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50 Best Branded Laptop Bags To Make A Smart Choice

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Laptop bags! Gone are those days we all search for a bag or backpack to fit in our laptops and protect them from physical damage. Today, these bags or backpacks have also become a trend for men and women. We have different sleeves, cases, and stylish bags that are eye-catchy, stylish, beautiful, and artistic. If you love to have something mesmerizing around them every day and feel good about the laptop, you often carry with you, this guide on laptop bags, cases, and backpacks is a perfect accessory for both men and women is a must-read.

What To Consider Before Buying A Laptop Bag?

Laptops and the works associated with them are something which we revolve around every day. In this case, choosing the right one is of utmost importance. Here are some crucial things you must not forget and keep in mind while buying one bag for your laptop.

  • How often do you take your laptop and travel? What all do you need when you go to work beside a laptop? Think about the utility. In this way, you can decide if you prefer a proper laptop backpack or a case or a sleeve. The sleeves or cases instead even offer extra protection around your gadget. These are useful if you already have a backpack and an area to place your laptop inside the bag.
  • Think about the number of zips the bags or sleeves come with. It is always beneficial if you even have a charger sleeve.
  • What about the size of your laptop? Is it 13 inches or 14 inches, or 15.6 inches? Depending on the weight and size of your laptop, pick the perfect one.
  • Last but not least, look into the comfort you have with the bag or case. Is it soft and warm? Is it waterproof? Is the case durable? Is it lightweight? These are some questions you may want to explore before picking a perfect laptop case cover or bag.

Modern Laptop Bags For Men And Ladies In India:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 50 laptop bags with images.

1. Samsonite Laptop Briefcase Bag:


If you are searching for a perfect formal and plush-looking laptop briefcase, nothing other than this branded Samsonite bag. This jet-black colour bag is ideal for a large 15.6 screen laptop and even has a tablet sleeve. It is thick, comfortable, and durable in quality, yet also comes with various zips perfect for a utility pick.

  • Design: Black Color Laptop Briefcase Bag with Zips and Adjustable Strap
  • Material Used: Nylon
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a dry cloth to clean the dust.

2. HP Laptop Backpack Bag:


The HP own company’s laptop backpacks bag is already trendy and famous around us. This lovely orange and black colour patterned backpack are ideal for a 15-inch screen. The bag is very lightweight and has large compartments to fit your other daily necessities, such as phones and accessories. It is comfortable and also helps protect your laptop adequately with the padded case.

  • Design: Orange Color Abstract Print Laptop Backpack
  • Material Used: Nylon and Polyester
  • Care: Clean the bag with a moist cloth to remove any dust.

3. Dell Laptop Bag:


Another popular and hot selling backpack and laptop bag come from the brand Dell. Their super black colour professional bag is perfect for those searching for formal engagements and work occasions. The stylish bag is easy to carry, comfortable, and can fit your ample work requirements. The stylish laptop bags for men also have a battery pocket to go.

  • Design: Black Stylish Formal Laptop Backpack
  • Material Used: Fabric Cotton and Nylon
  • Care: Clean the bag with a dry cloth only.

4. Fossil Leather Laptop Bags for Men:


For those men searching for elite, elegant, and plush laptop bags, how about this one? The Fossil leather brief is perfect. The stylish-looking tan brown bag comes with a padded laptop compartment, zip pocket, adjustable, detachable strap. It indeed also appears similar to a designer piece.

  • Design: Brown Colour Plush Fossil Leather Laptop Bag
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a dry cloth to clean.

5. Lenovo 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag:


We even have a Lenovo perfect laptop bag. If you have a 15.6-inch laptop, this can be useful and ideal. The blue colour laptop bag is lightweight and comfortable, also comes with various storage requirements and space. It is good to go for daily usage, be it for offices or colleges. The bag is durable and easy to carry also.

  • Design: Blue Color Lightweight Lenovo Laptop Bag
  • Material Used: Fabric and Polyester
  • Care: To wipe out any dust, clean with a dry cloth.

6. Waterproof Laptop Bag:


Are you someone who is always on the go? What better than owning a perfect waterproof laptop bag for yourself to fight against all the weather odds! This water-resistant bag is perfect, lightweight, and easy to carry, suitable for business and formal looks and travel. It is versatile in use and has several compartments to fit your various requirements and accessories.

  • Design: Black Color Waterproof Laptop Bag
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Clean the bag with a dry cloth for best results.

7. Chumbak Printed Laptop Bags:


Who doesn’t like a cute patterned bag? This Chumbak printed laptop bag is always top the trending list online. We love this unisex multicolour printed sleeve for laptops; this padded sleeve is ideal for those who own smaller sizes laptops. It is a lovely female laptop bag to check out!

  • Design: Multi-Colour Printed Cute Laptop Sleeve
  • Material Used: Synthetic
  • Care: Clean and dust the laptop sleeve only with a dry cloth.

8. Asus 17 Inch Laptop Bag:


Do you have a perfect gaming laptop that is your life? Well, this Asus water resistance 17-inch laptop bag is the ideal one for you. This male laptop bag comes with a bold design, multi-functional use, several compartments, and zips with a padded area for caring for your laptop. The patches and loops on the exteriors are indeed eye-catchy and fascinating.

  • Design: Black Colour Fancy Gaming Laptop Bag with Patches
  • Material Used: Nylon and Polyester
  • Care: You can clean the bag with a moist cloth.

9. American Tourister Laptop Messenger Bag:


The elegance and classy looks an American Tourister bags show are something no one can compete with. What do you think? This messenger blue shaded laptop bag from the brand is an all-about plush look and grandeur design. The pack also has an exterior compartment and zip for accessories and miscellaneous items and appears with the organizational look. This also can be good stylish laptop bags for women.

  • Design: Blue Color Laptop Messenger Bag with Exterior Zip
  • Material Used: Fabric and Polyester
  • Care: Clean with a dry cloth to wipe out any dust.

10. Wildcraft Laptop Sleeve:


Next up, we have our favourite – wildcraft laptop sleeve. We have heard about the Wildcraft bags several times. Their laptop sleeve is gorgeous too. The grey printed sleeves are effortless yet classy, elegant, and easy to carry. It comes with two handles and a padded laptop compartment, along with another extra one. It is a good trendy one to choose from for regular use.

  • Design: Grey Color Simple Solid Laptop Sleeve with Exterior Compartment
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Clean the bag only with a dry cloth.

11. Swiss Military Laptop Trolley Bag:


Did you ever hear of a laptop trolley bag? This black colour travel laptop bag from the Swiss Military is perfect for frequent travellers. The trolley bags fit in the 15.6-inch screen ones and are ideal to have suitable space to fit our daily required and necessary items. It is comfortable and spacious, waterproof, and plush with formal business looks too.

  • Design: Black Plush Trolley Laptop Bag from Swiss Military
  • Material Used: Polyester
  • Care: Clean the bag with a moist cloth to remove any dust.

12. Puma Small Laptop Bag:


We love this cute and beautiful small laptop bag from Puma. For those who crave intelligent and sleek looks, this one is perfect for adding to the collection. The Puma laptop bag fits a laptop with a padded compartment and comes with extra zip to fit in other accessories. This is an excellent versatile usage bag for neat and tidy, organized looks.

  • Design: Black Small Sized Laptop Bag from Puma with Handle and Strap
  • Material Used: Polyester and Nylon
  • Care: Only clean the bag with a dry cloth.

13. Embroidered Laptop Carry Bags:


Do you like intricate and neat designs? This embroidered laptop carry bag is perfect for modern and contemporary looks with sleek and chic tastes. The pink, green and black embroidered bag in floral design is ideal for girls and women who love to have their laptops pretty and bright access. The women laptop bags is indeed eye-catchy and beautiful.

  • Design: Floral Design Embroidered Laptop Bag
  • Material Used: Synthetic
  • Care: Only clean the bag with a dry, neat cloth.

14. Hidesign Slim Laptop Bag:


We have another business and formal-looking laptop bag for professionals. This leather brown colour bag from Hidesign is among the best and latest trending designs. The branded bag comes with two handles and an external compartment besides a laptop one and is ideal to fit in a sizeable screen-sized laptop.

  • Design: Brown Color Leather Hidesign Branded Laptop Bag
  • Material Used: Leather
  • Care: Use a dry cloth to clean out any dust.

15. Laptop Tote Bag for Women:


Baggit! We bet there won’t be a woman in India who didn’t hear this brand name. This affordable, budget-friendly brand with sleek women’s bags and accessories has a laptop bag range. We love this navy blue one. It comes with two main compartments with handles and gives chic, ultra-modern, and contemporary styles. We love this one in stylish ladies laptop bags.

  • Design: Navy Blue Laptop Tote Bag for Women with Two Compartments
  • Material Used: Synthetic
  • Care: Wipe the bag with a clean, dry, and neat cloth.

16. Ice Red AVA Laptop Backpack Bag:

This bag is loved as a first sight bag. It is crafted with style in mind. The long-lasting nylon ensures quality with a premium look. Different sized pocket makes you easy to fit in different products quite easily. It is a 15-inch laptop and is colourful. It could be your college use laptop bag that is trendy and comes with one big rack. The bag is just ideal for carrying your laptop and is mainly used by women.

17. Amazon Basic Laptop And Tablet Bag:


This is one of the most basic and underrated bags. But this can easily be the multi-utility bag. It has a padded interior that maintains shape with excellent looks and is easy and convenient to carry. They are available in different sizes so you can get your desired size. It is a 15.6-inch laptop bag, but they also offer other size variants and designs. Both men and women can use it. This bag has two big racks and a small one in the front. The quality is long-lasting and is a trusted choice. It is a typical office use bag.

18. Incase Reform Brief Bag For Laptop:

It is a 13-inch laptop bag and is a perfect one for your mac book. A zipper in the front will secure your laptops in it. There is a faux fur lining that will keep your laptop secured and placed. Thus, while travelling, your laptop will be in place and secured. It can be used by both men and women and is intended to be the office type bag.

19. Waterfield Design Cosmo 2.0 Laptop Bags For Women:

If you want to give a premium touch to your laptop bag, go with it. You have colours like black or chocolate brown in it. The zipper finish and single handle give it a perfect finish. Perfect for girls during the outings. This is a 15-inch laptop bag and is a typical laptop bag for women. This one had one main rack and offered durability.

20. Sena Heritage Commuter Bag:

It is made of soft and tumbled leather. The material of this bag makes it more durable and long-lasting. The laptop bag also has a dedicated place for the iPad too. It is a 15-inch laptop bag and is ideal for women and their office needs. With just one big rack, it can accommodate only the laptop.

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21. Kensington Jacqueline LM650 Laptop Tote Bag For Ladies:


It is the little black dress of the tote bag. The chic bag makes it perfect for occasions, specifically parties. The matte black finish looks extremely classy and minimal. The faux leather makes the bag easier to carry. It is a 15.6 laptop bag, and this stylish one is meant for women. It is small with one opening and a divider within.

22. Solo Urban Hybrid Briefcase Bag:


This bag is one of the trendy and very formal ways of carrying laptops. What can be more professional than a briefcase? Remember the age-old people who used to carry briefcases to work. That was the more polished way to the office. This briefcase has adjustable straps, which make you adjust your bags position quite easily. It is a 15.6-inch laptop bag, and it is an office use bag and is ideal for both men and women.

23. Berchirly Vintage Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag:

If anything is macho for the boys, then that’s military style. And for girls who like sporty things military is for them too. So, anybody of that genre would surely love this bag. This has a pretty brown military colour which looks very chic and cool. The messenger is generally bulky with lots of space inside it. So, along with your laptop, you can accommodate many things here. This is a laptop bag for men and in a 13-inch size. Its variants can accommodate up to 17 inches. It is an office cum college bag.

24. Thule Crossover 25l Laptop Bag For Men:

This is one of the super-tough laptop bags for men. This is very long-lasting and durable. But still, the black colour with blue bordering makes it a very stylish option. And what makes it more appealing is the budget pricing. Its variants can accommodate even a 17-inch laptop and big with two big racks and two small racks. The side pockets are closed with a zip.

25. Wenger Scansmart SA1900 Laptop Bag:


With a slim, lightweight laptop sleeve, this is a must-try laptop bag from my side. This is similar to a rucksack bag which can hold a number of materials inside it. The laptop bag also has a number of pockets or compartments in different sizes to keep the rest of your belongings. The zip and the fabric is the last long of this 17-inch laptop bag. It is ideal for college cum office bags for both men and women.

26. Designer Laptop Bag for Women:

Now every one of us requires carrying laptops to the workplace, so why not get a bag which looks exclusive and appealing. Thus, designer laptop bags would be the best choice as it looks very smart when carried. The bag has a beautiful pine tree print and a beautiful colour combination, making the laptop bag appear awesome. The bag has a handle to carry on the shoulder, thus keeping your hands free. It is a laptop bag for women and has one rack that is apt for carrying the laptop.

27. Waterproof Laptop Bag:

As laptops are essential things in today’s time, so you should ensure their safety for every corner and angle. This laptop bag is made from a material on which water also doesn’t affect its waterproof bag, thus protecting your bag from water as well. The bag has a side pocket and padded two straps at the back; so that you can carry them at your shoulders; thus, you can keep your hands free. It is a typical bag used by both men and women and is a 15-inch laptop bag.

28. Slim Laptop Bag:

Some men’s and women prefer laptop bags which is sleek and very light in weight when carried. This type of slim laptop bag is perfect for those users as in these bags, it can keep only your laptop, and the bag has high quality zips to interlock the bag. The bag has small and paddy handles for holding purposes. These bags are available in various colours and fabrics, and you can choose the one according to your need and pocket size. The pitch dark laptop bag is designed fashionably and is ideal for both men and women for their office needs.

29. Leaf Design Laptop Bag:

College boys and girls prefer laptops that look attractive and are very easy to carry at the same point. Thus, this bag is perfect for a teenage group as the artistic leaf is crafted in the front of the bag. The bag has a front flap and has adequate space for a laptop. The bag has a broad adjustable long strap helping you to carry the bag safely. This sleek laptop bag is an ideal one for the thin ones and is a 13-inch laptop bag. Its sleek design enables effortless carrying and comes in a range of colours. Both men and women can use this bag.

30. Branded Laptop Bag:

Some people are brand conscious and want their laptop bags to be branded. The branded laptop bags are made from high-quality faux leather, and it looks different from normal laptop bags. These bags have extra pockets inside, helping you keep your files, chargers and even your mobiles. The bag looks exclusive when carried at the meeting or conference room, thus making others impressions. This is a laptop bag for women and can be your ideal office bag. It is a 14-inch laptop bag that has one big rack.

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31. Fabric Laptop Bag:

As sophisticated laptop bags pinch your pocket on the higher side, the designer has tailored the laptop bags made from fabric. You can give a personalized touch to this bag and get the bag according to your choice and need. Though it’s made from fabric is pretty durable, and you can tailor the laptop bag according to your requirements. Its fabric texture is intended for an easy journey and typically uses one big rack to house the laptop.

32. Smart Laptop Bag for Girls:

Young girls prefer to have laptop bags which make them look smart and attractive. This type of sleek and slim laptop bag look stylish when carried to any place. The front of the laptop has the appearance of the newspaper, thus making the laptop bag exclusive and amazing. Here is another laptop bag for women that has one rack and is stylish and sleek in design. You could even carry this to your workplace or college. Look out for a range of designs.

33. Ladies Two Layer Laptop Bag:

Here comes a laptop bag that is multi-functional in use. You can store your precious electronic gadget in the topmost layer, and at the bottom layer, you can store the charger, pen drive, tissues, and mouse. It has a latch for interlocking, and the bag looks amazing when carried. There are two racks, and the second one is protected with a small belt lock. Both men and women can use it for their office work.

34. Polyester Laptop Bags:


This polyester laptop bag is very popular among every gender as it’s very easy to handle and carry and is very light in weight. This laptop bag is perfect for bikers or travellers as they can hang them on their shoulders, and the bag has enough compartments inside to keep other things. The bag has side pockets and padded straps, making it comfortable to carry. Both men and women can use this bag.

35. Simple Laptop Bags:

Many people prefer to own a laptop bag that is simple to look at. These types of laptop bags are perfect for them. These are the simple laptop bags where you have to keep your bag safely and have an extra cabinet at the back to keep your files. The bags are available in different colours also, and you can fetch one according to your like. These are designed to meet the purpose and can be used by both men and women. It is a 15.6-inch laptop bag.

36. Floral Print Laptop Bag for Women:

This is a laptop bag for women who can take to the office or any formal meetings. This laptop bag has a floral print in the front of the bag, thus giving it an extraordinary look. The bag has multi pockets inside, helping you to keep other things along with the laptop. This trendy bag has one big rack and is covered by an extra sheet of cover.

37. Multi-layer Leather Laptop Bag for Men:

This laptop bag is very popular in men folk as the bag has various cabinets to store. Along with the laptop, you have space to keep your important files and the charger and your other necessary items in the extreme front. The bag is designed as a snug fit and looks very attractive when carried for a meeting or boardroom. It can be used by both men and women and has many racks to store much other stuff. A leather laptop bag is a fashion statement!

38. Denim Laptop Bag:

Anything made from denim is widely accepted and adored by everyone. This denim laptop bag looks exclusive when carried. The bag has enough room space to keep the laptop and has small pockets to keep your files, charger, pen drive, etc. The bag has a latch in the front for interlocking and an adjustable strap to carry. The denim laptop looks very trendy when carried and can be used by both men and women for their office. Denim is a modern fashion icon!

39. Black And White Laptop Bag:

The combination of black and white laptop bags looks exclusive and extraordinary when carried by any woman. It enhances the persona of a person and makes you appear stylish. The bag has adequate space for the laptop and is made of lightweight material that makes it a laptop bag for women. This classy one has a big rack and is a 17-inch laptop bag.

40. Bucket Shape Laptop Bag:

As the name depicts, the laptop bag is designed in a bucket making several cabinets and pouches to store. The bag has high-quality zip for interlocking, and it’s made of fine leather. The edges and the corner of the bag have a smooth finish. The bag has a strong, broad padded strap making it comfortable for you to carry. It is a perfect bag while travelling and for college purposes for men.

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41. Vintage Leather Laptop Carry Bag for Women:


This one is designed to make travelling with it easier. The laptop bag is made of smooth and leather. It looks impressive when carried. The bag has only handled to carry by hands and has ample space inside to keep your precious laptop. The small golden buttons studded give the bag an extra look. Women usually carry it for office or any formal meetings.

42. Cute Laptop Bag for Teenagers:

This type of laptop bag is customized to have enough compartments and pockets all over the bag. This type of bag is perfect for people who are always on the move as it’s pretty easy to carry and handle. It is a 15-inch laptop bag that you can use to keep some files along with your laptop. The bag has strong two side’s straps for carrying purposes. It looks very cute and fashionable when carried. Men and women can use it for college purposes.

43. 14-Inch Laptop Bag:

The bag is perfect for a 14-inch laptop bag to be stored safely. The bag is padded from every corner, thus protecting the laptop from any kind of damages. It has enough cabinets to keep your files and extra articles in one bag, thus providing comfort while travelling. These laptop bags are perfect for office use and a complete bag for you to attend the meeting.

44. Pure White Laptop Bag:

Here come gorgeous and stylish looking laptop bags for women’s. The sizzling white colour laptop attracts the vision of others when carried to offices or any meetings. The bag has two compartments that strong zip for an interlocking purpose. It has sleek straps which adjustable straps, thus making it convenient to carry. This bag is a stylish laptop bag and gives the laptop bag an overall status lift. It has one big shelf on top and a smaller one below. Carry your laptop and some pen drives and mouse along with it.

45. Briefcase Type Laptop Bag:

This laptop is a briefcase type and has a more professional look than a backpack look. It’s made of leather or any type of vinyl and has strong, stylish handles, thus making it easily portable. It has long detachable straps; if desired, you can hook them up. These types of laptop bags are sleek and look fashionable when carried. It is a laptop bag for women for their office needs.

46. Stylish Laptop Bag for Men:

Check out these laptop bags for men that is vibrant! This type of bag is perfect when carried to the office or any boardroom. The combination of light and dark grey colour makes the bag looks exclusive and different from others. Instead of zipping, the bag has a latch for interlocking, thus enhancing the look of a laptop bag. It can be your ideal office laptop bag.

47. Contrast Strips Laptop Bags:

The laptop bag looks exclusive as in the front; it has strips with contrasting colour combinations. The bag has two compartments wherein you can keep your laptops and other valuables as well. These laptop bags are available in different colours and varieties, and you can opt for the one that suits your needs and requirements. Try out these best laptop bags for men and women that will best suit the office.

48. Cool Laptop Bags for Women:

Women prefer a laptop bag which looks cool when carried and the bag should have extraordinary looks as well. The bag has a slim fit and can be easily carried by hand as well. It’s made of colourful fabric, and the colour combination makes the bag look awesome and can be your office or college wear. These laptop bags for women have warm colours to offer with one big shelf.

49. Khaki Laptop Bags for Men:

A Khaki bag is popular among teenagers and is very easy to maintain and handle. The laptop bag has a paddy cabinet and a front pocket to keep your charger and even mobile. Thus, a perfect bag to be carried at collages for men! It has one big shelf that makes for a 13-inch laptop bag. The side pocket, like a shelf in the front, is just apt for you to carry a charger.

50. Fashionable Laptop Bags for Girls:

As many girls prefer even laptop nags to look fashionable. So, this type of laptop bag is perfect for them, as the bag has the latest design printed on it. It even has a stylish strap for holding and looks awesome when carried. It has two shelves and is a laptop bag for women.

Laptop bags have become a necessity rather than a style statement for every one of us as now it’s difficult for anyone to imagine life with a laptop. Laptop bags just do not safeguard the laptop from any kind of damage or spoilage is also convenient to use and carry. These days, laptop bags have several pockets, thus facilitating you to keep your files and documents in one place.

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