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Are These Tiktok Lip Trends Wearable IRL?

The application might be restricted in India, however there is no denying the way that the excellence and style produced on TikTok consistently become famous online across the globe. The explanation being, content makers on applications as are TikTok, by the day’s end, genuine individuals separated from reel individuals. Also, these said hacks that are being displayed and spread about truly mean to assist the watchers with getting patterns and kill actually as they do. Thus, right away, we are going to find how TikTokers are getting their lips plumped and whether these lip plumping techniques are truly worth the promotion.

Lip Glue


Image: Instagram

When we heard about TikTokers gluing their lips we were sincerely concerned and shocked at the same time. Who’d even think of doing such a thing? And, to be fair, we honestly thought that those voluminous pouts trending all over social media were only just lip fillers or lipstick application hacks that shape your pout differently. Well, in reality, it could be a combination of both those lip trends alongside lip glue trend.

For this trend, glue is applied to the philtrum, which is the area between your nose and lips, and then the upper lip is pressed up in order to be stuck there. This lip glue hack will make your upper lip look fuller and the same technique can be applied for your lower lips too. Now, while this trend may look appealing on some people, it really is not practical for time spent off social media. Imagine gluing your lips to your face for a date and then it randomly popping back in place because the glue lost its adhesiveness. Yikes! We deem this trend to be best saved for social media reels alone, and not be adopted in real life.

Cinnamon Oil


Image: Instagram

Cinnamon oil is being used in order to get fuller, plumper lips on the app and we have to say that this hack is frankly genius. According to TikTokers, cinnamon oil should be rubbed on the lips, and when it stings the skin a bit, it causes your lips to plump up. If you have ever tried a lip plumping product like a lip maximiser gloss, you would know that those OTC products have a minty aspect which helps boost lip volume. More often than not, cinnamon oil is one such ingredient used in these commercial products.

Using cinnamon oil instead of OTC lip maximisers is an inexpensive way to achieve the same effects at a fraction of the price. The only thing to note when trying this lip trend is to keep in mind skin sensitivity and and cracks or wounds on your lips. If you have minor cuts on your lips or sensitive, this hack should be avoided at all costs. It is also best to first prep your lips with a nourishing balm before applying the oil.


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