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5 Terrible Gynecological Diseases

Girls are afflicted with various secret diseases, but they do not want to tell anyone easily. And he doesn’t want to go to the doctor easily because he is ashamed of having a secret disease. In that case the disease is more than doubled, and later it takes a terrible shape. So let’s be aware of these gynecological diseases and be careful.

Urinary tract infection (UTI)
Bladder infections are more common in women. From this, women became victims of UTI. Leaving this infection for a long time can lead to infection up to the kidneys. Symptoms of UTI include: burning sensation during urination, frequent urination, lower abdominal pain and fever.

Menstrual irregularity
From the puberty stage to menopause, this problem can occur at any age. Absence of menstruation at the right time, or excessive menstruation etc. occurs. If this continues for a long time, polycystic ovarian disease can occur. If not treated properly, pregnancy becomes a problem.

Breast cancer
Another common disease in women is breast cancer. If the menstrual cycle is not right, there is a possibility of breast cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer. In most cases, these cancers are malignant.

Women are much more prone to depression than men. Depression can lead to fatigue, headaches, Hajj problems, anxiety, hormonal problems etc. Depression is especially prevalent during puberty and menopause. Depression persists because of genetic factors. Being emotionally abused at school or being sexually abused as a child.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Weight gain if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Accumulation of body fat can lead to diabetes, hypertension, rheumatic pain and heart problems.

Symptoms of excessive white discharge and treatment

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