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39 Hottest College Halloween Costumes

Hot College Halloween Costumes: Halloween is one of the best times to party for college students. While some prefer outfits that are creative or scary, some college girls want a hot Halloween costume that will be remembered and talked about for the rest of the year. When picking a scandalous outfit to wear, you’ll want to make it sexy and stunning without venturing into trashy. The best costumes for girls are created by matching the sexiest ideas with easy and affordable pieces for a DIY solution that will impress. With so many college Halloween costume ideas to choose from, it can be a challenge finding something that’s a bit revealing but still classy and sultry. To inspire you with ideas, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest college Halloween costumes to wear this year. If you’re ready to go all out and style a seductive look, explore these sexy Halloween costumes to find an outfit you’ll love!

Harley Quinn

As the ultimate bad girl, Harley Quinn epitomizes the naughty sexy Halloween costume. While you can recreate the outfit at home for a DIY option, most stores will carry the short shorts, fishnets, and crop top in the appropriate colors and styling. Walk around with a baseball bat, leather heels and full-on makeup for the ultimate touch.

Harley Quinn College Halloween Costume


Be a graveyard smash as a skeleton. For this ensemble, wear a solid black leotard and use white paint to coat your costume with bones that line up with your body. With this look, get creative with white, black, and grey hues to paint your face.

Skeleton College Halloween Costume


Plunder the spoils of the party as a swashbuckling pirate. Wear black leather shorts, an off-the-shoulder white cotton top, and riding boots. Wrap a bolt of red cloth around your waist and use the same fabric to create a bandana in place of a pirate’s hat.

Pirate College Halloween Costume


A good time is in your future if you choose to go as a gypsy. Wear a colorful, patterned wrap skirt with a matching solid crop top or blouse. Add a belt of fake coins on top of your skirt and wrap your head in a silk scarf for a mystical look. For jewelry, wear gold hoop earrings, a chunky necklace, and plenty of gemstone rings and gold bangles.

Gypsy College Halloween Costume


For a look that will keep you warm in the fall weather, consider going as a Viking. With this costume, girls will want to dress in layers of suede, leather, and fur in different shades of brown, black, and grey. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a Viking cap and fake ax to complete your costume.

Viking College Halloween Costume


Create a costume that is out of this world by being an alien. Wear a skirt and matching bandeau in silver, green, or purple with metallic shoes. For the hair and makeup, this look requires a little more creativity. Put your hair in elaborate braids or buns. Go the extra mile by wearing a bright wig or spraying glitter in your hair. For the makeup, cover your face in glitter and pastel colors.

Alien College Halloween Costume


Put a spell on the party with a naughty witch outfit. Wear a versatile little black dress and heels and focus on the accessories. This costume will require a pointed witch’s hat, broom, and possibly a black cat. Swipe on some black lipstick and green face paint if you want to channel a spookier vibe.

Witch College Halloween Costume


Take a bite out of life by dressing as a vampire this Halloween. Wear a dark velvet dress in black or burgundy, slip on black suede over-the-knee boots, and add some fake fangs for a simple, but fun look.

Vampire College Halloween Costume


Fun and easy to create, a zombie costume for Halloween can highlight your attractive features and adventurous personality at the same time. For a costume that screams more sexy than scary, tear up an oversized white tee, and wear a black bra and shorts that will show underneath. Splatter fake blood or red paint on your shirt and face and you’ll be all set.

Zombie College Halloween Costume

Hula Girl

The hula girl is a simple way to show off your toned body for a seductive look. Piece together a flawless costume set by combining a hula skirt, shell bra or strapless crop top, a floral headdress, Hawaiian lei, and flip flops.

Hula Girl College Halloween Costume

Greek Goddess

You don’t have to be in a sorority to be a Greek goddess. For this outfit, a plain white dress will do. If you don’t have one, wrap yourself in a sheet. Place a gold belt around your waist and feature gold jewelry such as a drop necklace and bangles. Wear shiny gladiator sandals to complete the look.

Greek Goddess College Halloween Costume


Show your heavenly side by dressing as an angel for Halloween. Like the Greek goddess costume, you can effortlessly make this outfit with a white dress and gold accessories. The only difference is adding a pair of feathery white wings and a matching halo.

Angel College Halloween Costume


If you prefer to be a bad girl, go as a sexy devil. For this costume, wear a solid red dress or co-ord set with platform heels. Accessorize with black jewelry, a horned headband, and a forked tail. Add a plastic pitchfork for a devilishly dazzling look.

Devil College Halloween Costume


Be a cat for the perfect cute costume. All you’ll need is a black leotard or mini dress with black tights and booties. Top off this look with a pair of ears and paw gloves and you’ll be the cat’s meow! Take the style a step further by going as catwoman or featuring an animal print to create a cheetah costume.

Cat College Halloween Costume

50s Bombshell

For a look that never goes out of style, try being a 50s pinup girl. For this  costume, you’ll need a form-fitting sleeveless dress that hits right at the knees and kitten heels. You can also go with a poodle skirt and saddle shoes. For either outfit, you can wrap a sheer scarf around your neck, put your hair in loose curls, and swipe on some red lipstick.

50s Bombshell College Halloween Costume

Go-Go Girl

Get into the groove by being a 70’s go-go girl. To make your outfit, wear a bright mini dress with bell sleeves. Find a pair of tall, white go-go boots and sport a matching headband and statement earrings. Do your hair in loose waves, put a touch of glitter on your eyelids and cheeks, and get ready to dance!

Go-Go Girl College Halloween Costume

French Maid

You can’t go wrong with a sexy French maid outfit. If you don’t want to buy the costume ready-made, you can recreate the look with a plunging black halter top and white mini skirt. Add a pair of fishnet stockings, a small white apron, and a feather duster as accessories.

French Maid College Halloween Costume


Pass the drinks around by being a barmaid for Halloween. Make this outfit with a solid mini skirt and a corset layered over a white off-shoulder top. Keep a beer stein handy at all times and make sure it never goes unfilled.

Barmaid College Halloween Costume

Pageant Queen

Win over the masses as a pageant queen. For this look, wear a nice sparkly and silky dress with platform heels. Then add a plastic tiara and a white sash labeled with the state or country of your choice.

Pageant Queen College Halloween Costume


Get everyone into the school spirit by sporting a cheerleader’s uniform. If you don’t have one, consider wearing a matching crop top and skirt. You can stitch or pin the letters or logo of your school. Slip on a pair of comfy white tennis shoes and grab some pom-poms to complete this outfit.

Cheerleader College Halloween Costume


Give your costume an edge by dressing like a punk rocker. Rock this look by wearing an oversized or cropped tee emblazoned with your favorite band. For the bottoms, go with a pair of black leather or distressed denim shorts. Layer some fishnet stockings underneath and add combat boots. For the makeup, go with black lipstick, black nail polish, and a deep smoky eye.

Rocker College Halloween Costume


Get in the ring by being a boxer. Wear matching black sports shorts and a sports bra, and put on a silky robe in the color of your choice. Put your hair in pigtails and slip on some boxing gloves, and you’ll look like you just came straight from the gym.

Boxer College Halloween Costume

Playboy Bunny

The playboy bunny outfit is one of the hottest costumes you can wear to a college Halloween party. To recreate this ensemble, wear a solid black sleeveless leotard and matching black tights. Sew a large white cotton ball on your leotard for the tail. You’ll easily be able to find a pair of bunny ears at any costume shop. To complete the look, add a black bowtie on your neck and a pair of white cuffs on your wrists.

Playboy Bunny College Halloween Costume


Turn back time by a hundred years and construct a classic flapper costume. To style a 1920s flapper aesthetic, girls will want to buy a fringe dress with spaghetti straps, a feathered headpiece, and a string of pearls. For additional accessories, you can add a boa, long gloves, or a slim cigarette holder.

Flapper College Halloween Costume

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