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5 tips to take care of your skin during the lockdown

The coronavirus situation has completely changed our way of life. We are all almost prisoners at home skin care tips. In fact, I am not going out for safety. Most of the needs are now being met by home delivery services. But for your own skin care and beauty?

At various times on social media, we come across some skin care packs / tips, which we can make at home. In many cases, due to lack of time, we did not have the opportunity to test them. At this time of lockdown, we can try out these skin care tips if we want. By understanding which will be better according to our skin type, we can increase our own skin-health by ourselves.

Today I am sharing with you 5 such tips. Note that if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this method, it is better to refrain from using that method.

1. Coconut oil for skin care-

No one has any hesitation about the use of coconut oil in hair care. Coconut oil is also very useful for dry skin. Matching pair of coconut oil as makeup remover. Sometimes it can be given in small amounts for dry skin on hands and feet (especially at night). However, in this case, it should be noted that too much or if you apply coconut oil on the hands and feet every day, the oil may become sticky or the pores may close and other problems may occur. For those who have dry skin, they can try this method at night 1 day a week for skin care.

2. Retain the moisture of the hand-

Everybody has to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer to give soap to everyone one after the other. The skin of the hand is becoming dry and hard for many. To overcome this problem, you can mix coconut oil and shea butter with a drop of jazba oil and make a moisturizer for your beard. Applying this mixture on the hands at night will remove dryness and hardness.

3. Body Scrub-

To make an easy body scrub at home, mix coconut oil with brown sugar and 2-3 drops of essential oil. Yes, it became a homemade body scrub. This method is quite effective in skin care.

4. Relaxing Bath Salts-

The amount of Epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda and a few drops mixed together will be your favorite bath salts. When taking a shower, mix 1 tablespoon of the mixture in water and enjoy its relaxing experience and aroma.

5. Avocado Face Mask-

Mix one ripe avocado with one tablespoon of honey in a bowl. Now apply the pack on the face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with clean water. The problem of dry skin will be removed and the skin will be moisturized.

More tips

Beauty Tips for Teenage Girls 2021

Every human being wants to present himself to others in an attractive way. Skin, hair or makeup techniques are the means by which you can present yourself uniquely beautiful to everyone. This is why you must take proper care of yourself. Here are some beauty tips for teenage girls that you can follow to change your lifestyle.

-Clean your face at least twice a day. In this case you can use aloe vera from time to time. Never wash your face with hot or extra cold water.
-Always do light make-up in hot weather. It will not make you feel uncomfortable as much as it will make you feel soft.

-Excess eye cream you can use in nail cuticles.

-Use blotting tissue for social proof eye make-up. This allows you to remove the access oil or access make-up from around the eyes.

-Get conditioning treatment at least once every week to protect hot colored hair color.

-Most of the time we are hesitant to apply blush on any part of the face to look beautiful. You should start applying blush from 2 fingers away from your nose.

-If the eye makeup is too shabby, matte lipstick will look beautiful.

-After manicure, apply clear nail polish on the nails every 2 days to maintain the beauty of the nails.

-Use a good quality volumizing spray or light weight gel before blow drying the hair. This will make the hair look thicker.

-If the lips are too thin, outline the outside of the lips with a lip liner of skin color before applying the lipstick.

– Whenever you see any pimple on the skin, start using tea tree oil.

-Do not forget to protect the skin of the feet from the harmful effects of the sun during hot weather. So when you go out, apply SPF 50 rich sunscreen on your feet.

-Use salicylic acid rich cleanser for clean skin.

-To prevent hair split ends, first straighten the hair with a hair iron. Then apply hair repair cream.

-When applying cream on the face, apply translucent powder on it to keep it locked.

-When you buy an organic beauty product, check whether it is FDA certified organic.

-Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation on hot days.

-If you want to keep your hair curled for a long time, use a hair curling machine after the hair is completely dry.

Always try to use Sulfate Free Shampoo. Because Sulfate roughs the hair and also dries the hair follicles. Some Sulfate Free Shampoo is called L’Oréal Ever Strong Sulfate-Free Fortify System ™ Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo, Trireme Naturals Radiant Volume Shampoo With Sweet Orange.

-If you do not have a nail polish remover, apply a clear color nail polish. Then remove with cotton. You will see that the old nail polish has gone up.

-You can apply concealer as the base of the eyelids.

– When ironing hair with a straightener, do it at a lower temperature, then the hair loss will be less.

-Remove dead cells from the skin. You can do this by washing your face in the right way. It will rejuvenate your skin by removing unnecessary oils and dryness from your body.

-You should use a moisturizer every day to maintain skin moisture. Your moisturizer should be used at least two to three times a day, especially in winter. Using it will make your dry skin smooth again.

– Always try to take a clean make-up brush, it will reduce the risk of bacterial attack on the face.

-Sunscreen is an essential ingredient in skin care. This should be done from an early age. This is a method that stimulates the sun’s rays and helps to get rid of your acne. It must be done in winter and in cloudy weather.

-Dry lips can cause a lot of damage to you. This is why you can use lip gel to protect the beauty of your lips.

-Your skin becomes dry in winter. You can use a humidifier to remove the softness of your skin.

-If you sleep insufficiently, your skin will look pale, dull and dry. So you must get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. This is a very important issue for your skin to beauty tips for teenage girls.

-Water is an essential element for the body. Drink at least seven to eight glasses of pure water every day. This will help keep your skin vibrant throughout the day.

-Keep vitamin-rich foods on your food list. It affects your skin. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in moderate amounts of vitamins A and E regularly. Avoid fatty and oily foods, it can cause acne on your skin.

-Every day, soak your feet in warm water with salt and lemon juice for 10 minutes. Then wash the feet. There will be no bad smell on the feet.

-The best time to apply body lotion is after bath. Because at this time the skin absorbs the lotion easily.

Replace eyeliner and mascara after 3/4 months.

-Always use creamy cleanser on the face. Because the gels dry the skin.

– Put honey, lemon and mint leaves in a glass of water with ice Drink that water This will increase the glow of the skin.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Thanks everyone.

Natural Beauty Tips for women


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