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15 Different Types of Prawns and Shrimps for Cooking

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Both prawns and shrimps are among the favorite food variety for seafood lovers. If you are a gastronome, you would have already even tried out different variations in these dishes. These both definitely fall under the most consumed seafood varieties across the globe. But did you know there are different types of prawns and shrimp varieties across the world?

Both prawns and shrimps, although used interchangeably by many, are two distinct types of seafood. And there are different varieties and kinds of prawns and shrimp to eat. Fascinated to know more? Keep reading, and the next time you’re in a restaurant, you will know which new kinds and varieties to taste in these dishes.

Prawns vs. Shrimp: What is the difference?

Prawns and shrimp, both dishes are sold across the globe, and both are among the most famous types of seafood. In several countries, both the dish names are used interchangeably too! But did you know, scientifically, both of them are very different?

To begin with, both the prawns and shrimp fall under the scientific ‘decapod’ order. That means both the species have ten legs. However, the variation between them is, both come from different suborders within the decapods. Confused? Let us explain clearly – the shrimps belong to the suborder of pleocyemata, including other seafood varieties like lobsters and crabs. However, prawns, on the other hand, belong to the dendrobranchiate suborder.

Then how do we differentiate between both of them? The significant and foremost difference is to examine their body type. Prawns aren’t completely bent in their body form, whereas shrimps have a sharp bend. Their legs also look very different, with prawns having three claw-like pairs of legs that are longer in length, whereas shrimp have just one.

15 Types of Prawns and Shrimps Names with Pictures:

Different variety, types, and kinds of shrimp and prawns:

Now that we know the difference between shrimp and prawns let us go ahead and check out their varieties. Here we go!

9 Popular Varieties of Prawns to Eat-

The different kinds of prawns that are best to consume include,

1. Pink Prawns:

Pink prawns are among the most popular types of prawns in the world. These variants are preferably used heavily for making starters and taste great with sauces. They are very tender, a bit sweet in taste, and are very healthy. Their protein content is vast, and the fat profile is significantly less. The pink prawns are tiny, and the typical dishes made with these include prawns omelet, salads, fried starters, and garnishing’s.

2. Brown Prawns:

As the name suggests, the brown prawns come in a brownish color with a grey tone; however, they turn into the usual pink after cooking. These prawns are frequently used in fermented dishes and are a perfect choice to make broth, fried rice, and dumplings. They are generally six inches in length and are available only in specific regions and countries. They have a heavy mineral flavor compared to other varieties.

3. Tiger Prawns:

We all have heard about tiger prawns. They are very popular both in national and international markets. The tiger prawns are very firm with a chewy and sweet texture. They are among the largest and biggest species of prawns and range from 10-11 inches in general. Tiger prawns are very popular, especially in Asian countries, and are the perfect choice to make main dishes.

4. White Prawns:

These are again among the most popular types of prawn variety, easily accessible and found in several places. They are very crunchy and sweetish in taste. The white prawns also are around six inches in length and appear yellowish and white tone during cooking. The popular dishes that are cooked with these prawns include salads, pasta, and fries.

5. Rock Prawns:

The rock prawns are among the largest species of this variety. They have rock-hard shells that are difficult to strip off, thus giving this variety its name! Several times, given their large size, many mistake them for lobsters. However, despite the size, the rock prawns are very chewy and crunchy, with flavor matching that of the other varieties. The rock prawns are versatile and can be cooked either by boiling, steaming, baking, frying, or grilling. The popular dishes here include Italian pasta and risotto, fries, and curries.

6. Spot Prawns:

As the name suggests, the spot prawns come in a very soft texture that generally melts in the mouth without chewing. Therefore, they are easy to consume and digest. This variety of prawns is perfect with the sweet flavor and ideal for starters with sauces. They come in seven to eight inches in length.

7. Giant River Prawns:

If you belong from South Asia, you may have heard this variety. The giant river prawns come in blue color and are large in size. They look very delicate, most often with sweet, rich flavor. The flesh is white. The popular dishes that are prepared with giant river prawns include spicy south Asian curries and soups.

8. Glass Prawns:

Glass prawns are pink in color, with black spots near head and legs regions. Their shell is very soft and tender, thus giving its name. Glass prawns are soft in texture after cooking and are the perfect recipe for boiled and fried dishes. They are generally very chewy in texture and are less sweet than the other species.

9. Banana Prawns:

The banana prawns come in yellow body form, with cream yellowish tone legs with brown spots. They look very similar to bananas, thus giving their name. These prawn varieties are famous near the Australian continent and are very sweet in flavor. They are smaller in size, ranging up to 5 inches on average.

7 Different Types of Shrimp Species-

Let us now see all the types and different species of shrimp varieties that are best to consume.

10. Pink shrimp:

The pink shrimp is among the famous varieties in the types of shrimp that are possible to eat. You may have understood from the name itself; these shrimp varieties are pink in color but white in the flesh when cooked. They are smaller in size and are a perfect choice if you are looking to make salads. The pink shrimps are mildly sweet in flavour.

11. Brown Shrimps:

The brown shrimps come in a brownish-red colour tone shell. They turn pink, however, during the process of cooking. However, these shrimps vary in taste, from a sweetish flavour to a salty, crunchy taste. This is because the brown shrimps are heavily dominated by mineral flavour, as they contain more iodine in them. Therefore, the brown shrimps are perfect for eating as simple food, boiled or steamed.

12. White Shrimps:

The white shrimps are among the very sweet flavoured types of shrimp species that appear in a whitish color tone when cooked. They are around eight inches long in size and are chewy and nuttier, with a firm texture. This shrimp variety is perfect for baking, cooking, frying, or even steaming, thus proving its versatile use. They are among the most popular shrimp kind for several chefs!

13. Rock Shrimps:

The rock shrimps have their name given their tough and difficult-to-break shells. These shrimps come in a very firm and hard texture; however, they are similar sweet in flavor compared to the other shrimp species. Most often, they also resemble lobster in their tastes. They are packed with proteins and are perfect for those who are looking for healthier varieties.

14. Tiger Shrimp:

These kinds of shrimps come with tiger stripes on their body, and hence are very easy to identify. Their flavour is very mild compared to other shrimps. However, they are very firm and dense. These kinds can be up to 12 inches long in size and are perfect for boiling, steaming, and grilling, especially given the length. The tiger shrimp, just like the prawns’ variety, are famous near Asia and African countries. The countries that produce the highest tiger shrimps are India, Thailand, and Vietnam. They are among the largest shrimps pieces.

15. Spot Shrimps:

If you prefer a very clean and juicy, soft shrimp variety, you must try out this is the right kind. The spot shrimps resemble a lot like a lobster in looks. They are very sweet in flavour and are perfect for those who love deep-fried or cooked shrimps. They are generally around 12 inches long and are very easy to cook, given the softer texture and feel.

16. Royal Red Shrimps:

These are lesser-known shrimp varieties when compared to others. As one can guess from the name, the royal red shrimps come in deep, bright red color and are very firm. They have a rich sweet flavor and taste similar to lobsters as well. They are excellent in boiled or steamed form. However, these royal red shrimps are delicate while cooking and can be overcooked very quickly.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the most popular types of shrimps and prawns one can consume. They are easily among the tastiest ones of their kind globally and are a perfect delight for a foodie. So, which is your favourite kind amongst them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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