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1 Small Upgrade Will Lower Your Winter Heating Costs

what is Home Decor? Home decor is short for Home Decoration. Home decor is the art of making your home look nice.

It refers to the aesthetic components used to make a home more attractive and visually appealing. Home decor is inclusive of physical items and objects (furniture, art, and accessories), placement of physical items and objects, and room colors and materials (flooring, wall coverings, window coverings, and ceilings).

There are numerous styles of home decor. The options of colors, styles of furniture, and arrangement of objects in a room are limitless.

Furniture and wall decorations are only the beginning when it comes to home décor. There are many other home accessories and decorations that can beautify your home!

1. Window dressings: Your curtains, blinds, and other window dressings can be influential in creating your home’s aesthetic ambiance. Not only their appearance but how they filter the light into your home can be important!
2. House plants: Whether real or artificial, plants can create a certain mood that enhances your home’s appearance.
3. Three-dimensional artworks: While wall-hangings, paintings, and photos are some of the most common ways to create atmosphere, sculptures and collectibles are another way to decorate. You can use them to create a topical theme, or you can choose them based on other aesthetic attributes.

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Photo: Indow Window

Winter is a busy and expensive season for homeowners. In addition to shopping for and celebrating the holidays, folks are squeezing in home improvement projects and crossing off maintenance tasks to protect their home against the brutal weather. Supply chain issues are adding even more stress this year. Goods are scarce and more expensive, and projects are taking longer to complete. It’s expected that these disruptions are now going to impact another aspect of life: winter heating costs. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that homeowners will spend 30 to 54 percent more on their heating bills this winter if they use natural gas, heating oil, or propane, and 6 percent more if they use electricity.

No one should have to suffer through the winter in a cold house to lower the cost of bills—but it is also not the best time (nor cheapest option) to upgrade your heating system when there are product and shipping delays. So how can you make energy efficiency upgrades for your house that won’t take a long time or break the bank because of the supply chain? Indow window inserts are a DIY solution that can save an average of 20 percent on energy bills. Keep reading to learn how to conserve heat in your home with the help of Indow window inserts. 

Photo: Indow Window

Custom-made for a Comfortable Home

Nothing disturbs a cozy room like a cold draft coming through the window. You can crank up the heat, but it won’t stop the warm air from escaping. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it’s a waste of energy and money. The best fix for this is air seal insulation, which covers any gaps that allow air to leak out of the house. You can air seal insulate your windows with Indow window inserts, which are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions and shape of your window frames. Take a look at how to order Indow window inserts to understand how Indow achieves a snug fit with their proprietary verification software. The patented silicone compression tube presses into the frame to block drafts and prevent warm air from escaping.

In addition to the silicone compression tube sealing leaks, the thermal acrylic glazing of the inserts increases the surface temperature of the existing windows, which in return raises the overall temperature of the room. With no more drafts and a raised room temperature, you have a warmer space without needing to adjust the thermostat.

Proven Savings on Energy Costs

The combination of the tubing and acrylic inserts make your current windows more energy efficient, which is supported by a study from Portland State’s Green Building Research Laboratory. In the test, Indow window inserts were installed in four older homes with single pane windows and monitored for a year. At the end of the year natural gas usage decreased about 100 Therms and the average measured savings was 19 percent. Homeowners can operate their home at a lower temperature since the Indow window inserts create a comfortable environment.

Quick and Easy Installation

Indow window inserts are an upgrade to your home’s heating system without the cost and disruption of a major home improvement. You can easily measure and install the inserts entirely on your own. There’s no need for scheduling or having strangers traipse through your home. Just gently press the inserts into the window frame—that’s it! No mounting bracket or tools are needed. The compression tubing prevents damage to the area when you install and remove the inserts.

Benefits Beyond Winter Heating Savings

Indow window inserts are beneficial all year long for regulating the temperature inside your house. Just as the inserts prevent warm air from leaking out in the winter, it keeps the cool air that’s blasting from the A/C inside during the summer.

The window inserts are also beneficial for soundproofing your home. The same airtight seal that regulates the temperature of your house also blocks outside noises by at least 50 percent when placed over a single-pane window and 70 percent when an acoustic grade Indow window insert is used.

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