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9 Latest Collection of Diwali Kurta For Men To Try This Season

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No wonder that the eve of the Diwali festival would be special for everyone each year. Wearing special outfits like on that day should be something outstanding and noteworthy. Here are the best and trending models of kurta for men to wear on Diwali.

Best and Stylish Diwali Kurta Designs For Gents In India:

So, here is the momentous Top 9 collection of men’s kurtas for Diwali.

1. Wedding Silk Men’s Kurta:

Hold your breath to overlook this Diwali special kurta for men in a beautiful shade is sea blue. This is a calf-length Kurta with a matching shawl and Pajama to complete its look. It has alluring embroidery in the chest with a collar type neck. Enjoy the festival with such kind of silk embroidery Kurta outfits.

2. Punjabi Silk Kurta Pajama:

Explore the cream shaded kurta for men with Jacquard material having straight cut. It has vertical line embroidery in its neck and sleeves, which is the highlight of this Kurta. It is available in all sizes to fit most men and has a remarkable look which makes it fit for wearing in a special event.

3. Orange Ethnic Wear Kurta:

Have a look at this raw silk brocade fabric of Diwali Kurta for men. This orange coloured attire is so eccentric and glamorous that it is the ideal choice for a special event like Diwali. It is well mismatched with a light mustard shade of pyjama. And is, of course, the kind of ethnic wear.

4. Royal Blue Dupion Silk Kurta:

Here comes another sensational robe of Diwali Kurta for men. It is pure royal blue with full sleeves and has a thick golden colour lace on its neck and sleeves. The fabric chosen is again a Dupion Silk material which mostly suits men’s kurtas. This also comes in variant sizes.

5. Indian Casual Wear Kurta:

Look for this maroon shaded short Kurta for men who are the perfect casual wear. As shown in the image, it is still preferred as a Diwali special kurta for men that can be mismatched with normal pajama or the Patiala type. It gives the full comfort and beguiling look for those who do not prefer many Fancy outfits.

6. Traditional Kurta for Diwali Festivals:

Have your eyes on this rich cream shaded kurta, which is of fully plain outlook. This Diwali Kurta for men is a long Kurta type and can also be worn for a special day such as a wedding reception. It is woven using a pure silk cotton material and has a wonderful embroidery work of white silk thread on its chest.

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7. Latest Ethnic Designer Kurta:

It is of simple and plain basic design Kurta for men who are made using Jacquard material. It is beautifully patterned with a golden orange shade having three fourth full sleeves and collar type neck. This Kurta is considered the best perfect choice as DiwaliKurta, which makes it feel comfortable for those who wear it.

8. Trendy Maroon Kurta:

Now choose this unique maroon colour, Kurta, which is mismatched with the same shade of Pajama. It is for the people who do not opt for contrast looks. This Diwali Kurta for men is made of raw cotton silk material and engraved with striking embroidery on its chest side.

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9. Stylish Green Kurta Pajama:

It is of light green shade Kurta, completely woven using Jacquard material. It is full sleeves and has a highlighting pattern design on its collar neck and sleeves border. This long Diwali Kurta is the ideal choice for perfect Indian ethnic wear.

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Grab one among the new ranges of selection for men’s Diwali special kurtas. You can opt for your favourite colour and the material suiting your choice. Every kind is special of its type and has a distinctive combination of various shades. They perfectly suit the demand for the outfit for a special festive season.

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