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50 All Time Hottest Dresses in the World

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Extraordinary and super-popular events of the year deserve all the extra attention. There are a few events every year or two that needs all the remarkable looks. Female celebrities come by with the sexiest looks, wearing the hottest dresses in the world. Well, you may wonder why such attention-grabbing and hot looks when one can wear any fashionable outfit? With all such glitzy and flattering occasions, it doesn’t hurt to wear those sheer silhouettes, high slit, plunging necklines, and sultry numbers to walk on the red carpet!

Today, we are here to treat you and take you through the sexiest dress in the world. These are the shocking and super-hot dresses that took over all the attention from the crowd on special glamorous occasions.

Hottest Fashion Dresses: 50 Different Red Carpet Dresses Ever 2021:

Let us go and round you up with the most sexiest dress worn by our favorite female celebrities in the world. These celebrity outfits took all the attention, grabbed the limelight, and stood remembered even to date. So, here are the world’s hottest red carpet dresses ever!

1. Grammy Awards Celebrity Dresses Hot:

Over the years, the Grammy awards received severe attention and limelight, not just for recognizing talent in the music industry but also for the star-studded looks. There have been so many fabulous and eye-catchy sexiest dresses at the Grammys. Our favorite female stars and celebrities walked down the red carpet in the most captivating, stunning, and mesmerizing manner. Let us show you what the most attention-seeking and catchy looks were.

Selena Gomez (2016) in a dark blue sparkling glitzy gown, with side cutouts and plunge neckline.

Chrissy Teigen (2020) in orange plunging neckline dress, with a thigh-high slit and super-dramatic sleeves.

Dua Lipa (2021) in a purple mesh gown with a high thigh slit and beaded embellishments.

Miley Cyrus (2015) in a sleek, edgy, and hot black sexy tight black gown, with huge two-sided cutouts.

Kelly Rowland (2013), in black body sticking sheer dress, placed cutouts on thighs, midriff, and cleavage.

2. Hot Dressed Oscar Winning Celeb:

Oscars awards are probably the most coveted event every year. It witnesses stars from across the globe in the most glamorous and fashionable way. Our female celebrities look the most beautiful and glamorous at this event without any doubt, and the ever-famous red carpet always clicks through the high-profile pictures. The actresses and other female celebrities never fail to charm and impress us with their most hottest and mesmerizing dresses of all time. Some of the most remarkable sexiest dresses at Oscars includes,

Halle Berry in the 2002 Oscars ceremony, wearing a satin maroon sheer dress.

At the 2012 Oscars, Jennifer Lopez is wearing a stunning long dress with a low back, shoulder cutouts, and sheer stripes.

Charlize Theron in 2016 Oscars, wearing the deep red bold hot outfit with sheer drop neckline.

Angelina Jolie in 2012 awards, wearing a stunning black dress with an exposed right limb.

Blac Chyna, in the 2020 Oscars, is wearing a high slit gown with a plunging neckline and blue beaded fringe.

3. Met Gala Hot Dresses:

The annual Met Gala meet is all about flaunting crazily beautiful styles, infamous sexy dresses, and the hottest trends of the year. Some of the dresses even became scandalous, and others stood remembered even to date. The hottest looks from our female celebs in Met Gala event include,

Zoe Kravitz in sheer crystal slip dress with a silver thong

Beyonce in 2015 Met Gala with colorful crystals extremely thin and transparent dress

Kendall Jenner in the 2017 Met Gala wearing a black fine shimmering low back dress

Gisele Bundchen ultra-low back beautiful slinky dress

Rihanna in the 2014 Met Gala wearing a beautiful white dress with a slit near the waist.

4. BAFTA Fashion Outfits:

Bafta, or the British Academy Film Awards, is another famous annual awards show attended by our favorite celebrities all across. It receives huge recognition, not just for the talent and nominations, but also for our female celebrities’ striking and sharp looks. We can’t wait to show you the biggest movie stars’ sexiest dresses flaunted on the big night.

Sophie Turner in 2017 BAFTA, wearing the gorgeous black gown with silver beading. The dress also has a hip-high slit and plunging neckline.

Angelina Jolie in 2018 BAFTA, wearing a strapless black gown with a high slit.

Sienna Miller in 2008 awards, with a lovely green gown in long sleeves, intricate design, and open back.

Margot Robbie in 2020 BAFTA, with an eye-catchy yellow glam strapless dress and plunging neckline.

Naomi Campbell in 2014 awards, wearing a lovely grey dress with multiple cutouts near cleavage and waist.

5. BRIT Awards Dresses:

The BRIT Awards are popular annual music awards, marking excellence in music. These awards also stand heavily celebrated, with our celebrities flaunting their looks on the red carpet. We can’t forget some of the most stylish looks that will trend for many years in the century. We have compiled the sexiest dresses and outfits worn by our female celebs in BRIT awards too!

Rina Sawayana in light purple conture fluffy dress

Taylor Swift in a white sequined two-piece dress

Cheryl in a yellow knee-length dress with dramatic ruffles

Rihanna in a shoulder strap lilac gown

Fleur East in embellished sheer transparent gown with two side slits

6. Independent Spirit Awards:

The Independent spirit awards are a popular awards show conducted to recognize the talent of independent filmmakers. However, if you think they aren’t a fashion affair, you are wrong! There are few best star-studded moments in the history of these awards, and we have some remarkable looks from our female celebrities.

Kate Beckinsale in 2012 awards, wearing a pink one-shoulder jumpsuit dress.

Lupita Nyong in 2014 awards, wearing metallic printed romper set

Hunter Schafer in 2020, wearing a beautiful white two-piece dress

Reese Witherspoon in 2014, wearing a blue embellished sheer lace dress

Jennifer Lopez in 2020, wearing a two-toned gown with silver turtleneck sparkling upper and magenta bottom.

7. Olivier Awards Hot Outfits:

The Olivier awards is presented by the Society of London Theatre, strives to recognize the talent and award those who excel in professional theatre. This event too is full of glamour and star-studded ceremony, and there are some amazing red carpet outfits by our female celebrities and actresses we shouldn’t miss.

Nicole Scherzinger in 2015 awards, wearing strapless black topknot with a fishtail skirt and golden waist belt.

Gemma Arterton when she flaunted a black plunging neckline dress with a back cutout

Denise Gough, in red halter neck gown with a golden belt

Emma Williams in ruffled strapless gorgeous dress

Alexandra Burke in 2018 awards, wearing a black and white strapless dress with side ruffles.

8. Celeb Fashion Cannes Film Festival:

If anyone should choose one super-glamorous red carpet event, then it’s Cannes! The Cannes Film Festival always remains the international event where all the stars make unforgettable appearances, with the boldest and most gorgeous looks. The fashion and red carpet events are almost like a competition, and sizzling hot styles is a rule. One gets to see the most ravishing and daring ensembles at this show every year. Here are some of the most spectacular hottest dresses worn by our female celebrities.

Isabeli Fontana in 2021, wearing sleek low neck silver sequined gown, high slit, and sheer corseted bodice with a flowy skirt.

Bella Hadid in 2019, looking all dreamy and mesmerizing with a white ruffle sheer design halter neck gown and an open back.

Izabel Goulart in 2018, wearing a whimsical ensemble with shorts in lace embroidery, geometrical motifs, and a long matching train cape.

Deepika Padukone in 2018, wearing charming heavy ruffle pink high-low dress, with pointy shoulders.

Blake Lively in 2014, wearing sequin and embellished pastel dress, with a nipped-in waist.

9. MTV Music Awards Celeb Looks:

The MTV Music Awards aren’t just about music, but also fashion. The most red carpet appearances here are filled by our female celebs flaunting their extraordinary appearances in sheer dresses, plunging necklines, and how-much-is-too-much-skin kind of dresses. So, are you excited to check out some of the most famous looks here?

Amber Rose in 2014 outfit, wearing drape chain exposed getup.

Ciara in 2013, wearing the most sheer embellished dress

Jennifer Lopez in 2014, wearing a silver dress with a long slit and several cutouts.

Normani in 2021, for a white two-piece skirt cutout dress, paired with a gorgeous jacket.

Rita Ora in 2018, wearing a black sheer embellished gown.

10. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show:

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is dedicated to the top models’ most fashionable and sexy appearances. Several models to celebrities walked the runway with some of the iconic and never-to-forget kind of looks. The costumes always display the over-the-top elegance, class, and fashion statement with embellishments, massive wings, plunging necklines, and high slits. Ready to see some of the iconic hottest dresses from the show?

Bella Hadid 2017, in the most charming blue gown. The gown comes with a flowy design with a layered look and embellished lingerie.

Kendell Jenner 2016, with red and blue wings and an effortlessly sexy look

Caroline Trentini, going with a garden floral winged dress

Naomi Campbell, in a flame bikini and black chained wings

Selita Ebanks in silver and gold spikes dress

These are some of the most iconic hottest dresses in the world. The gorgeous looks flaunted by the female celebrities in the sexiest outfits of all the time will always be remembered down memory lane.

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