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13 Different Types of Ear Piercings for Modern Women

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Here’s the news – ear piercings are the new cool and are setting the fashion world on fire. The different types of ear piercings are quite ruling the market today, and we see girls and women flaunting these piercings with style, bold looks, and with most authentic cool appearances. They add stylish personality, class, and vibe to your overall fashionable appearance. Depending on your pain threshold, you can easily choose to get one or more types of ear piercings along!

If you are interested in exploring about them more and want to experiment with different piercing styles, let us learn and know all about the different ear piercing names around us today.

13 Different Ear Points to Get Piercing for Women:

Do you know, there are more than just one or two kinds of piercings in the ears?! Yes, you heard us right. Depending on where they are pierced and how they appear (inner ear, outer ear et cetera.,) these got their names! Let us get along and know all types of ear piercings today. Here we go!

1. Lobe Piercings:

Lobe is the most classic and most common type of ear piercings. We all have these almost! These are very least in the pain grade and are easy to wear. Despite them being very common to witness, they look great and are almost perfect on every person. The types of ear lobe piercings are versatile and can be styled with different ear accessories, from studs to rings to hangings and even more!

Pain threshold: 2/5

2. Transverse Lobe Piercings:

You can even use the same ear lobe position to get a transverse lobe piercing. As the name suggests, they don’t pass exactly from the outer front of the piercing. Instead, they go beyond in the back of the ear. That is, they are horizontal in the ear lobe angle, instead of going from inside to outside. Therefore, one side of the ear henceforth will find the ends. These are quite simple and easy, just like lobe piercings; however, they mostly contain smaller spaces to work with and style.

Pain threshold: 3/5

3. Helix Piercing:

Helix types of ear piercings, as the name suggests, are situated around the helix area. This is ear cartilage types of piercings sitting just in the upper side of the ear, above the lobe area. This ear piercing name is among the most stylish and also common types of piercing we often encounter. You can easily style it with studs or tiny micro jewelry hanging or barbells.

Pain threshold: 3/5

4. Forward Helix Piercing:

As the name suggests, the forward helix piercing is situated just in the forward part outer area near the helix. This is above the tragus region, near the roots of the helix. In this variety, you can have both the single, double, or triple piercing combos too. Studs are perfect to style in this ear-piercing names and types.

Pain threshold: 2/5

5. Snug Piercing:

Snug piercing is something that fits just like a snug between the inner and outer ear. This goes beside the helix part of the ear, standing out in uniqueness and look. In case you are thinking of getting these snug piercings, be ready to take the pain! They are heavily painful, takes a lot of time to heal, and even stand tough with chances of infection. Micro jewelry and similar types of ear piercing jewelry will suit this place a lot.

Pain threshold: 4/5

6. Rook Piercing:

Rook piercings are vertical in positioning and angle. They run between the inner cartilage ridge area of the ear to the outer rim area. As they resemble the rook in chess games, the name subsequently has come over. They are pretty painful, too, especially because they are situated in the fold of cartilage. If you however love ear piercing options, this is good to explore.

Pain threshold: 4/5

7. Conch Piercing:

Conch piercing, too, is among the popular trending type of piercing name these days among young modern women. However, the place here can differ; it can be both inner and outward ear areas. A conch ear piercing style can either be placed in between helix and antihelix or even between ear canal and antihelix.

Pain Threshold: 4/5

8. Industrial or Scaffold Piercing:

Industrial piercing, also famous as scaffold piercing or bar piercing, comes through a double piercing in upper ear cartilage. They are unique, look quite heavy, bold, and fierce as they run with more than one piercing. This goes in both the helix and antihelix parts of the ear. Given the double piercing look, they are pretty much among the most painful looks too.

Pain threshold: 5/5

9. Tragus Piercing:

Tragus is the area and part which is just in front of the ear canal. This is among the most beautiful, feminine, and iconic edgy piercings right now and adds the look with just a simple stud. Unfortunately, these are the too quiet painful type of ear piercings, given that they run through cartilage in the more challenging part of the ear. However, in case you are determined to have that plush and beautiful statement appearance, it is a must-have choice!

Pain threshold: 4/5

10. Anti-tragus Piercing:

This is kind of piercing through cartilage, just above the ear lobe. This looks just similar to tragus piercing, however is bolder and looks modern, given the type of piercing that came up recently. It also is equally painful. This piercing can look good with layered looks too.

Pain threshold: 4/5

11. Daith Piercing:

The Daith piercing is just next to the ear canal area, looks similar to the hoop inside the ear’s cartilage. The inner ear and helix area are what combines this piercing. Given the location, the hoops and bars are best suited to get in this area. This piercing is not also heavily painful, can be good to go for those who want to get started.

Pain threshold: 2.5/5

12. Orbital Piercing:

Orbital piercing can be done in any part of the ear, but as the name suggests, these are two piercings made at the same area, connecting both through orbits. Most often, you find this near helix or lobe part of the ear. These are increasingly becoming common and look absolutely lovely and unique for those who love experimental charm.

Pain threshold: 3/5

13. Cartilage Piercing:

This is something most of us know, piercing near cartilage. Since the cartilage is the more challenging part that attaches to our ear, this can be pretty painful, too, depending on the size of the cartilage. These are also tougher to pierce. You can style this stylish ear piercing with studs or micro jewelry looks as per your wish.

Pain threshold: 4/5

We hope you enjoyed exploring the different types of piercings and all the styles that are coming forward recently in the fashion market. Which is your favorite one, and what are you planning to get at first? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!

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