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18 Tips for hair care

Whenever we see a Disney movie princess, it becomes difficult to take our eyes off her beautiful hair care. Anyone who wants to have Cinderella, Snow White or Jasmine with such hair, but for that they need healthy and bright hair. And in the current state of the weather in our country, being able to keep the hair healthy is a huge challenge!

18 Effective Hair Care Tips for Hair Care:

1. Protect hair

You should always try to protect your hair from sunlight, sun and rain. The harsh sun, heat, dust, etc. of the sun brings misery to the hair. Gradually they begin to coagulate at the beginning of the hair and as a result hair begins to fall out. So to get rid of these problems, you should wear an umbrella or a cap while walking in the sun or rain under the open sky. Even if it is covered with a cloth or veil, it is possible to keep the hair safe for a long time.

2. Treat wet hair carefully

Wet hair is the most fragile. It is easiest to break the hair from the roots of the hair while it is wet, so do not apply too much pressure on the hair while shampooing. Also, you should refrain from using hair comb immediately after bathing.

3. Shampoo properly

When you go out, a lot of dust and dirt accumulates in your hair. So, use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to understand the hair type to clean the hair. When shampooing, massage well and shampoo. If your hair is very dirty, shampoo it twice. Clean the hair with a good shampoo 3/4 days a week.

4. Use conditioner regularly

Use hair conditioner after bathing or washing hair every day. This makes the hair smoother and reduces the chances of breakage.

5. Use conditioner but properly

Hair conditioner should be used properly. The function of the conditioner is to keep the hair smooth which means there is no need for it at the beginning of the hair. So when using conditioner it should be applied at least one inch away from the roots of the hair. Excessive use of conditioner should also be avoided or there is a risk of hair becoming oily.

6. Use the same type of hair product

Products made from similar ingredients from the same company should be used when caring for hair. It allows you to take care of your hair without any side effects.

7. Refrain from giving extra hits

The heat helps the hair to break and so it is best to refrain from hitting the hair. Excessive heat can also cause hair to burn, so a blower, iron or hair straightener should be used with caution.

8. Use the towel gently

Many people wipe their hair with a lot of pressure. As a result of repeated friction, the hair loses its health and is in danger of breaking from the roots. So towels should be used as gently as possible when wiping hair.

9. Not tight braid

It is better not to braid tightly before going to sleep. This will keep the hair together but not taut, so there is less chance of breakage.

10. Use a good pillow cover

Cotton cloth is rough from which sleeping on a pillow cover can cause hair breakage to become a daily occurrence.

So it should be avoided and thin cloth cover should be used.

11. Oil day regularly

Regular use of oil on the hair strengthens the hair follicles but it should not become excessive again. If you use extra oil, you need to use extra shampoo to remove it which is not good for hair.

12. Hot oil massage

There is no substitute for oil massage to provide full nutrition to the hair. Nowadays, in addition to coconut oil, amla oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil etc. are available in the market. If you want, you can mix them together and apply it on your hair.

13. Avoid teasing the hair

Teasing can increase the size of the hair, but it is not good for the hair. So it should be avoided.

14. Clean the hair with cold water

The use of hot water is harmful to the hair, so always use cold water to clean the hair. In winter, many people use hot water on their hair, which increases the risk of hair damage.

15. Brush hair regularly

Hair needs to be brushed regularly. It helps in hair growth by increasing blood circulation. As a rule, brushing your hair 2-3 times a day is beneficial for your hair. Brush your hair before going to bed at night.

16. Use hair pack on hair

Use hair packs to keep your hair looking good. If the hair is dry or mixed, apply the pack for 10 to 15 consecutive days, and if it is oily, apply it for 15 consecutive days. Homemade packs are more effective in protecting the hair.

17. Not extra hair products

Extra hair products should never be used on the hair. This disrupts hair growth and beauty.

18. Healthy food

Your health is reflected in your hair. If you are healthy, your hair will be fine. So it is necessary to eat healthy food to keep beautiful hair. And so take nutritious foods like vitamins, iron and protein regularly for your hair growth and health. More and more protein-rich vegetables help keep hair well, also drink plenty of water.

It is never necessary to use a very expensive lifestyle or products for beautiful hair. All you need is regular care and proper nutrition.


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