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15 Best Dried Fruits Benefits for Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the leading health concerns in many countries around the world. Cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems are some of the issues you may face if you are overweight. Consuming dried fruits for weight loss can be an excellent addition in the form of snacks that are both nutritious and helps you lose weight healthily. If you are a person who likes to snack and have a low metabolism, dried fruits can be a perfect option. Read on to know how you can replace snacks with dried fruits for healthy weight loss!

List of 15 Best Dried Fruits and Nuts for Weight Loss:

Here is the list of some of the dry fruits for weight loss that you can include into your diet:

1. Hazelnuts:

Hazelnuts make you feel full for an extended period controlling the urge for unnecessary snacking, which is the first step in the right direction. The healthy fats and high fiber content in hazelnuts provide your body with the necessary nutrients making them one of the best dried fruit for weight loss (3).

2. Fig:

Fig is one of the dried fruits that have nutrients in abundance along with high fiber content. It has a digestive enzyme called ficin; when combined with other enzymes in the digestive tract, you lose weight quickly. When you consume this fruit, it reduces the craving for sugar, which also boosts metabolism (4). Fig is a healthy snack since it is low in calories.

3. Pecan Nut:

Pecan nut is related to the walnut family that has an irresistible buttery flavour. Although it contains many fats, the presence of oleic acid keeps hunger away by making you feel full. It also boosts our body’s metabolism and keeps a check on your digestion and heart health (5). The anti-aging, anti-inflammatory benefits of this dried fruit boost your immunity efficiently.

4. Pine Nut:

Pinenut works wonderfully as an appetite suppressant because it has pinolenic acid. Since these dried fruits are rich in fats, eating them in moderation makes them the best nuts for weight loss. Pinenuts give you a boost of energy, providing a plethora of health benefits such as heart and eye health, anti-aging, and it is easy to carry around too (6).

5. Black Currant:

If you are looking for a pre-workout snack, black currant is a perfect option, and it is quite similar to raisins and the best dried fruits for weight loss (7). The dietary fiber and low sugar content make them a perfect go-to snack, especially for kids. Available in sweet and sour flavours, these dried fruits are high in nutrition. It also helps with several health issues like obesity, heart health, etc., since it is high in antioxidants.

6. Brazil Nut:

Brazil nut helps you lose weight by improving your metabolism and boosts your immunity since it is loaded with selenium. It also has heart-healthy fats, low carbohydrates, high fiber, and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and potassium that maintain a healthy body (8). You will fulfil the daily requirement for the day when you consume only two pieces of these nuts.

7. Pistachio:

Pistachio is one of the best dry fruits that help in weight loss since they are low-calorie and high fiber. The healthy fats in this dried fruit can be one of the perfect snacks when you have decided to go for weight loss. It keeps you full for an extended period, mainly taken in small portions (9). Taken in small quantities, it helps you curb hunger, making you control the urge to binge eat.

8. Dried Apricots:

Dried apricots are considered a low-fat snacking option that will help you reach your goal weight efficiently by suppressing your appetite. These delicious dried fruits help you shed all the extra flab as it is packed with nutrients and dietary fiber. Since dried apricots are low in calories, it is an excellent indulging option that you can carry around easily.

9. Almonds:

Almonds are the popular dry fruits that many of us love to eat without an age bias. This dry fruit’s skin is a rich fiber source that helps reduce weight by regulating your bowel movement. It also helps maintain your body weight at a healthy level by holding blood sugar levels with magnesium and Vitamin E (10).

10. Dates:

Although dates are filled with carbohydrates, these dried fruits help you lose weight efficiently when taken in moderation. It reduces the chance of gaining weight since dates are a good protein source and have unsaturated fatty acids. Dates is also full of fiber, which speeds up your weight loss by boosting your metabolism.

11. Cashew Nuts:

Cashew nuts are another popular dried nuts that keep you satiated for a longer time. They help you shed all those extra pounds as it is loaded with protein and fiber that boosts your metabolism. This process allows you to burn fat since you feel full for an extended period (11). The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to eat them in excess, as they may result in weight gain.

12. Prunes:

Prunes are one of the popular fruits that are popularly used to tackle constipation. The fiber content in this dried fruit eliminates toxins from your body by improving your bowel movements. It also helps reduce weight smoothly by efficiently enhancing the metabolic rate, making it a perfect fat-burning dried fruit (12).

13. Raisins:

The compound called iodine present in raisins enhances your digestive process making it a perfect option for you to lose weight. This is also one of the trending options many people prefer (13). The fiber content in this dried fruit makes you look slimmer, especially for people with a slower metabolic rate. It is also suitable for heart health when consumed regularly.

14. Walnuts:

Who hasn’t heard about these hardy yet tasty walnuts? The healthy fats present in these dried fruits work wonders on your skin and hair and aid weight loss healthily. The body gets all the nutrition it needs from the omega 3 fatty acids and works best on belly fat by keeping the hunger pangs at bay (14). Walnuts can be a perfect replacement for fishes who are either allergic or do not eat fish. It also stimulates easy digestion.

15. Peanut:

Peanuts are other dry fruits that are consumed daily in one form or the other. But did you know if consumed moderately, peanuts help you lose weight? Yes! It promotes weight loss, although it is high in fat and calories. The fiber and protein content in peanuts keeps you full for an extended period making it a perfect option to lose weight (15). It helps boost the metabolism in your body, promoting weight loss. But keep in mind that you need to consume them in moderation.

Are Dried Fruits and Nuts Good for Your Health?

The nutritional content in dried fruits boosts fiber and antioxidants’ intake, making it a healthy snack option (1). Dried fruits contain all the nutrients found in fresh fruits but only in condensed form.

These antioxidants help improve blood pressure, digestive health, and many other health conditions. You can find a large percentage of daily recommended vitamins and minerals such as folate in one serving of dried fruits (2).

Dried Fruits: Weight Gain or Weight Loss:

Dried fruits have saturated fats and calories that cause quick weight gain, especially if you munch on them without monitoring the calorie intake. Since the water content in dried fruits is much condensed, the sugar content and calories are high and can cause weight gain if eaten in excess.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, add nutritious foods, and small amounts of dried fruits for healthy weight loss.

Best Time to Eat Dried Fruits for Weight Loss:

Here is detailed information about when you can consume dried foods for weight loss:

Morning: Start your day with Almonds as it is rich in nutrients and positively affects your body, boosting your health.

Evening: Pistachios, cashews, and pine nuts help boost your immunity and stamina, making them a perfect after-work snack option.

Night: High in soluble fiber, walnuts, dates, and prunes are a perfect option for night snacking. These dried fruits keep you from feeling bloated or constipated.

Although delicious consuming cashew nuts during the night may cause indigestion; avoid consuming them during the night.



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