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100 Popular French Baby Names for Boys and Girls with Meanings

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France is known for its beauty, culture, and history. Everything about France is exceptionally beautiful in its own way and has its own unique identity with which it becomes the favourite of the world within no time. Just like everything else present in France, the popular French baby names have its own charm in the world. These top 100 French baby names will surely impress you and will make your heart melt whenever you hear them.

Are you interested in knowing the unique French kids’ names? If yes, then here are some of the amazing names that you can use without any second thoughts.

Best 100 French Baby Names:

Unique French Baby Boy Names:

1. Algernon:

This is a dapper and distinguished name from the French origin which means moustached man. Its sophisticated meaning will make your baby boy a gentleman with the needed class.

2. Audric:

This falls in the list of modern French baby boy names which means the old and wise rule. It is a beautiful name from French origin.

3. Basile:

It is a charming option of baby boy names of French origin which means regal. This is quite popular yet rarely used.

4. Burke:

This French origin name means from the castle or fortress. It is a fashionable and strong first name which is quite unique in itself.

5. Denney:

Denney is the perfect variation of one popular French name Dennis that can fit any cute little French boy with the desired perfection.

6. Emile:

It is a French variation of the popular Latin name called Emil, meaning rival. With time, this name has also become quite a popular baby French names boy.

7. Faron:

This is one of the popular baby names of French and English origin which means a handsome servant. Quite a unique name, isn’t it?

8. Guy:

Though this name may sound common, it has a very deep meaning. This name means leader or guide which enhances the charm of the name.

9. Jacques:

This name which means supplanter is the French variation of the names like James and Jacob. This name is unique, fresh and new from the existing ones.

10. Julien:

Julien is a beautiful French origin name which means youthful, bearded, father of the skies or downy.

11. Leon:

The name means lion as it is the French variation of the Leonard. This name with a powerful name is quite popular in entire Europe.

12. Maxim:

The name perfectly falls in the list of unique French baby boy names as it signifies and means greatest.

13. Pascal:

This name has its origin as French and English, and it means Passover. Earlier, the name was given to the boy born on Easter, but now it is used quite commonly.

14. Remy:

This is one of the popular French baby boy names which are a long-time favourite of French parents. This name means oarsman.

15. Thayer:

This name means of the Nation’s army and thus perfectly suits to your macho little boy and its strong personality.

16. Emmanuelle:

This is one popular yet modern French baby boy names amongst the French parents. This name means God is with us.

17. Delphine:

If your baby is a joyful one and loves to move around like a dolphin, then you can name your baby boy as Delphine which means dolphin.

18. Augustin:

The name has become the favourite of many French parents in recent times. The name which stands for being the great truly reflects the strong personality of your baby boy.

19. Emeline:

This is one of another unique French baby boy name which means being hardworking. Doesn’t it suit your hardworking handsome?

20. Mael:

This name is meant to suit your handsome prince as it also has its meaning as chief or prince. Would you name your name after this?

21. Jeanne:

You can name your baby boy with this name which means God is gracious and can be sure that God’s blessings will always be with him.

22. Apolline:

Your baby boy is certainly a gift in your life, isn’t it? Thus, you can name your baby boy as Apolline which means a gift from Apollo.

23. Odette:

Odette is a French name which means wealthy, and it is quite a popular French male baby names used.

24. Simone:

The meaning of this beautiful and unique name is heard. Just like the unique pronunciation, the meaning of this name is also unique in all ways.

25. Dix:

This short and sweet French origin name means strong ruler and will add the same charm to your baby’s personality.

26. Ken:

One of the French baby boy names which are short and adorable is ken, and it means handsome which surely is your baby boy.

27. Berk:

This name means man of strength and this is one of the popular choices amongst the French parents to name their baby boy.

28. Wim:

There can be no better name for your strong baby boy than Wim which means strength and power.

29. Ric:

This name has its origin both in French and in English. The meaning of this one of the popular French male baby names is a strong ruler.

30. Sam:

This name again has its origin in French and English and signifies its meaning as told by God. This is one popular and common name used for the French boys.

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Cute French Baby Girl Names:

31. Alouette:

This is one of the popular French baby girl names from French origin which means lark and the name gets its charm from the unique and flowing sound.

32. Arlette:

This name is a variation of another French name called Charlotte which is quite distinguished and famous as popular French baby girl names.

33. Bellamy:

It is a name with English and French origin, and it means a fine friend. It is a fun and fresh name that can be used.

34. Clementine:

This name stands for mild and merciful and adds a perfect touch of class to your baby girl’s name and identity.

35. Dominique:

This French origin name means belonging to the Lord. It has not only a great pronunciation but also a great meaning as well.

36. Elodie:

This is one of the best French baby girl names which means white blossom. It adds the needed freshness in the common names like Ellie, Elsa, etc.

37. Geneva:

Isn’t it a gorgeous name? Well, it comes from French origin, and it means juniper tree. This name is amongst the top French baby girl names.

38. Helene:

If you love the name Helen, then you will love the French variation of this name as well. This name stands with its meaning as bright or the shining one.

39. Josephine:

This is one popular French name which means God shall add. It is the beautiful meaning of the name which makes it stands unique and popular.

40. Landry:

This name has its origin both from French and English with a lovely meaning as ruler. The name has grown in popularity in recent times.

41. Maribel:

This is one of the favourite French baby girl names which mean beauty. This name will perfectly suit your beautiful daughter.

42. Oceane:

This is an elegant French name which has a deep meaning. This name signifies ocean and is quite popular amongst the French.

43. Prue:

This name is short, sweet and adorable to be used. Though, it is still a rare name but will certainly splash in the coming years.

44. Suzette:

It is a name of Hebrew origin, and it means lily. The name is delightful and adds freshness in its meaning and to the personality.

45. Yvette:

This is a striking and distinguished name that you can give to your little girl. It is full of style, and it means yew tree.

46. Adaline:

Just as the name is lovely, it also has a lovely meaning as well. This name means noble and thus suits your daughter sweet little personality perfectly.

47. Elise:

The name means consecrated to God and will perfectly suit your little daughter and her cute little personality.

48. Estee:

This name means star and will indeed reflect the star personality of your cute little princess. The name is also one adorable one.

49. Fleur:

Fleur is a French origin name, and it reflects its meaning as a flower. The name is simply adorable and fresh to be used.

50. Camille:

This name is perfect to be listed in cute French baby girl names with its meaning young ceremonial attendant.

51. Giselle:

This cute yet interesting sounding name means pledge. You can name your daughter after this name and give her a distinguished identity.

52. Anais:

French girls are certainly graceful and how wonderful it would be to name her with a graceful name. Anais which means grace would be the perfect choice for that.

53. Valentine:

This is one of the top French baby girl names which other than love signifies being strong and healthy.

54. Jules:

This French origin name has a lovely meaning as a jewel which reflects that your daughter is the jewel of your life.

55. Eleonore:

Just as your little daughter is the shining light of your lives, this name with meaning shining light will perfectly suit her.

56. Margaux:

This is one of the rare French female baby names which means pearl. The name is of French origin and has a fresh and charming pronunciation.

57. Madeleine:

This is one of the cute French baby girl names which mean a woman from Magdala. Its unique pronunciation is something that makes it adorable.

58. Mirabelle:

This is a French origin name which means a French plum. Wouldn’t it be a perfect name for your cute little daughter?

59. Violette:

The name has been inspired from the violet colour and makes one of the beautiful French female baby names.

60. Lili:

Just as the flower lily, the name signifies beauty, innocence, and purity which perfectly match with your sweet daughter.

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15 Best French Unisex Baby Names:

61. Gabriel:

The name is one of the top 10 French baby names with the meaning of God is my strength. It has its origin in French.

62. Alvia:

This name means noble war and has its origin from France only. The uniqueness and freshness of this name lie in its pronunciation.

63. Auberi:

If you want your baby to be powerful and kind-hearted, then this would be one of the top French baby names to be considered, which has the same meaning.

64. Jules:

This name is perfect for babies who are calm, youthful and funny. This name truly signifies all these characteristics as its meaning.

65. Cezanne:

This name means an artist seeking freedom and has its origin from France. Name your baby after this name and add a charming identity to the personality.

66. Esmae:

This is one of the cute French baby names which means respected. The name is quite commonly used for both boys and girls.

67. Deor:

With its interesting pronunciation, this name means a beloved baby or the golden one. Your baby will truly be loved for this name.

68. Jade:

This is one of the common French English baby names which means thankful. This name is sweet with adorable meaning.

69. Jonatha:

The name is apt for cute French babies as it signifies the traits of communication and motivation for others.

70. Kari:

The name suits both girls and boys and has the meaning of strength and power. This is one of the classic French baby names which is popularly used by French parents.

71. Louvain:

Talking about one of the traditional French baby names, this name comes straight to the mind which is inspired by a town in Belgium.

72. Matiese:

Your baby is the gift of God, isn’t it? So why not give him/her the name with the same meaning? Matiese with the meaning gift of God will perfectly suit your baby.

73. Noe:

After the top ten French baby names, this name with the meaning harmony is quite popular amongst the French parents for their babies.

74. Sheryl:

This name has French origin and has a meaning called dear one. The pronunciation of the name and its deep meaning makes it the favourite of people.

75. Tre:

This name is generally given to the third-born child. So, if you are planning to have one, you can name him/her with this one of the traditional French baby names.

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15 Unique French English Baby Names:

76. Manon:

This is one of the French baby names which are the current favourite. This name means wished for a child and can be perfect for your baby that you have wished for.

77. Amelie:

This is one of the favourite and beautiful French baby names for girls which means beautiful and hardworking. This one will be awesome for your daughter, isn’t it?

78. Camille:

This name means a temple servant but has a very beautiful pronunciation. The name is stylish and classy altogether along with a different meaning.

79. Adele:

This name is now becoming quite popular amongst French parents. You can name your child after this name as it stands for being soft, noble and of good humour.

80. Chloe:

This name is of French origin and means young, carefree and fun. With so amazing meaning, wouldn’t this name become one of the best French child names?

81. Fleur:

This name stands for someone who brings happiness and is as beautiful as a flower. Imagine having your baby named as Fleur, wouldn’t it be cute?

82. Celeste:

This name means purity and celestial beings and is perfect for cute babies. This is one of the popular French English baby names that can be used.

83. Aveline:

The name is now getting all the limelight and is becoming one popular choice in the list of French baby names. The name has its meaning as strong and unique.

84. Esme:

The name means beloved one and makes the perfect name for cute babies. The name is one of the trending names amongst French parents.

85. Louise:

This is one traditional name which reflects royalty and warrior along with stardom. The different pronunciation of the name adds to its charm.

86. Thierry:

This name is the perfect combination of style and uniqueness along with being different. The name is of French origin and has the meaning ruler of the people.

87. Lilou:

This name is one of the rarely used names yet is one of the modern French baby names. Don’t hesitate in giving this fresh and unique name to your child.

88. Mathis:

This is one of the favourite names in France as it means a gift from God. This name is as beautiful as its meaning.

89. Armand:

This name has the meaning as an army man and thus is preferred for the French baby boys. This name has been one of the common entries in the list of French baby names.

90. Sacha:

With the meaning of protector of man, this name is one French baby name with meanings which is better than the name. Isn’t it?

10 Popular French Celebrity Baby Names:

91. Johnny:

This is one of the best French baby names that is famous amongst French parents. The name is inspired by the famous actor Johnny Depp and is commonly used for babies.

92. Jennifer:

Remember Jennifer Connelly? The name is inspired by her and is one of the pretty French baby names which are quite popular.

93. Claudia:

This name has its meaning as a form of Claud and is inspired by the famous celebrity called Claudia Schiffer. The name is one of the trending names nowadays.

94. Hugh:

Though, this name is rare but is now trending amongst French parents. The name with meaning as the heart and free spirit is inspired by Hugh Dancy.

95. Emma:

This is one of the beautiful French baby names that you will find which is inspired by the actress Emma Thompson.

96. Kate:

Inspired by the actress Kate Hudson, this is one sweet yet stylish name for the French babies. This is one of the pretty French baby names with meaning as pure or clear.

97. Justin:

Thanks to the popularity of Justin Bieber, this name has become one of the favourites of the parents. Just as the unique name, its meaning as righteous and fair is also unique in itself.

98. Alicia:

The pretty actress Alicia Silverstone made this name famous amongst the French parents. This is one French baby names with meaning stand unique with its meaning as one noble one.

99. Arpad:

This name is one of the new French baby names with meaning as the light of redemption. This is one of the latest trending names available.

100. Ayda:

This name has its meaning as a benefit and is one rare name that is used. However, this name is now trending amongst French parents because of its uniqueness.

These are some of the popular French baby names that you can use for your cute little ones. These trendy French baby names are in fashion with beautiful meanings which will give a unique identity to your child. Let us know how you like these French baby names and meanings.
If you are aware of any other popular French baby names and are looking for any help or information about that, then please do comment that below. We would reach to you with the detailed information that would be of great help to you.

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