6 tips for white teeth despite intake of caffeinated drinks

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Do you love caffeine and yet want shiny white teeth? Fortunately, it is possible, thanks to these 6 simple and effective tips.

Who doesn’t enjoy that hot cup of espresso? We know it isn’t easy to give up on your morning addiction of black coffee, but on the other hand, you dream of a sparkling white smile. What if I tell you that you can still have those pearly white teeth you’ve always wanted? Yes, it isn’t impossible!

Make sure you follow these 6 tips to reduce the effect of caffeine on your teeth and keep them white as ever

1. Rinse or drink water immediately
Your enamel has microscopic porosities and the dark pigment from the beverage seeps into it, causing a stain. When you rinse with water or drink anything, the residue stain on the surface of the tooth is removed.

Avoid stains with a simple water rinse! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Brush and floss
Brushing and flossing is the easiest way to get rid of stains. It helps to do a thorough cleaning – both on the surface and between teeth gaps. Regular brushing and flossing also removes the layer of plaque, which attracts stains and has millions of bacteria. It is important to remember that beverages like tea and coffee are acidic in nature and weaken the enamel (the hard outer layer of the tooth). Hence, brushing and flossing immediately after consuming these beverages, should be avoided.

3. Sip, don’t slurp
Yes, drinking hot coffee/tea with a straw seems bizarre, but it helps. It prevents the beverage from coming in direct contact with the outer surface of the teeth. Hence, the overall exposure is reduced. We agree it’s odd to sip on a beverage like this, so you can try using a lid.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables
High fibre foods like celery, nuts and fruits like strawberries/apples help in keeping the teeth white and shiny. Raw fruits and vegetables help to rub off the plaque from the surface.

5. Professional teeth whitening
If you look at teeth under a microscope, you can see that the enamel is made up of tightly packed crystal structures called rods. While this layer seems solid and smooth to the naked eye, it is possible for the molecules that cause stains to get deep into the enamel by seeping between the rods. In order to remove the stains, dentists use a solution that permeates where the stains are and breaks them up using oxidation.

benefits of quitting coffee
Get pearly white teeth,girl. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

The best whitening systems are the ones that feature a buffer in the gel that protects the tooth enamel from damage. These are extremely effective and can transform teeth in a single visit. Your teeth can literally brighten by up to 10 shades in approximately an hour.

In-office teeth whitening only affects the front eight teeth, and is a great jump start for take-home whitening kits, which are always part of an effective long term teeth whitening program.

6. Don’t be shy to consult your favourite dentist periodically
Regular consultations with a dentist (at least bi-annual) are imperative for good oral health. A thorough check-up can help detect and correct any dental or gum problems in time. Also, professional dental cleaning helps remove stains and deposits.

Remember, “a stitch in time, saves nine.”

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