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15 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

Chalky painted furniture can be traditional, modern, or anywhere in between. In truth, the options are limitless, which is one reason why this paint has exploded in the crafting world.

Painting furniture generally requires a lot of prep work, but that isn’t the case with chalky-finish paint. The entire process is quick and beginner-friendly. Pick up a quart of your favorite color, and try out one of these chalk paint furniture ideas.

Add a Zigzag Pattern to a Stool

chalk paint stool

If you want to be daring with some new chalk-finish paint techniques, try them out on a smaller piece of furniture first. Step stools make great practice pieces. If you don’t like how the project turned out, it won’t take long to paint over it. One common pattern to try is this zigzag. Learn how to get started on Crafts Unleashed.

Distress a Kitchen Island With Chalk Paint

chalk paint kitchen island

Chalk paint is the most versatile paint when it comes to distressing furniture. The finish is easy to sand and buff, and it’s nearly impossible to mess up. Try out this chalk paint furniture project if you have a kitchen island that could use some added character.

Only Paint a Small Part of a Dresser

chalk paint dresser idea

Stencils can look very shabby chic, but they don’t have to be so traditional. Take inspiration from this modern dresser from Persia Lou. A simple scallop pattern can instantly change the look and feel of an inexpensive piece of furniture.

Transform Some Dated Accent Chairs

chalk paint accent chair

You’ll absolutely want to check out the before pictures from this chalky paint furniture makeover. The monochrome effect with slight distressing made these chairs go from dated to trendsetting.

Learn How to Paint Fabric With Chalk Paint

painting fabric with chalk paint

Chalk paint is one of the few types of paint that will work well on upholstery fabric. The painting process will change the texture of the fabric, but the final finish is ideal for pieces you don’t sit on for an extended period. Learn more about the process with the following chalk paint tutorial.

Give a Kitchen Table a Farmhouse Style Makeover

chalk paint dining table

You can transform a solid oak kitchen or dining table with a little elbow grease and a lot of chalky paint. Deuce Cities Henhouse transformed this table with black chalk paint, but you could use gray or white for a similar effect.

Incorporate Several Furniture Makeover Techniques

chalk paint furniture makeover

Painting a piece of furniture with chalky-finish paint can be the first and only step you complete. However, if you want to take your furniture makeover one step further, consider what else you can do to update the piece. Cherished Bliss shows you how she added stained wood and unique hardware to modernize this nightstand.

Transform an Antique Washstand Into an End Table

chalk paint end tabke

In some cases, painting antique furniture is frowned upon, especially if the wood is in good shape. However, you can make the piece usable again with some quick repairs and some chalky paint if the furniture is in poor shape. Check out our tutorial for details on how we transformed this old washstand.

Use Painter’s Tape to Add a Design

chalk paint cabinet

There is an infinite number of color and design combinations you can use when you paint a piece of furniture. Let this unique cabinet from At Charlotte’s House serve as an inspiration for your future projects. She goes through the process of using painter’s tape to create this polished finished product.

Upgrade an Old Rocking Chair With a Pop of Color

chalk paint rocking chair

A simple way to update a dated piece of furniture is to choose a bold color. Luckily, there are hundreds of unique chalky paint shades. You can mix and match and even make your own if you’re ambitious. We love this bright yellow that Addicted 2 DIY chose for this old school rocking chair. Just remember, make sure the rocking chair or an antique piece of furniture isn’t extremely valuable before you decide to paint it.

Master the Chippy Paint Technique

small chalk paint end table

There are varying degrees of distressing when using chalky paint. The chippy paint technique might be too bold for some people, but it will fit right in with a more eclectic home style. If you want to learn how to do this technique, check out this tutorial from A Piece of Rainbow.

Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Makeover

chalk paint kitchen cabinets

There are pros and cons to painting your kitchen cabinets with chalky-finish paint. One of the major bonuses of this project is the reduced prep work. To find out more about the process and what to expect, check out this guide from A Beautiful Mess.

Upgrade the Look of a Dresser

chalk paint dresser

Dressers can go through various makeovers over the course of their time in your home. You can quickly update the look of a dated dresser in your home using chalk paint. Remember, this paint requires minimal prep work and boasts a fresh matte finish.

Paint the Interior of a Bookshelf

creative chalk paint bookshelf

Sometimes you don’t even need to paint the entire piece of furniture to make an impact. Consider this chalk paint project from Damask Love. She was able to elevate the look of this bookshelf by only painting the inside portion with a bright color.

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