our mothers and grandmothers. Let’s move on to scientific information today to find out how accurate these words of mothers and grandparents are.

Used as a good moisturizer – The fatty acids in ghee help maintain the skin’s natural moisture. So ghee is a very good moisturizer for the skin. Problems with dry skin, rough skin, etc. Ghee massage, the skin becomes soft and beautiful. Ghee massage is also very necessary to remove age-related stains, blemishes, dark spots, etc.

Use of Ghee for Hair Problems – In case of dry, usko-khusko hair, mix a little ghee with coconut oil or olive oil and apply it on the hair to make the hair silky and soft and also get rid of the problem of white hair.

Prevents dry lips in winter – Dry lips are a problem for everyone in winter. Ghee should be lightly massaged on the lips to prevent chapped lips, skin rashes and bleeding. The oily feeling of ghee creates a layer on the skin of the lips and protects the lips from winter moisture.

Prevents foot fractures – Many people only get fractured feet in winter, some of them have fractures all year round. In this case, regular massage of ghee while sleeping at night can prevent foot cracking.

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