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20 Popular Sunglasses Brands for Men & Womens

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Sunglasses! It is one must-have accessory for both men and women. The style and trends associated with the sunglasses brands are elevating recently. It has become a perfect accessory for both genders for versatile occasions and looks. Sunglasses help us protect against the harmful UV sun rays and add a definitive style statement to give chic, sleek, and edgy vibes with contemporary hues. Whether on a vacation or a party or brunch and outings, the sunglasses elevate the overall appearance and add a unique statement piece with cool looks and fashionable vibes. If you are looking for new designs in your collection, we have the best sunglasses brand for men and women.

Which are Popular Sunglasses Brands in India:

The craze associated with sunglasses for men and women brands has been getting very popular recently. It has become a perfect add-in accessory worth investing in to achieve modern retro and flawless looks. We have a handful of top and best brands manufacturing the sunglasses for both men and women in this scenario. They are all world-class standards in design, looks, and models. We have sunglasses with supreme quality and looks from the popular globally fashionable Givenchy, Fendi, Gucci, and Versace to the evergreen Calvin Klein, HRX, Levis, G star and Ray-Ban.

Top and Best Sunglasses Brands and Models in the World:

Let we have to look at the latest sunglasses brands.

1. Polar Sunglasses:


Polar is a featured Italian brand known for its designs of eyewear and related accessories. The brand was born in the early 1990s to create plush and grandeur luxurious sunglasses with professional and edgy looks. Polar sunglasses kept evolving from then, and today, it has various designs, colours and looks within the range of their sunglasses.

  • Key Features: The moto and part of the brand create stylish, quality-oriented perfect sunglasses and wear. In addition, the brand recently went plastic-free to make qualitative eyewear and keep a mission to reduce the carbon print in the world.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Wraparound, square, cat eye, oval, pilot sunglasses with a range of colours such as green, black, grey, and transparent.

2. Cartier Sunglasses:


Cartier is a French luxury brand established in Paris, founded in 1847. It was initially well-known for famous jewellery and watched designs, with feminine and elegant, classy style statement. The brand later extended its range of products with fragrances, bags, and sunglasses.

  • Key Features: Cartier focuses on creating timeless looks with elegance and class. The elite-looking sophisticated sunglasses and eyewear look sleek and beautiful with evergreen designs.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: The signature designs of Cartier sunglasses include black and golden framed designs with round and oval-shaped lenses.

3. Police Sunglasses:


Police brand is lesser-known in this part of the world but is a perfect brand if you search for urban contemporary bold trends and styles. It came into existence in 1983, founded by De Rigo Italian retail group. Their designs are all about creating cult and signature looks that are inspired by metropolis styles and preferences.

  • Key Features: The police brand is unique as they design and focus more on innovation and urban looks with vintage and cult bold and signature styles.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Square, round, and rectangle eyewear with distinct designs and frames.

4. Marc Jacobs Sunglasses:


Marc Jacobs is all-about American-inspired style fashion, specializing in beauty, watches, bags, eyewear, and other accessories. It was founded in 1963 and has been creating quite a trend since then. They are notable in creating and inspiring stylish cultural looks with quality and influential designs.

  • Key Features: The brand interprets its version of popular cultures with unique, stylish, and comfortable looks. All their eyewear collections are sassy, trendy, and smart looks.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Square, round, oval, cat-eye, and aviator sunglass designs with the black, blue, green, grey, yellow, brown, and pink colour lens.

5. Armani Sunglasses:


Armani Exchange! Who doesn’t know this brand? The Italian luxury brand is everything about edgy and youthful toned looks and vibrant hues. From affordable apparel and accessories to plush designer wear and styles, Armani offers everything for different preferences. The brand was founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani and is specialized in creating influential, stylish, sophisticated clothing and accessories lines. It is among the must-have high-end sunglasses brands trending today.

  • Key Features: The Armani brand focuses on developing contemporary looks filled with timeless elegance, fashion, and youthful looks from time always.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Wayfarer, rubber, geometric, and mask stylish eyewear are their speciality.

6. Jimmy Choo Sunglasses:


Most of us heard about the famous luxury brand Jimmy Choo and its footwear collections. Found in the early 1990s, they are well renowned in women’s shoe collections. However, the fashion house also has a range of accessories, bags, and fragrances. Their eyewear collection indeed is catching great attention given their playful and contemporary spirited styles.

  • Key Features: Jimmy Choo, a London-based brand, is specialized in developing playful, youthful, bright, and contemporary statement styles with bold and classy looks.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Their cat-eye and square frames collections with Swarovski crystals are statement pieces in the brand.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses:


The American clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger is a premium fashion iconic label that was founded in 1985. They are known for their range in apparel and clothing, footwear, accessories, fragrances, and home furnishings. The leading designer and iconic brand focus on celebrating and inspiring the classic American cool time with edgy and twisted designs and looks.

  • Key Features: Tommy Hilfiger creates a range of accessories and clothing that suits the preferences of modern lifestyle-oriented fashion sense. Their products are cool and funky, as well as elegant and classic. One can get both premium plush looks as well as affordable ones.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Aviator, cat-eye, square, oval, rectangular sunglasses in black, gold, silver, grey, and green.

8. Hugo Boss Sunglasses:


The German brand Hugo Boss was founded way back in 1924 with a general clothing and apparel line and has been in existence since then. The brand focuses on exclusive high-end fashion with bold and elegant looks with culturally appealing styles and appropriations. Today, they have a range of clothing and accessories that serve several men with versatile designer wear looks.

  • Key Features: Hugo Boss primarily concentrates on creating a name with high-end designer wear styles with versatile options and appearances. The fashion house also has unconventional designs with premium fashion and lifestyle products to appeal to men of this generation.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Hugo Boss has elaborate eyewear designs that famously include double bridge, titanium, and acetate sunglasses.

9. Idee Sunglasses:


Idee is an exclusive eyewear brand that brings you exclusively cool, classic, youthful and signature collections with exclusive looks. The brand was founded around 2000 and aimed to develop a high-quality premium eyewear collection with passionate, sensible, and stylish looks.

  • Key Features: Idee eyewear designs are well-known to be contemporary, with chic, classic, appealing, and edgy designs.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Idee is a signature and specialized eyewear brand, and it has a range of affordable sunglasses with all designs and trends.

10. Maybach Sunglasses:


The Maybach optical eyewear brand is known for those searching for rare and individual unique luxury products. Maybach is all about creating handcrafted valuable prestigious looks that are treasured for quality and preserved for royal looks. From their optical frames to the overall appearance and intricate details, Maybach is a pioneer.

  • Key Features: Maybach eyewear collection is famous for intricate designed styled products with handcrafted detailing, precious looks, and appearance.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Maybach is known for the precious and optical eyewear collections that redefine luxury wear with sophisticated designs. The sunglasses come with intricate detailing of crystals and gold frames.

11. Aldo Sunglasses:


The brand Aldo was founded by Aldo Bensadoun in 1972. They are famous for footwear and accessories items, especially watches and sunglasses. The company comes with various designs that suit different preferences and appeal to customers, with classic and timeless designs and overall contemporary style statements.

  • Key Features: Aldo recreates iconic elegant fashion statements and appearances with timeless trends in the industry and appealing edgy products. Their signature wear is all about focusing on luxurious looks with plush detailing and comfort.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Round, oval, square, and cat-eye with different colour lenses.

12. HRX Sunglasses:


The Hrithik Roshan co-owned brand HRX is quite prominent in India for manufacturing a range of stylish and contemporary modern men’s wear, clothing, and accessories. The HRX signature style focuses on elevating one’s looks with sleek and classic styles and retro vibes.

  • Key Features: HRX aims to produce quality premium products and accessories with modern, youthful, and classic appeal. They are elegant, simple, and versatile.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: The products come in Square, oval, and round designs in black, grey, and brown.

13. Farenheit Sunglasses:


Farenheit brand was founded in 2009 to develop classic knitwear that is affordable and stylish. The brand now has a range of accessories, such as sunglasses, that are iconic, stylish, edgy, and modern. The franchise is readily available everywhere, comfortable and plush too.

  • Key Features: Farenheit is developed to produce sustainable quality products and accessories with an affordable range. They are premium in looks, classic, and very elegant.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Square, oval, and round sunglasses are popular.

14. Chanel Sunglasses:


Chanel! Tell us one person who is not aware of the iconic brand. Coco Chanel found the brand in 1910. It is well-known and popular for women’s luxury items, including outfits, apparel, and handbags. The brand focuses on developing classic, chic, and time-worthy contemporary high-end pieces with plush looks and grandeur style statements. With time, Chanel has become an iconic brand-worthy statement appearance that every designer and woman prefers.

  • Key Features: Chanel aims at intricate and detailed products with chic and sleek vibes. They are famous for their leather products and high-quality premium wear accessories with statement elegant and timeless appeal.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Cat-eye, round, rectangular, and square designs with intricate detailing and attachments are popular in the brand.

15. Coach Sunglasses:


Stylish, sophisticated, and plush! This is what defines Coach designs and silhouettes. Coach brand was founded way back in 1941 and is an American styling brand that focuses on accessories, ready-to-wear, and bags. The brand is known for its craftsmanship products with premium looks and appealing futuristic designs.

  • Key Features: The coach brand has a range of accessories, including sunglasses and eyewear, that focus on creating designs and looks that stand the test of time. They are stylish, youthful, and very edgy, with authentic appealing, and luxurious looks.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Geometric, square, round, and cat-eye sunglasses with polarized and other models. They come in black, brown, blue, pink colours.

16. Ray-Ban Sunglasses:


The RayBan company is among the most popular brand for sunglasses, both in India and the world. It is an Italian and American-originated brand, created back in 1936. In the early days, RayBan was known for their Aviator sunglasses, after which they have got down into manufacturing and designing several types and looks eventually. Right now, they are among the top leading popular sunglasses brands in this line.

  • Key Features: The brand only concentrates on delivering the right eye-wear-related accessories for men and women. They have a range of lenses and sunglasses in their designs. RayBan is known for its sleek and contemporary yet timeless designs.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Wayfarer, Aviator, Round, Eye-shape with different frame colours, including brown, grey, military green, transparent and blue.

17. Fastrack Sunglasses:


Fastrack is an Indian brand founded in 1988. They have a range of accessories and products to suit the affordability and style statement preferences of Indian youth. Right from watches and bags/wallets to sunglasses and more, Fastrack is among the leading accessory brand right now in India. This is among the top trending famous sunglasses brands.

  • Key Features: Unlike several fashion houses and premium designer brands, Fastrack products are quality supreme as well as affordable.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: One can find a range of sunglasses in the brand, from round and aviator to geometric designs and different models.

18. Polaroid Sunglasses:


Polaroid is a special acclaimed eyewear brand established in 1937 in Cambridge. They are known to lead and design innovative polarised sunglasses, lenses, and frames. The brand focuses on creating supreme quality and durable eyewear products that work as a fashion statement but protect eyes from harmful rays and other external factors.

  • Key Features: Polaroid eyewear and sunglasses brand provide supreme comfort and quality in polarised lenses and eyewear. They are durable, quality premium as well as suitable for eyes.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Since polaroid is an eyewear brand, they have a range of products matching style requirements and eye-health cases. You can find designs of frames and lenses with colours here.

19. Calvin Klein Sunglasses:


Calvin Klein is an American US company established in the year of 1968. The brand specialises in products of apparel, accessories, bags, and a variety of sportswear. The high-quality branded accessories, including the eyewear, appear simplistic and stylish with a sharp and crisp design instead of sizzling and dazzling looks.

  • Key Features: The sunglasses from CK are high-quality and durable, with a clean, detailed design, elegance, and classic models.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: The iconic silhouette models in their eyewear include aviator, round and metallic minimalistic designs.

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20. Burberry Sunglasses:


Burberry, the phenomenal and famous British brand, initially started with garments and rainwear clothing. They came into existence in 1879 by Thomas Burberry. After starting with clothing and jackets, they entered into handbags, eyewear, and other accessories too. Burberry is known for its signature items with contemporary yet classic and trendy designs.

  • Key Features: Burberry accessories are trendy, classic, and stylistic with contemporary hues and a vibrant classic appearance. They are all sleek yet classic.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Square, round, oval, and pilot frames with different colours.

21. Gucci Sunglasses:


Gucci brand is well-known across the globe for its luxury fashion house of makeup, fragrances, clothing, footwear, and sunglasses. The brand was created by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy, back in 1921. Since then, there is no turning back; they have developed a range of accessories and clothing perfect to suit the fashion freaks and designer wear houses.

  • Key Features: The Gucci sunglasses are known for aesthetic and elegant looks, with quirky designs and edgy, chic appealing style statements.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Aviator, round, oval, square, and rectangular sunglasses.

22. Oakley Sunglasses:


Oakleys was established in the mid-1970s and are the leading sportswear and eyewear brand in the world. The Oakleys are specialised in making internationally acclaimed sports goggles and eyewear. Besides this, they also are famous for watches, shoes, and other apparel accessories. The best goggles brand is a subsidiary of an Italian luxury brand with headquarters in California.

  • Key Features: Oakleys is known to prepare unique accessories and eyewear for International athletes. They concentrate on touch and premium quality sunglasses and have over 800 patents for their innovative designs.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Polarized lens, Prizm, Prizm polarised, with a range of colours from black, brown, and chrome to transparent.

23. Prada Sunglasses:


Prada brand is another iconic Italian brand known for its plush and distinctive timeless style statements and accessories. Mario Prada founded the brand in 1913, and they have a range of designs in creating accessories, shoes, handbags, and more. Their sunglasses shine bright with innovative and unique looks and styles. Among the luxury sunglasses brands, Prada is among the top!

  • Key Features: The brand creates sustainable, quality premium looks with innovative methods and unique designs. The Prada accessories are known for timeless, classic, and statement looks that stand the test of time and remain in the trend.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Goggle, geometrical, pilot, round and square designs with various colours.

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24. Lacoste Sunglasses:


Lacoste is a French luxury brand founded by the Tennis player Rene Lacoste in 1933. The iconic brand produces a range of accessories and clothing, such as eyewear, sportswear, leather goods, fragrances, and watches. While they started with regular T-Shirts and sports clothing lines, their extension to accessories and fragrances proved successful.

  • Key Features: Lacoste is all about creating timeless global fashion iconic looks with effortless and comfortable styles.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: The brand is famous for its wayfarer and rounded metallic eyewear with elegant and quirky styles.

25. Vogue Sunglasses:


Most of us know Vogue as a fashion and lifestyle magazine. That’s right. It was found way back in 1892, and today, Vogue is the leading magazine in the industry. It has several branches in different countries worldwide, giving out a dedicated magazine for every part. They have launched their exclusive eyewear accessories, and they are perfect to match all the fashion freak’s preferences and tastes.

  • Key Features: Just like the magazine dedicated to the fashion industry, Vogue eyewear is all-about providing contemporary and bold fashion iconic trends in an affordable range to men and women.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Vogue eyewear comes in a variety of styles, designs, and models. They range in different colours, designs, and intricate, innovative looks too. Their popular ones include cat-eye and round sunglasses with a tone of colours and thick metallic frames.

26. D&G Sunglasses:


Also known in short form as D&G, Dolce and Gabbana is owned by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The designers established the brand in 1985 to create unique designs with feminine aesthetics, contemporary fashion, and elite looks. Their designs and creations are all about enhancing sensuality and exotic style statements. The luxury brand is now a pioneer in clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery, wallets, and sunglasses.

  • Key Features: Dolce and Gabbana brand is about elevating one’s look with contemporary fashion and aesthetics filled with femineity, elegance, and class.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Crystal, slim, and crossed sunglasses are famous in their collections.

27. Versace Sunglasses:


Versace is another luxury brand originating from Italy in 1978. A fashion company founded by Gianni Versace initially developed luxurious and plush sophisticated clothing and accessory lines. It has its headquarters in Milan (Italy) and continues to dominate the trend in the fashion industry. Versace is a future, present, and past industry given its unique and statement designs and models. Their sunglasses, too, are a huge hit and with grandeur and elegant looks.

  • Key Features: The brand focuses on creating luxurious designs and styles with bold and intricate designs. They are known to push the boundaries only to create something new and often begin a new trend.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Oversized, Cateye, butterfly, single lens, pilot, oval, square, round, and rectangular sunglasses.

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28. Fendi Sunglasses:


We have another luxurious Italian brand now – Fendi! The brand was founded in Rome back in 1925, and since then, it has been creating noise for stylish accessories with grandeur appearances and statements. Fendi has sunglasses, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, and fashionable looks and sleek overall designs.

  • Key Features: The distinctive characteristic of Fendi is to create something that no one else will think of. New-day thoughts and unique creative processes inspire their styles and designs. The eyewear and accessories are edgy, modern, contemporary yet comfortable and innovative.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Geometric, square, and round-shaped in grey, beige, burgundy, green, black, and yellow colours.

29. Adidas Sunglasses:


Adidas, a German brand, is known for its athletic sportswear products globally. While the brand is famous for apparel and footwear, they also have minimalistic, simple, and classic designs. The sunglasses from Adidas are no exception; they come with elegant designs and timeless looks, perfect for everyone across age groups.

  • Key Features: The sunglasses come with a range of sharp and distinctively unique, innovative styles in different designs and colours.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Cat-eye, aviator, oval, round, rectangular, goggles, athletic eyewear, and so on!

30. Puma Sunglasses:


Puma, the German company, is among the world’s leading producers of athletic and sports products. Right from apparel and footwear to accessories, they are leaders in the industry. Their range of sunglasses is no less compared to their clothing. The eyewear is perfect for simple and durable designs, with comfort as well as minimalistic style.

  • Key Features: The iconic Puma accessories and sunglasses designs are casual, chic, simple, and straightforward.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: From sports sunglasses and goggles to casual rounded, aviator, and oval glasses, you can find everything in this brand.

31. Dior Sunglasses:

By now, we have witnessed a range of brands founded, especially Italy, which is known to be the world’s fashion house. We have another one from Europe itself, the Dior! Founded by Christian Dior in 1946, the brand originated in France. They have stood the legacy with their unique and stylish sleek designs and have been in the industry successfully for so long. These designer sunglasses brands break the trends and create a new viral style with their creative techniques and thoughts.

  • Key Features: The legacy house of Dior is famous for constantly developing unique accessories that get viral with new looks yet with sleek, chic, and edgy elegant designs.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Aviator, pilot, round, square, butterfly, mirrored mask, and oversized sunglasses.

32. Tom Ford Sunglasses:


Tom Ford brand is a much recent brand which rose to fame in the past decade. It was founded in 2005 by Tom Ford and became famous as an American luxury house known for sensual, unique, and distinctive styles and trends. The Tom Ford brand is renowned for fragrances, jewellery, accessories, footwear, and sunglasses, for men and women.

  • Key Features: The sunglasses are known for luxurious and confident statement looks, inspired by new trends and unique creative designs. The founder once has revealed, “I put five shoes on a table and pick the one that outstands every other.”
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: Aviator, round, square, transparent, rectangular with different lens colours.

33. Van Heusen Sunglasses:

Unlike what many think and assume, Van Heusen is an Indian brand founded in 1989. The brand produces both formal and casual wear looks for men and women in apparel and other accessories. The affordable brand is known for the simple and straightforward chic looks inspired by business and formal looks and the sophisticated yet trendy classic designs.

  • Key Features: The accessories are all comfortable, elegant, sophisticated, and classic, which is timeless and suits contemporary designs.
  • Types of Sunglasses Available: The Aviator and Wayfarer sunglasses for men in this brand are prevalent in the range.

34. Flying Machine Sunglasses:


These are simply plain sunglasses with a very thin frame. It presents no difficulty in wearing, and it seems weightless. Flying machine is one of the best brands of sunglasses. It has become a very common design. Still, it is accepted by many. It exhibits your melodious and amiable emergence. It is an old and gold pattern sweetened with a satisfying design.

35. Bebe Sunglasses:

This sunglass is just majestic with its artistic design. Transparent glass with a black frame looks modest. This sunglass is going to look smart on the wearer. It has the quality of getting liked by almost everyone. With this precise design, the wearer will look meticulous and extraordinary. It has an agreeable and rigorous design to look cute on the wearer.

In India, sunglasses are necessary to wear because of the hot summer weather. Sunglasses help in getting protected against dust, UV rays and heat. But most importantly, it has become a style statement for youngsters. Sunglasses are a must accessory for them. Sunglasses are available in different colours, shapes and sizes. One should have different from others to have a unique look. From a variety of branded sunglasses, you can choose the stylish one to get a celebrity look. But the priority should be given to keeping your eyes safe. Many new styles are emerging daily in designs of sunglasses that captivates your heart. You will feel like to have all.

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