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2550+ Cute Tattoos for Girls That Are Amazingly Vibrant and Vivid

Getting your first tattoo is exceptionally scary. In any case, when you get it, you get a very freeing feeling that nothing can supplant. Since getting it is so overwhelming, you should have a couple of things racing through your brain. On the off chance that you talk about tattoos in people, they are totally different from each other. Men generally go for intense and prevailing tattoos. Though, ladies normally get tattoos that show social acknowledgment, strengthening, unimportance, or young lady power, etc.

Previously, young ladies getting a tattoo was pretty much as unusual as you might suspect. The tattoo workmanship was a type of no-no, particularly for young ladies. Notwithstanding, with the progressing time, individuals are accepting this awesome body craftsmanship. They are tolerating it as real craftsmanship, which is a great accomplishment for the tattoo local area.

There is one thing that you need to remember prior to getting a tattoo. A tattoo is a piece of craftsmanship that will remain on your body for eternity. Also, with regards to eliminating it, it is a painful strategy. In this way, prior to getting a tattoo, you need to remember that you get one that you don’t lament later on. In this way, ensure that you get a tattoo that mirrors your character.

Vintage Bow and Arrow

This vintage bow and arrow tattoos are quite impressive and are the perfect girl tattoo. This tattoo includes a black inked vintage bow and arrow, with a lot of detailing carried out to achieve that vintage touch.


Many people get this tattoo because they love archery. However, some get it due to the high meaning it holds. This tattoo symbolizes strength, power, direction, ad sense. This tattoo not only helps you feel powerful, but it also reminds you to move in the right direction.


The perfect placement for this tattoo would be on your back, as it suits the size of the tattoo perfectly and is more visible to others if you wear something hackles or with a low back.


Unicorns and Rainbow

Unicorn tattoos are one of the most feminine tattoos you will ever come across. It is every girl’s dream to ride on a unicorn. However, it’s more unlikely that that’s going to happen. So you can try out this unicorn tattoo. This tattoo includes a white inked unicorn with some colored inking features in it.


Unicorn tattoos symbolize power and courage, so if you’re looking for a way to find these essential attributes in your daily life, you should get this tattoo.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your shoulder, back or forearm, as these are usually big.

The Cycle of a Moon

If you’re looking for astronomical tattoos that help you achieve a unique and cool touch, look no more as this moon cycle tattoo is the perfect tattoo for you. This tattoo includes a black shaded moon that cycles from a crescent to full form and back to a crescent again. This process is quite enlightening and leaves you with a breathtaking tattoo.


This tattoo symbolizes rebirth, the cycle of life, and immortality. This tattoo helps you notice the changes in life you’ve gone through and reminds you that some of these changes are for the betterment even if you may not like them.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your forearm, as the shape and size fit perfectly well there.

Geometric Designs

Geometrical tattoos are quite a famous type of girl tattoos due to the amazing and chic details the tattoo includes. This tattoo comes in various kinds of designs like this one is a silver and black inked geometrical design that looks quite subtle.


Geometric tattoos have various symbols, and most of them can be made up by you. Most of these tattoos signify a sacred ritual carried out. If you’re a part of something sacred or consider your body as a sacred place, then getting this tattoo wouldn’t be a bad idea at all!


Geometric tattoos can appear anywhere. No matter where you try it on, it will look fabulous and chic as ever. The placement also depends on the size, as geometric tattoos come in different shapes and sizes.

Dove Love Bird

Dove tattoos are quite a common girl tattoos that help you achieve a subtle and peaceful touch of art on your body. This tattoo includes a small black outline of a dove with a leaf in the mouth.


This tattoo symbolizes peace, love, harmony, and new beginnings. If you’re starting something new in your life, especially like getting married, this is the perfect tattoo for you. This tattoo also symbolizes freedom.


The perfect place for this tattoo should be on your wrist or the side of your stomach.



Watercolor Flower design tattoo

The watercolor tattoos are infamous for bleeding and fading out, but they look so beautiful and petite. It is a dream of every girl tattoo lover girl to get a watercolor tattoo. For this reason, it looks super freestyle and nice.


Watercolor tattoos usually symbolize, love hope, and good luck. Since these tattoos have a wide range of colors present in it, it showcases how your life is full of color and encourages you to maintain positive vibes.


The ideal placement for this tattoo would be on your thigh, belly, wrist, arms, fingers, and any other place you would prefer.



Birds Tattoo Design

Bird tattoos are not very popular; however, they look lovely and petite. You can get a large bird tattoo by making it look like a flock of birds is flying through the sky to migrate from one place to another. These tattoos are usually black inked; however, you can ask your tattoo artist to throw in some colored ink for an extra touch.


This tattoo symbolizes coordination, unity, loyalty, spirituality, harmony, understanding, and self-direction. These are a few of the main attributes that everyone should stay aware of, and this bird tattoo helps you do that.


Depending on the size of the tattoo, you can get a bird tattoo tatted anywhere on your body like your shoulder, ankle, forearm, neck, collarbone, stomach, and more places you would wish to tattoo.

Meaningful Dates

There are some dates in your life that you just cannot forget; some for a good reason and some for the wrong or tragic reasons. However, getting a date tattoo will be super personal. You can get this tattoo in tribute to a particular date. These tattoos simply include the whole date tatted on your body in black ink. You can add in more things near the date like initials or a heart.


It may be the date of birth of your firstborn, the day you bought your dream house, your mother’s birthday, or any date close to your heart. Usually, date tattoos are smaller in size, but you do you. Any significant event that may have changed your life, you can get the date tatted.


These tattoos usually appear on the side of your finger, wrist, or on the side of your neck.


female tattoos


Life in Space

Spaceship tattoos include incredible artwork, and some of them seem to be simple, but they hold a lot of meaning.


This tattoo symbolizes fearlessness and helps you realize the ability you have to conquer the world. It shows that nothing can scare you, not even the unknowns of the universe. However, some people get it to indicate that they acknowledge camaraderie.

Symbol Tattoos

There are several symbols, which have great importance in your life. If you are very religious, you can get a cross tattoo. Symbols tattoos have small meanings attached to it that help you to realize different things or remind you of the person you’ve become and can be.

Types of Symbol Tattoos

  • Cross Tattoo
  • Initials
  • Dots
  • Infinity Sign
  • Triangles
  • Astronomy Symbols


Symbol tattoos are usually tatted on the finger since the size is appropriate for the finger area. However, you can also choose to get symbols tatted on your face, wrist, and neck.

Fuzzy Bunny


Bunny tattoos include a very feminine touch, which is why it is a popular tattoo design among girls. This tattoo consists of a cartoon styled black inked bunny, with a lot of detailing to spark up the realism in this tattoo.


Bunny tattoos symbolize fertility and virility. Many Christians view the rabbit’s feet as prosperity and good luck. So if you’re hoping for some good luck in your life, you should give this tattoo a try.


Since this tattoo is small in size, the perfect place for it is near your ear or on your wrist.

‘The Right Direction

This compass tattoos are quite famous, and sailors used to wear this tattoo traditionally. This tattoo includes a small black outline of a compass with its correct navigations.


This tattoo symbolizes finding the right direction in life, especially when you’re going through a period where you’re lost and are unaware of where to start. You can choose to get a compass that points in the direction of your home. This will remind you of where you have come and to never forget your origins.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your ankle, wrist, or neck. The placement depends hugely on the size of the tattoo.

The Life of a Butterfly

life of butterfly

The butterfly is a trendy tattoo design in girls. The good thing about this tattoo is that it is straightforward to make; so, it has a good chance that your tattoo artist will not mess up the design.


The butterfly symbolizes freedom; this portrays a girl getting out of her bubble, and transforming into a grown, beautiful woman, just like a butterfly gets out of its cocoon and transforms into a beautiful butterfly.


It is a tattoo that you can get tatted on any part of your body, and it will look good. You can get a huge one on your back, a small-sized on your wrist, and a tiny one on your finger.

Floral Dream Catcher


You can also try out this fascinating floral Dream Catcher tattoo. This tattoo includes a black ink outlined dream catcher with a flower in the opening, and lots of shading to add in some depth.


The dream catcher is initially the symbol of protection. People put dream catchers over their beds, to protect themselves from destructive thoughts and bad dreams. People call them negativity filters too. So, the dream catcher tattoo will be a protective symbol on your body. The tattoo will remind you to stay positive no matter what.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be on your back; however, since it has a lot of elements inside it, you can also choose to get it tatted on your stomach or arm.

A Bed of Roses

A rose is a trendy tattoo design, in men and women, and usually features different objects or animals in the tattoo.

Types of Roses Tattoos

There are several rose tattoo designs you can choose from, and most of them leave you with some exciting and beautiful imagery on your body. Here are a few rose tattoo ideas for you.

big rose tattoo

  • Small Black and White Ankle Rose
  • Big Red Rose
  • 3D Rose
  • Skull Rose
  • Full Sleeve Roses
  • Monochrome Rose


Roses symbolize a sign of hope and a promise for a new beginning. The thorns of the flower indicate defense, thoughtlessness, and losses. It is a beautiful tattoo design, and you can mix the design with your zing to make the design more unique and give the tattoo another meaning.


You can get a rose tattoo on all your body parts like you back, arms, fingers, under your lip, neck, lower back, feet, and wherever you like.

Peacock Tattoos

Peacock is now becoming a popular tattoo design. The making of this tattoo requires a lot of talent and experience. So make sure to find a tattoo artist who is well known for this particular peacock design.


This tattoo symbolizes sexuality, royalty, nobility, and vitality. So if you’re aiming for something royal and rich in meaning, this is the tattoo for you.


This tattoo is usually prominent in size and includes a lot of elements; hence you should get it tatted on your body where there is enough space for the tattoo to fit easily. It looks beautiful on the back of your shoulder.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

The peacock feather is a very sensual tattoo design and is relatively easy to create.


This tattoo symbolizes immortality, spirituality, beauty, and incorruptibility. The Greek Mythology has it that the peacock has created with hundred eyes Argus on its beautiful feathered tail.


The peacock tattoo is a beautiful huge tattoo design; however, the feather can be a smaller design. You can get a simple feather tattoo on your finger even.



Flower and Skull Tattoo

The flower and skull tattoo is a very punk rock style tattoo, which will depict the concept of life and death. This tattoo includes a black and white inked skull, with a red rose tatted near the skull. There are different ways you can adjust this tattoo. Check with your tattoo artist for some better flower and skull tattoos.


The skull shows the end of life; on the other hand, the flowers are showing a ray of light and beauty. Nowadays, it is becoming a trendy tattoo design, as it shows the balance of life and death and beauty and decay.


This tattoo is usually prominent in size, so make sure you choose a place on your body that will adjust to the size of the tattoo. It will look beautiful on your arm, side of your body, and under your chest.

The Bee Life

The Bee Tattoo is another one that is becoming a trendy girls’ tattoo these days. Most people get it in a smaller size. This tattoo includes a little colored ink bee that appears in a stamped like feature.


Bees are some of the most hardworking insects of all. For this reason, the design symbolizes cooperation and hard work. Bee is of those insects, which puts its life in danger to produce honey for you. Which means it is also a very courageous and loyal being. You can see that a bee’s hive is exceptionally proper. Its pack has the perfect hexagonal walls.


The perfect place for this tattoo would be in your wrist, as it compliments well with the size. You can also choose to get it tatted on your ankle or face.



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