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70 Evil, Demon and Vampire Baby Names you will Find Interesting to Learn

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It’s time to be fun! If you are someone who finds the common mainstream baby names boring and want to smash the everydayness, here is the guide for you. We have something special with us today – the evil baby names. Kids can be mischievous and naughty, and we all want to reciprocate that in the naming culture. If you are looking for something unique in these lines, this list of names means evil. On the other hand, you even can know about these fascinating names to learn about them and gain knowledge with new angles. What do you think?

The List of Best Evil Sounding Names 2022

Okay, let’s go! These good evil names are inspired by television, dramas, and movies and are taken from mythologies, vampires, and demons. These are quite interesting as they are very rare, unique, and sound supernatural. Ready to find out what these top trending name choices are? Here are the sinister and evil baby names that mean demon!

Evil Baby Boy Names:

Now, let us start this list first by checking out the latest male evil names. These are interesting and rare, perfect to name the guy kids. There are a lot of choices, and you can easily find the one you love or find it mesmerizing.

1. Azazel:

Azazel name has its origins in Hebrew. The name means scapegoat. In other words, the term also implies Angel of Death. Azazel, however, is a very popular baby evil boy name choice for many across the globe.

2. Abigor:

Although the origins of the name Abigor are not very well known, it means handsome young devil. The name also symbolizes someone who appears dashing in the dark. It is creative and cool, isn’t it!

3. Asura:

Asura name is a very popular term one hears in Hindu mythology. They are superhuman demigods who are popular and always fight with Gods.

4. Blade:

We all know what blade means! A knife! It is a simple and yet popular demon name. This is perfect as both evil nicknames for baby boys.

5. Boruta:

Boruta name has its origins in Slavic mythology. The name implies or symbolizes a spirit that rules and wins over the forest lands. It is a great name, what do you think?

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6. Caine:

Caine is the name from Irish roots, inspired by television programs. It means son of the fighter.

7. Chort:

Chort is the demon’s name in fictional characters, which has a skinny tail and longhorns.

8. Cobra:

Did you ever know, people are also actually named Cobra?! Interesting, isn’t it! Cobra is a snake. It has the term origins from the Latin language.

9. Djjal:

Djjal is a demon in the Islamic region. However, it is a popular character in the middle eastern areas.

10. Dzoavits:

The name Dzoavitis origins are not clearly known. However, it symbolizes demons in mythological stories.

11. Erlik:

This is one of the rare and yet most loving evils and demon names for babies. Erlik is derived from Turkish mythology. It means God of Death that makes the name also sound positive. Interesting, right?!

12. Furfur:

Furfur may seem a funny name; however, in Christian demonology, the name implies the one who rules all the demons. Therefore, it is a pretty powerful name.

13. Ghoul:

The term Ghoul is getting pretty popular these days. The name actually implies a monstrous being who lives and spends time in the graveyards only. The name is a very popular character in several fictional books and series.

14. Ipos:

Ipos is the prince’s name, who is supposed to be daring and summoned more than 30 demons. He is strong and courageous.

15. Mammon:

Mammon actually implies someone who is in pursuit of greed. However, the name also means money.

16. Ravana:

Ravana is a pretty popular name choice in many regions of Asia. The name Ravana is the evil in Hindu epic mythology, Ramayana. He is the demon king of the place, Ceylon. However, the name Ravana also means a man who possesses ten heads.

17. Samael:

Samael is the head of dragons and evil princes. He is known to be a destroyer. The origins of the name Samael are from the Jewish mythological narratives.

18. Satan:

Satan is another very popular and trending name globally. The name Satan in Hebrew means adversary. Therefore, many people refer to Satan to be enemy or evil of God.

19. Seth:

Seth is the evil God who killed Osiris. The name is originated from Egyptian mythology. However, in Greek terms, the name Seth implies the one who dazzles.

20. Zagan:

Zagan is the king and ruler of hell.

Evil Baby Girl Names:

Now that we have explored the boy names, let us get ahead and check out the female names choices in evil and demons. These get very interesting, are creative, and are taken a cue from the mythology or fictional basis. Let’s get going!

21. Akuji:

Akuji means a dead yet awake person. It is the ancient baby girl evil-inspired name choice from Greek Mythological origins.

22. Circe:

The name Circe is actually derived from the Greek Goddesses of Magic. This is among popular evil character witch names for girls.

23. Devany:

Devany means dark-haired. The name has its origins in the Italian language.

24. Ember:

Although the actual origins of the name Ember are not clearly well established, the name means spark or fire. Alternatively, the name also symbolizes someone who is bold and powerful.

25. Enyo:

If you are looking for a rare and classic baby girl name choice, Enyo is the one. It means unknown. The name also symbolizes the Goddess of war with power in itself.

26. Hel:

Hel has its origins in Norse regions. It means the realm of the dead or the one who rules the dead. What do you think of this dark evil names?

27. Jahi:

The name meaning of Jahi is not particularly established or known. However, it has its origins from Avestan.

28. Kalevala:

Kalevala, in several mythological origins, means Goddess of the Death.

29. Keres:

Keres means destruction. It also alternatively means female death spirit who feeds on the dead. It has its origin in Greek.

30. Kikimora:

Kikimora means scarecrow. It is also related to magical texts and practice.

31. Lamashtu:

The name Lamashtu is very interesting. It means someone who has the power to erase. It is an Akkadian name.

32. Lilin:

Lilin simply means spirits of the night. In

33. Lisha:

Lisha is a beautiful and creative feminine name choice. It means darkness that erupts before midnight. It is the name with deep sense and thought, isn’t it!

34. Melanthaha:

Melanthaha in Greek and other European origins means a dark color.

35. Maura:

The name Maura is derived from Latin origin. It means darkness or dark sky. It is an intense name, which is also rare to find in general.

36. Nyx:

Nyx is an upcoming trending baby girl name inspired by vampires and demons. The name Nyx means night. It also, however, signifies darkness, denseness, and overcoming fear.

37. Pandora:

This is another trendy name in the world. Pandora in Greek mythology means unleashing evil and terror in the world.

38. Raven:

Raven is a lovely girl’s baby name choice. It means a large and dark bird.

39. Samara:

Samara means intense, evil, and deep. The name has its origins in Arabic and Hebrew languages.

40. Selene:

Selene actually means moon. It is a very pleasant name. However, in several Green mythologies, the term also is associated with an evil character. Isn’t it interesting?!

Unisex Evil Baby Names:

These interesting unisex and genderneutral evil baby names inspired by vampires, demons, and evils are also very interesting and charming. They are trendy, unique, and contemporary too. So let’s have a look at these scary names too!

41. Balan:

Balan is a powerful ruler of hell. The ruler has control over several demons and evil spirits. The name is increasingly gaining popularity as a unisex name.

42. Blazer:

The name Blazer may not exactly be associated with a demon. However, it means trouble from greed or fire. It is a perfect name for both baby boys and girls.

43. Deber:

Deber means someone who gets active at night times.

44. Er Mo:

This is a very interesting and peculiar name choice, ideal for those who prefer a unique and very rare name. Er, Mo is inspired by Szechuan, ruler of the Demons.

45. Fox:

Fox simply symbolizes someone who is cunning.

46. Kobal:

Kobal was popular as a boy name. In recent days, it is seen as a trending evil girl name. Kobal means demon ruler of the humor.

47. Mush:

Mush means demon of darkness. The name has its origins in Iran.

48. Pitkin:

Pitkis is derived from the Baltic demon of the night times.

49. Set:

Set is a simple name. However, it means the Egyptian evil super God of the night.

50. Xic:

Xic means demon who has the power to bring people from the world of the dead.

Demon Baby Boy and Girl Names:

These interesting demon-inspired baby names for boys and girls are something worth looking into. These are demon-related new, modern, and recently trending in the list of baby names.

51. Abere:

Abere is the name of Demoness in the mythical stories of Melanesia. It is a name for females.

52. Aswang:

Aswang is another female baby girl demonic name from origins in the Philippines. It means demon spirit.

53. Dakini:

The name Dakini originated from Sanskrit, which means a feminine spirit. It is related to Hindu mythology.

54. Kino:

Kino is a cute short name for girls. It means demon Goddess of Hell in Japanese. It is among popular evil Japanese names.

55. Nang:

Nang’s name is originated from Thailand. It is the name of a demonic spirit haunting forests and near trees.

56. Botis:

Botis is a name for boys in Christian demonology. It means viper snake.

57. Daemon:

The name Daemon translates to ‘demon’ in the Latin language.

58. Gremory:

Gremory is a demon name in Christian demonology. It is a classic and ancient demonic name choice.

59. Hinn:

Hinn name originated from Islamic folklore stories. It means demon.

60. Kore:

Kore is the name of another demon in the mythology of Albanian regions.

Vampire Inspired Baby Names for Boys and Girls:

Finally, let us also learn and explore the Vampire-inspired and related baby names for both genders. These are new, and yet sophisticated, and creative.

61. Akanta:

Akanta means Thorn. It has origins from Greek and is among trending vampire feminine baby names.

62. Aura:

Aura in Latin means a soft wind. The name also has a darker effect to it.

63. Kali:

Kali has Indian origins. It means the dark Goddess and is among the most popular female baby name in the world. What do you think about this in the list of evil names?

64. Melaina:

Melaina means dark. The name has its origins and roots in the French and is among the most feminine and beautiful names too.

65. Narkissa:

Narkissa in Greek origins means someone who doesn’t wake up. The name also symbolizes asleep or always numb. It is the perfect name for girls.

66. Athan:

Athan translates to someone who is immortal. The name has Greek origins. This is a proper vampire name for boys.

67. Carden:

Carden means someone who belongs to the dark. It has Celtic roots and is among the rarely found baby boy vampire-inspired names.

68. Fino:

Fino translates to the serpent. The name also symbolizes a burning person. It has Italian origins.

69. Lefu:

Lefu in several languages of African cultures means death. It is an intense and very deep, rarely found name for boys.

70. Kieran:

Kieran translates to a little one with a dark soul. It also has Celtic roots and is a lesser-known name choice for boys.

We hope you enjoyed learning newly about the kinds of evil baby names for boys and girls. These names indeed are new and rarely found and are taken as a cue from vampires, demonic souls, mythologies, and fiction. These evil names are perfect if you idolize terms that are not mainstream. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts!


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