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125 Cutest Mermaid Tattoos for You (2021)

For quite a long time, individuals have related mermaids with unceasing excellence and radiant atmosphere. Truly path a long way from the real world. Mermaids are enchanted animals of natural life. They appear to be delightful and fantastic, however shocking, in actuality. Yet, let the discernment live until the end of time.

The furor for mermaids assumed control over the tattoo business too. Mermaid tattoos are mainstream among ladies and marginally with men also. Be that as it may, with men, it is uncommon as a result of the shading code and crazy surfaces.

The tattoo accompanies zero constraints. Additionally, you can generally redo it. Mermaid tattoos permits the wearer to exhibit their imaginative abilities. Additionally, in case you’re anxious about the possibility that that a multicolor mermaid tattoo may appear to be extravagant, relinquished that idea. The explanation being, the construction of the mermaid is amazingly inconspicuous that nothing causes the entire tattoo to appear to be too extra or over-controlling.

In case you’re in the mood for getting a mermaid tattoo yet confound about which configuration would suit your character the most, at that point look at the rundown of cutest mermaid tattoo thoughts recorded beneath.

Glowing Mermaid Tattoo

Glowing mermaid tattoo looks highly captivating and attractive, despite the color-code, structure, and placement. Talking about placement is essential. A glowing mermaid tattoo has a lot of placement options such as shoulders, wrist, forearm, knees, back, behind the ear, and collar-bone.

The structure that suits this tattoo would be a thick black lined, so when the tattoo artist uses neon shades to ink the tattoo, it glows along the black lines. Thus, a much better effect than a dotted line would have presented.

Symbolic Meaning: A glowing mermaid tattoo motivates the wearer to see the good in everything, to move on from what broke them. After all, the light can only pass through shattered pieces.

Starry Mermaid Tattoo

Starry Mermaid tattoo looks enchanting and dreamy. There are many placement options, such as shoulders, forearm, and wrist, collar-bone, back of the neck, thighs, knees, and foot. Colors that go well with this tattoo are red, blue, indigo, black and peach. The structure depends on the texture. Whether the wearer wants the mermaid to be filled with stars or hollow inside.

A mermaid filled with stars will look good in a thick-lined inking, whereas, a layered mermaid would look great in thin or dotted lined inking.

Symbolic Meaning: A starry mermaid tattoo represents hope, motivation to aim high, consistency, patience, trust, loyalty, wisdom, and endurance. A star paired up with a mermaid also shows that you don’t need anyone to reach your full potential. It’s only us and our excuses that stop us from achieving more in life.



Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo

Watercolor Mermaid tattoo looks appealing. Watercolor mermaid tattoos are easy to conceal and pair with other symbols and words. The placement options include forearm, shoulders, collar-bone, behind the ear, wrist, foot, and knees. A simple thin-lined structure allows the watercolors to shine brighter and take up the spotlight. Also, such kind of tattoo has happy vibes associated with it.

Symbolic Meaning: A watercolor mermaid tattoo shows love and compassion — also, the strength to stay patient in the darkest of times.

Abstract Mermaid Tattoo

Abstract mermaid tattoo looks enchanting. The placement options are immense, such as shoulders, wrist, back of the neck, collar-bone, forearm, knees, and behind the ear. An abstract is a confusing concept made out of irregular lines and textures. The whole point of the abstract is to play with the viewer’s mind, which is why a dotted structure does the best job in confusing people.

Symbolic Meaning: The tattoo represents passion and creativity. Also, it shows the wearer as manipulative and mischievous. Someone with demands and determination to get it all fulfilled immediately.


Long Tail Mermaid Tattoo

Long-tail mermaid tattoos look thrilling in every sense possible. The placement options for this tattoo are limited due to the size and surface area it requires. Therefore, this tattoo can only be placed on the shoulders, knees, back, chest, and forearm. The structure that supports the tattoo would be a thick-lined inking. Such inking allows the tail to be visible and add up to the tattoo’s overall appeal.

Symbolic Meaning: The Longtail mermaid tattoo represents, long-distance relationships, infinity, long-term goals and ambitions, and patience.

Magnified Mermaid Tattoo

Huge or magnified Mermaid tattoos look intriguing. The impact increases with size. Similar is the case with magnified mermaid tattoos. It has a powerful impact on the wearer. Positive or negative depends on how the wearer perceives things. Also, it has limited placement options, such as the back, shoulders, chest, and forearm.

The color code is an entity that can be rendered wearer to wearer, and the impact stays the same. Thus, it doesn’t matter if the tattoo is colored or not; it would look magnificent.

Symbolic Meaning: A magnified Mermaid Tattoo represents love, mystery, spirit, and compassion.

Floral Mermaid Tattoo

Floral Mermaid tattoos seem calming and refreshing and have positive vibes associated with it. The placement options include the wrist, forearm, finger, foot, knees, collar-bone, and behind the ear. The multi-color or rainbow-like color code looks best. The structure options are diverse, includes dotted, thin-line, and thick-lined.

Symbolic Meaning: A floral mermaid tattoo is associated with purity, love, expressing emotions, patience, and longevity. Also, a mermaid is a clever creature, which is why this tattoo also represents intelligence and wisdom.

Mermaid Skeleton Tattoo

Mermaid skeleton tattoo is an interesting concept. The vibe might be a little horrifying at first, but the impact cancels it all. The placement options are great, such as shoulders, back, wrist, forearm, knees, collar-bone, chest, and foot. The color code is not much of a struggle as well. A black or white shading works fine. Moreover, a simple structure with thin-lines and dotted inking fascinates both the wearer and viewer.

Symbolic Meaning: A skeleton mermaid tattoo represents emptiness, mental, and spiritual struggle. Also, it shows the wearer as someone who values life, cherishes it, but at the same time, believes in death and life afterward.

Octopus and Mermaid Tattoo

Octopus and mermaid tattoo seems appalling. The placement options are immense. For example, shoulders, knees, forearm, back of the neck, collar-bone, and foot. The structure that looks best with such kind of tattoo would be a thin-lined one. A multi-color shading or dotted shading looks perfect and suits the octopus texture.

Symbolic Meaning: Octopus and mermaid tattoo represents flexibility, expansion, creativity, intelligence, and unpredictability.

Pitch Black Mermaid Tattoo

Pitch Black Mermaid tattoo looks ravishing. The tattoo has vast placement options, such as the wrist, forearm, shoulders, foot, knees, collar-bone, finger, back, and behind the ear. The structure is not too complex. A thin-line inking does a perfect job. Overall, this tattoo has bold and intriguing vibes associated with it.

Symbolic Meaning: A pitch-black mermaid tattoo represents mystery and untamed spirit. Mind that color code enhances the tattoo meaning. In this case, black shows the wearer as someone with a strong spiritual belief. Someone serious with its life matters. Also, has the authority and strength to deal with each one of them.

Miniature Mermaid Tattoo

Miniature mermaid tattoos are the cutest of the rest of the tattoo ideas. You can never go wrong with miniature tattoos; they always make you adore them. Sometimes it’s the placement, other times it’s the structure and the color code. Anyhow, placement options for miniature mermaid tattoo designs are selective but all highly attractive, such as wrist, finger, foot, collar bone, and forearm.

The structure that looks best in miniature design is mostly pre-set, which is a thin-lined or dotted inking is preferred. The color code depends on the wearer. If they don’t want the miniature mermaid tattoo to be too visible, then a light color code would look great. Otherwise, dark colors or black suits the texture of the design.

Symbolic Meaning: Miniature mermaid tattoo represents freedom, rebellious nature, and eternal beauty.



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