Avoid these mistakes if you are trying to put on weight

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Weight loss is one of the most common goals, but if you belong to the category of people who are trying to gain weight, make sure you don’t make these mistakes.

Are you trying to gain weight? And in that pursuit, are you following a healthy diet, workout, and an active lifestyle? If your answer is a big fat YES, and your weight is still not increasing, it’s a sign that you may be on the wrong track. While losing weight is an uphill task for most people, gaining weight is not exactly a straight and smooth ride. 

Nevertheless, it is not impossible! All you need to do to take yourself on the right track is avoid these mistakes. 

weight gain
Weight gain can also have causes that aren’t due to underlying disease! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Until now, you must be thinking that eating enough will help you in gaining weight, but it is not so. To gain weight, you have to take care of many other things too.

Here are some common mistakes when you try to gain weight

Dr. Jinal Patel, Dietition, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Mumbai, points out the things you can be doing wrong in your weight gain journey

1. Getting impressed by the routines of professional bodybuilders

Many people who wish to gain weight commit the mistake of haphazardly trying to get on par with professional bodybuilders. They get influenced by their routines and consider them as their idols. But do you know that (most of) these bodybuilders also take supplements to bulk up? So, be wise and do not blindly follow anyone or any trend during the weight gain process.

2. Think that weight gain happens overnight

Weight gain does not happen overnight. Yes, you will have to put in a lot of effort to gain weight. The change will happen gradually and then only you will see the results. You will have to be consistent and regularly follow the fitness and diet routine. Stop expecting immediate results. Be patient and you will surely be able to reach your goal. But, do not give up and stick to the routine at any cost.

3. Skipping meals

Are you skipping your meals? Then, you are doing it all wrong. It is the most common mistake that one makes while gaining weight. It can impact the metabolism and you will fail to gain weight as you desired. Moreover, having a heavy meal at one go and then skipping the rest of the meals can create havoc on your well-being. So, just follow the instructions given by a certified trainer. Do not rely on the information available online.  

Weight gain
Do not skip your meal! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
4. Taking supplements

Many people blindly follow instructions given by fitness freaks. They tend to rely on videos regarding quick weight gain, and become dependent on artificial supplements. Try to have the same amount of protein and calories from natural food sources rather than depending on supplements as they are artificial, harmful to health, and are very expensive as well.

5. Avoiding workout

You shouldn’t give up on exercise just because you want to gain weight. A sedentary lifestyle will not only invite obesity but even other issues like high blood pressure, breathing issues, or even cardiac problems. Skipping exercise is a strict no no. Instead, you will have to alter your workout routine with the help of an expert.

So ladies, avoid these mistakes and gain weight in the right way!

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