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5 Skin-Positive Influencers Aiming To Bring Change In Beauty Community

Skin inflammation has consistently been depicted in a negative light or as omething to cover up, particularly via online media. With digitally embellished pictures and intensely sifted selfies, we will in general make a thought of flawlessness through blemishless skin. Surrendering to such ridiculous excellence norms will in general make a space that is negative and makes us yield to our frailties. Making content that isn’t just relatable but on the other hand is reasonable is something that everybody pays special mind to. Skin inspiration and comprehensiveness is a subject that has been around for some time however is uncommon to discover individuals accepting it, particularly via web-based media stages. Some influencers have been vocal about their battles with their skin and need to get a positive change to individuals’ viewpoint. They accept that portrayal matters in any event, with regards to skin inflammation. These influencers center around building a local area that standardizes skin inspiration and urges each other to feel sure being what their identity is.

Here are some influencers that have purchased in a positive change in the excellence local area.

Monique Schreiber, @moniqueschreiber


Image: @moniqueschreiber

Struggling with acne is not as easy as it sounds. It tends to affect your mental health in more ways than you know. One such influencer who has always been transparent with her 32k followers regarding her battle is Monique Schreiber. She believes that the process of healing can be emotional and tough, but it is not anything to be ashamed of. Throughout the process, Schreiber has documented everything that has worked for her as well as what did not work while she goes on with her everyday life.

Lou Northcote, @lounorthcote


Image: @lounorthcote

Lou Northcote is an influencer who focuses on spreading awareness about ‘real skin’. She believes in spreading the message about the nonexistence of the ‘perfect skin’ and encourages her 54k followers to be comfortable and love themselves. Northcote wants to change the perspective and misconceptions that acne is caused due to bad lifestyle, eating habits and skin care as acne is very complex and everybody reacts differently to changes.

Prableen Kaur Bhomrah, @prableenkaurbhomrah


Image: @prableenkaurbhomrah

Prableen Kaur Bhomrah is one of the leading skin-positive influencers in India. With a social media following of 97.6k, she often shows a raw side to her followers that most beauty influencers tend to leave out. Sharing her own experiences with her battle with PCOS, Bhomrah has created a safe space for women and men and has always encouraged them to always embrace and love their skin, even when times are tough.

Izzie Rodgers, @izzierodgers


Image: @izzierodgers

Izzie Rodgers is an influencer and YouTuber who has always been vocal about her journey with acne. She focuses on creating content around her life with acne and how she deals with it in her own unique and special way. Rodgers always believes in being positive while also being truthful about her battles. She inspires her 102k followers with her charm, candidness and acceptance towards her fight with acne and encourages them to do the same.

Constanza Concha, @skinnoshame


Image: @skinnoshame

Constanza Concha is an Instagram blogger who after years of acne treatment wanted to document her journey that soon led to creating a following base of 59k followers. She is a leading voice who has always been vocal about her struggles and hopes to inspire more people who are struggling with acne to come up and be more comfortable in their skin.

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